Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 7

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@nite ragini home
Both ragsan were sleeping in their places. But sleep is far away from them. Both were thinking about their moments together.
Sanskar: ragini.
Rag: hmmm.
San: thanku so much.
Rag: why?
San: for ur today’s treat. I enjoyed so much today. Earlier also I was happy, but not this much happy.
Rag: no sorry, no thanku in friendship.
Ragsan smiles.
Rag: now its too late. Sleep. Gn.
San: gn.

Ragini pov
Friendship? Is this only friendship? Or more than that. I don know how and when I started to feeling for him. I feel happy seeing him happy. Seeing him sad, I also feel sad. I never felt like this before. Is this love?. Or just an attraction? Oh god please don’t make my mind to get confused. Please do something by which I come to know what he feels for me.
Pov ends

Next morning
Rag: sanskar will you make breakfast today? Actually neighbor uncle is calling for some work.
San: ok.
Rag: don’t wry. Only prepare sandwich. Necessary things I kept there only.
San: ok. U go and come. I’ll prepare.
Sanskar some how prepared.
Ragini returns. She sees bread. She takes it and sees from both side.
Rag: sanskar I told you to roast bread. Not to burn.
San: sry. Actually (looking down)… first time I did. So by mistake. Am sry.
Rag: its ok. No prob. (in mind) what to do now. Everything is finished in kitchen today. What to eat. Little rice is left. I’ll do that only.
She prepares it.
Rag: sanskar. Have this.
San: and you?
Rag: I’ll get fresh and eat. Till that u finish.
San: ok.
He finishes and goes to kitchen to keep plate. He sees empty vessel.
San: nothing is left. Why she lied to me.?
He saw her coming. He went and sit on bed.
Rag: u finished. Get ready soon.
San: your breakfast ragini?
Rag: am going to have. You get ready.
She goes to kitchen and stands there only facing back to sanskar. Sanskar was seeing her only.
Ragini comes back.
Rag: ok. I finished. Lets go.
She went to take home keys. Sanskar get teary eyed.
San: why ragini? Why r u doing this much for me? You r empty stomach today just becoz of me. You cared about me not thought of yourself for once also. Who am I ragini? For a stranger like me whose full name also u don’t know, you are doing this much. Swara was rite. You see only others happiness. Always sacrificing. I promise you, after this month, you don’t have to suffer.

San: ragini.
Rag: ya.
San: Can I ask u something?
Rag: u dont need permission sanskar.
San: you should tell truth.
Rag: ok baba. Ask.
San: why u lied me mrng about breakfast?
Rag: smiled at him. U caught me. Let it be sanskar. Yesterday we forgot to bring things. So only that was left. And you don’t hav habit of being without eating. Or else u will fall unconscious. (little laughing) and mr. sanskar I don’t have that much energy to lift you.
San: its not joke ragini.
Rag: don’t be angry. Ok am sorry. Next time I’ll not do like this. Ok.
San: now ok. (in mind) she still remember what I said on first day of our meeting.

Rag: I hate mr.maheshwari.

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I hope you liked it.

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