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Hi i am Aaradhya. I am glad that you all liked my story. Thanks a lot for your comments and likes.

Author’s Note : Sorry for the delay readers, i was busy with my studies so couldn’t post it. I’ll try to be more regular than making you all wait. Please accept my apologies for this time. And this story takes 6 months leap. From this episode, you’ll get to read some cute moments between Ragsan. I am wishing you all in advance. “May the new year days as bright as the sunshine and as calm as the moonlight. Have a wonderful year ahead.”

Author’s reply to reader’s comments,

Chandana – Thank you so much Chandu. Okay nenu peddavi post chestanura and twaraga post cheyadaniki try chesthanu; Vini – Thank you so much dear; Ishu – Thank you so much dear. I’ll post soon; Anu – Thank you so much dear. I’ll try to post soon; Ragsan – Thank you so much dear; Keerthi – Awe. Thank you so much dear; Ammy – Thank you so much dear; Pinky – Thank you so much dear; Vani – Thank you so much. Okay i’ll show more Ragsan scenes dear; Moni – Thank you so much dear; RAGSANIAN – Awe. Thank you so much. Okay i’ll show more Ragsan scenes dear; Ragu Fan – Thank you so much dear; Tara – Thank you so much dear; Manu – Thank you so much dear; PriyaS – Thank you so much dear. Okay i’ll show more Ragsan scenes and will update soon; Rikashini – Thank you so much dear; Geet – Thank you so much. Very soon you’ll get to read their confession part dear; Nive – Thank you so much dear. Hahaha… Yes they’re dumb. But very soon you’ll get to read their confession part dear; Aditi – Thank you so much dear. I’ll post soon; Sug – Awe. Thank you so much dear; Ritathomas – Thank you so much dear; Ria – Thank you so much dear; Rehna – Thank you so much dear…

Episode 3 Link
Episode 3 Here

Sanskar was sitting in the cabin and thinking about Ragini.

Sanskar TAT(Thought at that time) “Why does she took leave for today? You know what Ragini? My eyes miss your beautiful face. My ears miss your sweet voice. My nose miss your fragrance and My heart miss your killer smile. Your smile always makes me fall in love with you again and again. Every passing day, every passing second, every passing minute, every passing hour, you make me feel like a teenager. I laugh at myself looking into mirror. Everyday i try to match my suit with your dress color. Fortunately the color matches everyday and i feel like i am flying in the sky. Today i miss your everything. It took six months for me realize that i am madly in love with you. Yes Sanskar Maheshwari fell in love with Ragini Gadodia. Oh God! I am getting bored sitting here. I’ll go home and will do remaining work tomorrow.”

@Maheshwari Mansion

Sanskar “Hi maa!”

Sujatha “Hello beta! Today you came home early? What’s the matter?”

Sanskar “Just like that maa.”

Sujatha “Okay beta. Ragini?”

Sanskar “What had happened to Ragini? Is she alright! Please say something maa.”

Sujatha was confused by his behaviour.

Sujatha “Relax beta… Nothing had happened to Ragini. She’s fine. I am just going to ask you about her.”

Sanskar heaved a sigh of relief and said, “Oh!”

Sujatha “What had happened to you Sanskar? Why have you reacted like that?”

Sanskar “Nothing Maa!”

Sujatha “Sanskar you’re hiding something from your maa.”

Sanskar “No maa. Nothing like that!”

Sujatha “You love Ragini right?”

Sanskar “Yes maa. I love her so much.”

Sujatha “What?”

He said in flow. Sujatha was shocked to the core. Sanskar run his hand in hairs and gave a big smile showing all his 32 teeth. Sujatha hugged him. Sanskar hugged her back. Sujatha broke apart from the hug and said, “Is this true Sanskar?”

Sanskar “Yes maa. I love Ragini.”

Sujatha “Finally my wait is over. I am happy for you Sanskar. She’s very nice gal. Did you tell her about your love?”

Sanskar “No maa not now. I’ll tell her at the right time in right place.”

Sujatha smiled and said, “Okay. But do it fast and bring Ragini as my DIL(Daughter-in-law). I can’t wait for longer.”

Sanskar “Okay i’ll bring your Dil and my Dulhania as soon as i can.”

Sujatha “That’s like my boy.”

Sanskar smiled and Sujatha was about to go to kitchen to bring sweets. But Sanskar stopped her by holding her wrist.

Sujatha looked at him like what?

Sanskar “Aren’t you angry with me?”

Sujatha cupped his face and said, “Why i’ll be angry with you Sanskar? When you’re giving me the best happiness of my life. I always wanted to bring Ragini as my DIL. You fulfilled my wish. I mean you’ll fulfill it very soon by marrying her.”

Sanskar side hugged Sujatha and said, “You’re world best mom. I love you so much.”

Sujatha laughed and said, “I know and i love you too loads beta.”

Sanskar “And me?”

Sujatha pulled his cheeks and said, “Tum meri heere hai(You’re my diamond).”

Sanskar smiled listening to her words.

Sujatha “Now what had happened? Why have you kept this sad face?”

Sanskar “What if she says no to me?”

Sujatha ”Why she’ll say no to you?”

Sanskar “Maa! This is not an answer to my question.”

Sujatha “Arrey beta! Don’t think negatively. First share your feelings with her. What if she also in the same position like you? We can’t say anything without knowing the truth naa Sanskar. Be patient.”

Sanskar “Okay maa.”

Sujatha ”Today at night i am going to temple. Will you come with me Sanskar?”

Sanskar “Of course i’ll come with you maa.”

Sujatha “Okay beta. Today you’re giving me one after the other shock.”

Sanskar left the place smilingly.


@Gadodia House

Ragini was sitting in her room and thinking about Sanskar.

Ragini TAT(Thought at that time) “Sir must be thinking that why does this gal took leave for today? The thing is, today i kept fast as it was karwa chauth. You know what Sanskar sir? I love you so much. I don’t know when it happened or where it happened or how it happened or why it happened. All i know is that it’s the best thing happened to me. You have no idea, how fast my heart beats, when i see you. It took six months for me to realize that i am in love with you. Yes Ragini Gadodia fell in love with Sanskar Maheshwari. I miss you sir. I must wait for tomorrow morning to see you.”

Sumitra “Ammu!”

Ragini “Sumi maa!”

Sumitra sat beside Ragini on bed and said, “I am observing you from past few days. You’re looking different. You’re spending a lot of time in bed room by reading books. You’re showing interest in cooking simple food items. You’re physically here and mentally some where else. What’s going on Ammu? What i am thinking is right?”

Ragini nodded her head in “Yes”

Sumitra smiled and said, “Who’s he beta?”

Ragini “Sanskar sir… I love him so much. I am sorry Sumi maa.”

Sumitra “It’s okay Ammu. I am happy for you. Did you tell him about your love?”

Ragini “No Sumi maa not now. I’ll confess my love to him on his birthday date.”

Sumitra smiled and said, “Wow Ammu. That’s great… You know what? Your eyes are of just like your dad’s. You both are same. 23 years back i saw the same love in Harsh eyes for your mother Avantika. Now i am seeing the same love in your eyes for Sanskar.”

Ragini hugged Sumi maa. Sumi maa hugged her back. Ragini broke apart from the hug.

Ragini “You’re world best grand maa.”

Sumitra smiled and said, “I know mera baccha and you’re world best grand daughter.”

Ragini laughed and said, “You copied my line.”

Sumitra laughed and said, “Like always.”



A beautiful girl is shown wearing half saree and drawing rangoli. After drawing rangoli, she decorated it with beautiful flowers. A smile appeared on her face seeing her work. The girl is none other than Ragini.

One little boy came to her and said, “Ragini didi! You made very beautiful rangoli.”

Ragini pulled his cheeks and said, “Awe… Thanks Aayu.”

Ayush “Didi… Sumi dadi is calling you. She said moon came out and all started breaking their fast.”

Ragini “Oh okay Aayu. You go and tell Sumi maa that i’ll be there in 5 minutes.”

Ayush said okay and left the place.

On the other side,

Sanskar and Sujatha stepped outside from the car and entered into temple.

Sujatha “Sanskar remove your shoes and come inside.”

Sanskar “Ji maa.”

He removed his shoes and was about to go from there. Suddenly the lights went off and he heard anklet sounds. One gal is coming towards him. Her face wasn’t clearly visible because of darkness. But the stone work done on her half saree was shining like a diamond in darkness. Someone threw banana peel on ground. Ragini stepped on it and was about to fall down. But Sanskar held her wrist and pulled her closer by waist.

The temple bells started ringing and the lights came back. Matarani ki chunri fell on Ragini’s head covering her face. She slowly opened her eyes not feeling the ground. First she looked at the sky and saw the moon. Then she looked at his face. A lone tear escaped from her eyes seeing him. At the same time, a smile appeared on her face seeing her Sanskar. In other words, her saviour.

Ragini “Sanskar sir!”

He heard her sweet voice. The only word escaped from his mouth is “Ragini!”

Sanskar made Ragini stand on her legs and then he removed the chunri which is covering her beautiful face.

Sanskar TAT(Thought at that time) “OMG! She’s here. I can’t believe my eyes. My Ragini is here. Wait a minute! She’s wearing half saree. Today only i imagined her in half saree. But my doll is looking more beautiful in real than in imagination. She’s looking like Goddess Lakshmi in half saree. Control Sanskar control your self… Otherwise she’ll run away from you seeing your madness.”

Sanskar “Ragini… Are you okay?”

Ragini “I am fine. Thank you sir.”

Sanskar “It’s okay Ragini. By the way, what are you doing here?”

Ragini “Woh… Woh…”

Sanskar “Arrey! Tell me something after woh my Rasgulla.”

Ragini widened her eyes.

Ragini “Ji… I kept fast as it was karwa chauth. I came to temple with Sumi maa for darshan and to break my fast.”

Her head is spinning because of not eating anything from morning. She lost her balance and was about to fall down, but Sanskar hold her on time and saved her from falling down.

Sanskar “Ragini!!! Please open your eyes.”

No response from Ragini side. Suddenly his eyes fell on pooja thali(Plate) kept on temple steps. Sanskar thanked his mother in mind for forgetting thali on temple steps. He quickly took nariyal(Coconut) from the thali. He breaks it carefully and made her drink water. She slowly opened her eyes. He made her eat ladoo to gain some strength. Then he lifted her up in bridal style and made her sit on temple steps.

Sanskar cupped her face and said, “Tum theek ho naa Ragini.”

Ragini takes Sanskar hands into her hand and said, “Main theek hoon sir.”

Sanskar “Ragini if you do this kind of things again, then i won’t give leave for one day also.”

Ragini “Sir please…”

Sanskar “What please huh? Do you have any idea of what had happened to me at that time. No… Leave it. How careless you’re? I thought you took leave to spend sometime with your grand mother. But what you did?”

Ragini kissed him on cheek. Sanskar looked at her shockingly like what had happened just now?

Sanskar touched his cheek and looked at her with the mouth open.

Ragini “I tried to stop you. But you’re not giving me chance to speak something. So i did this… I am sorry.”

Sanskar “Woh…”

Ragini laughed.

Sanskar “Oh i am sorry. I overreacted.”

Ragini “It’s okay.”

Sanskar “This is the first time, you’re talking to me without stammering.”

Ragini smiled.

Sanskar “Oh my God! Am i dreaming? You’re moving freely with me. I like this side of your’s Ragini. Please be like this always. So friends?”

Ragini smiled and said, “Yes friends.”

To be continued…


Hope you all liked fourth episode of TERI MERI LOVE STORY. If you like my story, please press the like button and comment. I’ll try to post next part soon…Thank you…

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