Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 13

Hello sissy’frnds . m so sry that cudnt reply for ur comments for previous episode. But definitely this episode I’ll. m happy that m getting minimum 20 comments. i wud be vry happy if it wud be still more. i get encouragement from that. Don’t stop commenting and supporting. silent readers also if possible, do tell ur views also so that i’ll know abt how u feel this story. As I told this episode is longer than previous. Nw without wasting lets start.

Sanskar was very sad. He was going to his mansion by walk. Milan comes in car.

Mil: sir come inside the car. Its about to rain.

Sanskar sees at sky and remembers his and ragini’s moments spent in rain.

San: U go Milan. I’ll come myself.

Mil: sir but..

San: go.

Mil: ok sir.

It started raining. He was fully wet. He was crying. But in rain its not visible to anyone. He slept in a garden on a bench.

Next day at mm

Sanskar came there. Swara was already waiting for him there. He sees her. Already he was broken.not getting wat to talk to her and wat to not.

Swa: where were u sanskar? Whole nite? I was worried. R u ok?

San: fake smile. Ya m ok.

Swa: finally u won. U completed ur challenge. M happy. But there is no happiness on ur face. Wat happened?

San: nothing.

Swa: give me ur salary.

He looks at her.

San: wat.

Swa: yes. Salary. That u earned in this month. It was our challenge na. so give me ur first salary.

She extends her hand. He was quite. After a pause.

Swa: wat happened sanskar? Where is ur salary?

San: I spent it.

Swa: wat? U spent it? How can u sanskar? U shud suppose it to give me. But u spent. It was ur first earning. Where u spent?

Sanskar was silent.

Swa: where sanskar?

San: swara actually….. (cudnt tell further)

Swa: feeling difficulty to tell. Shall I help? (little different tone) u spent it on ur ragini.

San: little shocked but again normal. So wat swara? She’s ur best frnd.

Swa: I know she’s my best frnd. But it was my rite on ur first salary. Why did u spent on her.? We r going to marry. No third person shud come between us.

San: swara I have to tell u something. I know in this there is no fault of urs. But m sry swara. The truth is I love ragini.

Swa: I knew it. Being with her u became mad. She snatched u from me. Definitely she wud have done some drama. So u r telling this. She is behind ur money sanskar.

San: stop swara. She doesn’t even know my reality. Wats her fault? It was my fault that I dint realize the truth soon. I don’t love u swara. It was just an attraction. I love ragini. Even u too don’t love me swara. U just like me. Not love. Try to understand. U’ll also realize.

Swa: sanskar wat happened to u? y u r doing like this? U love me. Coz of me u accepted challenge. To marry me u did this.

San: swara I know I had kept my proposal to u. but it was in childishness. I accepted coz u pointed at my ability. And m thankful to u that u did this. Or else I wud have never realized truth. If I marry then I will spoil ur life. Coz I cant give u position or love that u deserve. I already gave it to ragini.

Swa: I know its ragini. She did this. I never thought that she’ll do like this.

San: no swara. U r thinking wrong. U know after knowing that I loved u, actually its not truth, but she stepped back. She gave importance to u. she too loves me. But after knowing abt u she is ignoring that. She’s ignoring me. She’s thinking abt u.

Swa: whatever sanskar. U loved me. I love u. that’s it. U have to marry me. I already made all preparation sanskar. Even marriage cards also ready. U cant step back like this.

San: swara u r matured. U r behaving like illiterate. When I don’t love u how can I marry u? I love ragini.

Swa: but she dint agree rite?

San: ya. Coz she’s angry now. But I’ll soon convince her.

Swa: no need of that. U shud marry me. Everyone already knows abt us. And my dad is ur manager. Wat abt him? Wat abt his reputation? If people come to know how they will behave with him? Man who worked his whole life under u, u r giving him this? He’s happy thinking that u accepted me and I accepted u. u r snatching not only mine, his happiness also. M not blackmailing u sanskar. U be calm and think over on this. But u shud marry me. I cant live without u. m going now. I will call u soon. Evng we will go for remaining shopping.

She went from there.

Sanskar was lost in thinking. Milan came there. He was listening from outside everything.

Mil: sir.

He was still lost.

Mil: sir. He shaked.

San: ha. Milan. When u came?

Mil: just now sir. Where u lost sir?

San: nothing.

Mil: sir I know this is ur personal matter. But I want to tell some thing. Just listen ur heart and go to ragini.

San: but ragini is not ready to accept me.

Mil: now she is in angry mood. Give some time. She’ll be normal.

San: but wat abt shekhar uncle? I cant insult him. Already all came to know abt me and swara.

Mil: but sir.

San: leav me alone Milan.

Sanskar left from there to his room. Whole day he was tensed and in thinking wat to do.

Aftr 2 days he came to shekhar’s home.

Both shekhar and swara were sitting in hall. Both stood seeing sanskar. Shekhar still dint know abt sanskar and ragini love and also abt sanskar and swara conversation.

Shekhar: come sanskar. Lets have tea.

San: no uncle. I came here to tell m ready for marriage. See rite date and start preparation.

Swashe gets happy.

She: already half preparation over. Gud mahurat is after 2 days.

San: ok uncle.

He went from there.

@evng in club

Sanskar was sitting and drinking. Thinking abt ragini.

San in mind: ragini y r u doing like this? I wanted to marry u. see now wat happened. Situation made me to marry swara. I don’t want to marry her. But cant let shekhar uncle like this. This all coz my fault. I was so childish. Coz of me everything went wrong.

‘how r u mr. sanskar maheshwari?’

Sanskar luks at the direction of voice.

San: u? here?

Per: yes. Shocked seeing me?

San: wat r u doing here?

Per: to c u like this. U know sanskar, I always wanted to c u like this. Helpless, never able to do anything. Suffering . see now my dream came true. U r suffering now. Helpless person in the world.

San: I don want to argue or to talk with u now. Go from here.

Per: wow. See mr. maheshwari don’t want to speak. There was a time when only his words were order. His sentence only final. And today. Today he doesn’t want to talk. But y? I’ll only tell. Its LOVE. Sanskar is in love. But cant marry his love. Marrying other girl.

Sanskar moved towards him.

San: how do u know all this?

Per: coz m the reason for this result. I made this. I told truth to ragini and swara.


B4 one day for end of month swara was thinking abt sanskar and got happy. Door knocks. She opened the door. That person was standing there.

Swa: who r u?

Per: ur well wisher. Came to help u.

Swa: wats ur name? I don’t know u.

Per: but I know u. I came to tell u truth.

Swa: truth? Wat truth?

Per: abt sanskar.

Swa: wat?

Per: yes. He is cheating u.

Swa: wat the hell.?

Per: yes he’s cheating u. here he’s showing u dream of getting married with u and there he’s flirting with ur best frnd ragini.

Swa: wat? Sanskar loves me. Why shud I believ u?

Per: ok. If u don’t believ me then look at these pics.

He throws few pics in which ragsan cute moments were captured. There rain walk. Dancing with each other. They were shown such that anyone can believ them.

Swara took them and sees and got shocked.

Per: see from ur eyes. He’s a cheater. Don’t believ him. He’ll leave in middle way. He’ll not marry u.

Swa: angrily. He loves me. U r a liar. He’ll marry me.

Per: ok. M ur wellwisher I wanted to tell u truth. I told. Remaining ur wish. Bye.

Swara started thinking.

FB ends



Last day of month ragini got ready and waiting for sanskar. Door knocked . she opened it thinking sanskar. But it was same person.

Per: hi ragini.

Rag: who r u? how do u know my name?

Per: leave abt me. Not only ur name. I know ur lover name also.

Rag: wat rubbish. Get out from here.

She tries to close door but he pushes and came in.

Rag: go from here or else it wud b bad for u.

Per: wat bad. U’ll call ur lover sanskar?call him. The man who hided abt himself from u, u r trusting him?

Ragini luked confusedly.

Per: do u even know the person with whom u r living, with whom u love. Who is he? He’s rich buiseness man sanskar maheshwari.

Ragini shocked: don’t talk anything. He’s my frnd sanskar.

Per: ya I know he’s not only frnd, ur lover also. If u don’t believ, see this.

He gave him magazines , newspaper in which sanskar’s identity was there.

Ragini stood numb.

Per: not only this. He loves ur best frnd swara.

Ragini got shocked.

He told abt their challenge and all. But he focused sankar love for swara.

Per: he’s cheating. If he wud have believed u, he cud have told u truth. Bt he hided it. And u love him? With that liar?

Ragini was silent. She was not getting wat to tell. He just smirked and went from there.

FB ends


Sanskar shocked listening to him.

San: holding his collar he shouted: wat u did? Y u ruined my life? Pushed him down.

He was smiling and got up.

Per: coz u snatched everything from me. So I snatched ur everything from u. u r vry rich. In money I cant snatch coz u r billionare. So I was waiting for a rite time. Now that time came. See I snatched ur love, ur life from u. after marrying swara, u’ll live lifless life.

He went from there. Sanskar there only fell down and cried. Milan was seeing this.

Mil in mind: I wish I cud have done something for u sir.

Precap: twist

Hi frnds. Hows this episode ? I know now 1 or 2 episode will not too happier for ragsan. But it contains twist. I hope u’ll like this. Waiting for ur likes and comments sissy’s. dont forget me.

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