Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 28

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sissy’s. thanks for ur like and comments. Now lets start..

Mrng Ragini woke up and saw coffee with note kept there. She looked at time. It was 10.

Rag: how can I sleep so late. Now a days m becoming lazy.

She reads note.
” Gm my lovely wifey. Drink this coffee. Breakfast is already made. Get fresh, have breakfast and make a call to ur bechara hubby love u”

She smiles reading it. She had coffee and get fresh. Goes to kitchen sees breakfast on table. It’s sandwich. She smiled and tasted it. She feels very tasty and felt like having more. But she already ate. She took jug to pour water and saw a tissue paper fell down. She took it saw something written on it.

” I know it’s very delicious and u want more to eat. Don’t wry, it’s there beside fridge. Have it and call soon. M waiting”

She again smiled. She ate that too and called sanskar.

San: hello wifey.. now got time to call this bechara hubby.

Rag: sanskar, y did u go to office today? M missing u so much.

San: how much?

Rag: soooooooooo……. Much.

San: if u r missing me that much then close ur eyes and take my name.

Rag: sanskar. I took ur name. Now wat.

San: not like this. Close ur eyes and take and don’t open eyes.

Rag closed eyes took his name. She feels his lips on her neck. She smiles and again says his name. Now she feels his lips on her earlobe. She smiles and suddenly turned back due to which both their lips met. And they lied on sofa losing balance. They share a passionate kiss.
After few mins they broke kiss.

San: so soon wifey. U remember na each time we shud break our record.

Rag: I know. If u dint go office, the y were u hiding?

San: to admire u that how my wifey look in my absence.

Rag: so how do I look?

San: so beautiful.

He took her to table. A cake was kept.

Rag: for wat it is?

San: celebration.

Rag: celebration?

San: before 2 months on this date I met u. lets cut it. Wait. At 1 o clock we wil cut.

Rag: 1?

San: at 1 o clock I saw my dream girl.

She smiles. Both cut cake and feed each other.

Evng they got ready to go outside to celebrate. They went to a restaurant. They met there swalak and other frnds.
Both joined them. They all together sat for dinner. In between sanskar was giving fly kisses to ragini and she blushes. Both lost in each other eyes.

Swa: ragini pass that bowl.

She saw them. She signaled to all. All look at them but ragsan were in their own world. All started laughing. Ragsan came to sense hearing noise.

Lak: I think we shud send u to honeymoon again. Wat say sanskar?

San: stop it laksh.

Swa: u r rite. See ragini, her cheeks r pink and red.

Lak: swara see her and learn how to blush. While blushing girls look very beautiful.

San: yes lucky.

Rag: (fake anger) if I don’t blush means m not beautiful?

San: hey I dint mean that.

Rag : swara lets go. All men r same.

Swarag stood to go. They go few steps. Ragini stops hearing sanskar’s voice. She sees sanskar coming near.

He starts singing.

Haye haye re haye yeh ladki
Haye haye re haye (Hey)
Karti naadaniyaan kyun poocho to haye (Yo)
Kabhi yeh hamse ladti hai
Kabhi akadti hai
Karo door se chhedh khaani
Yeh ladki hai
Deewani hai deewani

He dances with laksh on stage. Ragini comes and hits her forehead with hers and goes with swara and dance.

Haye haye re haye yeh ladka
Haye haye re haye (Hye)
Karta naadaniyaan kyun
Poocho to haye (Yo)
Kabhi yeh hamse ladta hai
Kabhi jhagadta hai
Koi paas iske na aana
Yeh ladka hai
Deewana hai deewana
( they both come near and stare eachother. Sanskar with love and ragini with fake anger)
Iski baatein (Hey)
Yahi jaane (Hey)
Koi bhi toh jaane na..
Aisi vaisi (Hey)
Kaisi hai yeh (Hey)
Koi pehchaane na..
Toh bhaago
Oh yaaron
Kar na de shaitaani
Yeh ladki hai
Deewani hai deewani
(ragini smiles at his expressions)

Aate jaate (Hey)
Chhedhe hamko (Hey)
Ke maane na yeh kehna..
Dekho dekho (Hey)
Paagal hai yeh
Haan bachke zara rehna..
( she walks around him singing)

Yeh aisa
Hai phir bhi
Apna isko maana
(hugs him smilingly)

Yeh ladka hai
Deewana hai deewana

Both hug. All claps at them.
In between this ragini’s chain given by sanskar fell down somewhere. She started to search. She dint found. She get teary eyed.
Rag: sanskar gave me with so much love and I lost it. She sat on a chair. Tears coming from her eyes. Just then she saw her chain near sound box. She runs and takes. She still has tears in her eyes. That time sanskar was standing with swalak. Ragini wore it and moves towards them. Nikhil comes between and saw her teary eyes.

Nik: u r crying ragini? Wat happened? I know its coz of sanskar. He again left u alone and goes to his frnds of high class. I pity for u ragini.
Ragini stares at him and slaps him hardly. He looks at her angrily holding his cheek.
Rag: wat do u think of urself? U will tell to me against sanskar and I believ u? if u think that then u r wrong. My sanskar loves me. RAGINI.nothing except RAGINI. I trust my sanskar more than me. If sanskar only comes and says something which makes us apart then also I don’t believ on those words. Coz I know how my sanskar is. I had to understand before only when sanskar said not to forgive u. but I was mad. I thought u hav changed. But people like u will not change. Keep one thing in mind. U can never separate ragsan.
She went from there and joined swalaksan. Nikhil left fuming.
@ ragsan room
Ragini was removing her jewelry standing infront of mirror. Sanskar changed and comes outside. He looks at mirror and smiles at ragini. She too saw him in mirror and smiled.
San: ragini. Can I ask u onething.?
Rag doing her work: hmm.
San: y did u slap Nikhil?
Rag turned to hm: u saw that?
San: yes. But I dint listen ur convo. As all were there I dint come to u to ask as I don’t want to create any issue.
Rag tells everything to him. Sanskar gets angry.
San: how dare him. I’ll not leave him.
Rag: now leave sanskar. I gave him punishment. That’s enough for him. He’ll not come again between us.
He hugs her.
San: thanku ragini for trusting me.
Rag: we love eachother sanskar. We know each other. Then y u r telling thanx?
San: ok baba sry.
Rag: one thing I want to tell u. but promise me u wont take it wrong.
San: ok. Promise.
Rag: when he told like that for a moment I too thought same. Don’t get angry. I told na only for a moment. Then I realized wat I was thinking. For a moment I doubted u. I doubted my sanskar who loves me more than himself. For him m his world. Sry for that sanskar.
San: after a pause. Its ok. Ragini.
Rag: r u sure?
San: smiled yes sure.
Ragini kissed him and rest her head on his chest.
San: I shud b thankful to Nikhil.
Rag: surprisingly . why? For trying to making us apart?
San: no. coz of him I got my old ragini back. When I met u , u were bold and strong like ready to face anything confidently. Due to me u had become courage less. But now my tigress is back.
Rag: then get ready. This tigress will bite u.
She started to kiss him everywhere. She removed his clothes while kissing. She placed her lips on his. He stopped her.
San: I love this tigress.
He respond her and started to kiss. Both were making there hug more tight. Sanskar removes her back zip while kissing. They moved to bed kissing only. Now both r clothless under a blanket. In between their kiss.
San: I want small tigress soon.
Rag: no. first tiger.
San: will see.
They slept by showering their love on each other.

Hope u guys liked it. Do like and comments.
Love u all…..

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