Rangrezz (RagSan ff) Pt 8

Let’s begin…

When balwan was about to press the trigger to shoot shekhar

Loud group of voices distracts him:hukum……

He was shocked to see ajith in vulnerable condition

He immediately ran to ajith:maara ajith..

While shekhar goes in the search of Riyan

Where he finds Riyan unconscious in Gordon

He immediately goes to him.

While here dp:Sushaan, do you know to whom you are talking to? If i wish..

Sushaan interrupts angrily shouting at him:bass kijiye, tell me who you are?

Dp angrily looks at him

Sushaan:wait let me tel you, you are a selfish. When you couldn’t turn everything according to you. Tho aapne apne bete ko hi bali dedi. And (he points his finger to dp) till now i listened to you,i will still obey you but if you try to harm this kid then you will face my worst. Mind it!

Dp was taken a back

Sushaan picks Ruhi in his arms and moves to Sanskar’s room.

And here Akshay:Sanskar, what is this madness? Why aren’t you understanding her? She is also having her choice regarding her life, chote please.

Sanskar shoots
But Ragini pulled his hand upwards at the nick of the time.

Ragini cries:i will marry you.

Sanskar smiles and hugs her immediately while she didn’t hug him back and she was uncomfortable with her closeness.

He was about to take her along with him

Akshay:sanskar this wrong, you are forcing her?

Sanskar faces him and points his finger:it’s my life and she is my Ragini, don’t interfere in our life.

He drags her along with him

While Ragini turns to Akshay.
Akshay looks at her being guilty for his brother’s doings

Sanskar sits on his bike.

Ragini was standing lost, while tears were rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably

Sanskar pulls her to him, she fears
He was so close to her, and her heart was beating so fast fearing him

Sanskar:you are thinking about your family right, then i will promise you that they would be fine and safe and now they are my family too. Trust me!
He smiles at her.
Even though she is scared of him but this time, she felt his voice soothing to her.
He wipes her tears:now sit.

Ragini’s legs shivered but still she strengthened and sat on the bike holding the back stand.

Sanskar smiles, adjusting the rare mirror on her face

He drives

Ragini was all blank

Here balwan:kisne jurrat ki maare ajith wa ki yeh haalath karne ki

(who dared to give such condition to my ajith?)

Doctor was treating ajith

Man:hukum.. Woh.. Woh bade saab ka..

Balwan:this sanskar,for sure he is counting his last breath

Man:it’s not sanskar.. Bbbut…

Balwan:then who?

Man:Akshay saab

Balwan widens his eyes in shock and then laughs:uss akshay ki baat kar raha, jist manne apne isi haathon se maar diya tha! (looks at his hands)

(are you talking about that akshay, whom i killed with this hands)

Suddenly his expression changed to anger:whoever be him, but i want him in an hour. Remember if he was not in front of me in an hour then you will face my worst!

All gets scared and goes immediately to get hold of Akshay

Here shekhar with difficulties brought Riyan with him and he sees a balwan’s car and he places riyan near

And takes a stone and hits on the head of driver who is talking over the phone and he falls unconscious

And Shekhar places riyan on car and later drives off!

Here chowka the parrot:i am chowka and what is your name?

Ruhi was crying being scared and by fisting both her hands near her neck

Chowka:it’s been so long, say at least hai to this fellow

Sushaan smiles a bit:Ruhi beta. Why are you crying?

Ruhi murmurs:papa

Sushaan felt sad:beta, don’t worry he would be back soon

Chowka:haaye ruhi meri jaan..
It covers his face with feathers

Ruhi laughs a bit seeing it

It still covering the face by its feathers :tum paas aaye yun muskuraye.. Tum ne na jaane kya sapne dikhaye!

Chowka peeps from it feathers:Ruhi… Ruhi…. Ru Ru Ru Ruhi…

Ruhi:kya hai?

Chowka again covers:haila.. Mujhe tho sharam aa rahi hai

Ruhi laughs seeing its antics

Sushaan smiles

Here akshay was determined :i will not let sanskar take susch wrong steps!! I will not. I won’t let Ragini’s life to spoil. Now there’s only one way!

And Ragini was lost when sudden break makes her to hit Sanskar’s back.

Sanskar smiles as she makes herself straight while murmuring a quick “sorry”

Sanskar:do you know why i love you so much?

Ragini was blank but stillshe listened him

Sanskar:because your nature made me to!

He smiles remembering the first meet.

Sanskar:once after i find you your family, we will marry. Even if it’s tomorrow

Ragini is not in the verge to react, she was helpless.

Sanskar:and your sister Ruhi is my home and she is safe

Ragini immediately :Ruhi

Sanskar:haan, i got her on the road and don’t worry i will find your father and brother.

He smiles.

To be continued…

So what do you think what will happen next? What turn will take in Ragini’s life?
Or the story is turning to triangles?

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