Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge RuMya SS Part 5

Dilwale dulhania le jayenge(The Big-Hearted Will Take Away the Bride) Part 5
Soumya:I don’t need your help Rudra.I can manage myself.
Rudra:Arre yaar.We both are alone.We need to reach the same destination too.Then why are you hesitating to join me?
Soumya:Because I can’t tolerate you.
Rudra:You are the first girl who can’t tolerate me.Otherwise girls surround me.
Soumya:They are mad.That’s why they are after you.But I am not mad.
Rudra:Hey…don’t call my girl friends mad.They are very sweet.That’s why they are after me.

Soumya:Oh really?Then hear..your girl friends and you are mad.
They both argued.
Soumya:Enough…I won’t stay here anymore.
Soumya walked.
Without noticing Soumya fell into puddle.
Soumya:Oh no…
Rudra saw it and ran towards her.
Rudra:Oh no..what’s this yaar?Can’t you be careful?
He pulled Soumya and helped her to get up.
But he slipped and fell down.
Rudra:Oh no…
Soumya helped him to get up.
Rudra:Oh..we both became muddy.Let’s get into a hotel near by and take a shower.We need to change our clothes too.
They both got into a hotel.
The receptionist:There is only one room.
Soumya:Oh no.
Rudra:Don’t mind it Soumya.We need this room in a hurry as bathing is necessary for us now.
Soumya:You are right.
They both got inside the room.
Rudra:I will bath and come.
Soumya:No,first I will bath.
Rudra:No,I ..
Soumya:No,I will as it’s always ladies first.
Rudra stood before the bathroom door.
Soumya pushed him away and got inside giggling.
Rudra:This girl is mischievous.
Soumya came out after bath.
Soumya:Now you go bath.You are stinking.
Soumya was giggling.
Rudra went inside and took bath.He came out dressed in new clothes.
Rudra stared at Soumya:Now don’t complain that I am stinking as I have not only bathed,but also sprayed the best perfume.
Soumya giggled.
Soumya:By the way I am sorry.

Rudra was surprised:You said sorry to me?
Soumya:Ya…I scolded you unnecessarily.You could have ignored me in anger.But instead of that you helped me.And because of that you fell into the mud.
Rudra:It’s ok.In big places such small things do happen.
She smiled.
Soumya:And thank you for helping me.

Rudra:Thanks to you too as you also helped me.
She smiled.

They hired a car and got inside.
Rudra and Soumya chatted a lot about each and every family member.
But unexpectedly the car got stopped.
Soumya:What happened?
Rudra: Brake down.We have to walk.
Soumya:Oh no.
They walked a lot.
Soumya:I am tired.
Rudra:I know how to make you strong.
Rudra took a sandwich from his bag and gave it to her.
Rudra:Here is your favourite.
Her face blossomed:Wow!

She grabbed it and started eating it like crazy.
Rudra was observing it with a smile.
He thought:Crazy foodie, but cute.
Soumya:Are you not eating?
Rudra:Not now.I am in diet control.
Soumya:How can you do this dieting sacrificing yummy food?I can’t do that.
Rudra:That’s evident in your body.
Soumya got irritated:What?
Rudra:Nothing…sorry yaar.Leave it.
Soumya continued eating.

They continued walking.
Soumya:I am tired.I can’t walk anymore.
Rudra:Me too.Let us take rest.
They found a cottage and got relieved.They went inside to take rest.
Soumya was shivering:So cold.
Rudra started sipping bear.
Soumya got angry:Shameless!Are you not ashamed to drink like this.My father too hate drinking.He is a true Indian.
Rudra remembered Tej scolding him and his friends regarding drinking.
Rudra thought:She really talks like him.
Rudra:Thi help us to get rid of extreme coldness.That’s why.You also drink.Otherwise you will die out of cold.
Soumya became dim:Really?
Rudra closed his eyes and slept off.
Soumya took his bottle.
Soumya:He did not say how much we should drink to get rid of coldness.I think we need to drink one whole bottle to get warmth.
Soumya drank the full bear bearing it’s sour taste.
Rudra heard Soumya humming a song.He opened his eyes.
He saw Soumya giggling and singing.
Rudra:Oh My God..Sanskari Indian girl drunk?
He saw the empty bottle.
Rudra:Guess she eats not only full plate of food,but also drinks full bottle even if its filled with any liquid.Oh no…how will I manage her?
Soumya was humming.
Rudra:What is this Soumya?

Soumya closed her ears:Don’t shout.It’s unbearable for my ears.
Rudra closed his ear:You too stop singing.My ears are paining.

Rudra:For heaven sake please stop humming.It’s my request.

Soumya pulled Rudra towards him and started singing and the helpless Rudra too sang.

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Rudra:Oh..no…please stop it.
He ran out.Soumya ran after him.She saw a restaurant and got inside.
Rudra followed her:Hey..why are you in the restaurant?
Soumya:I feel hungry.I want to eat.
Rudra:While drunk also she wants to eat.I have never seen a foodie like her.

Rudra bought food for her.
Soumya was eating it like crazy.
Soumya:It’s yummy just like you.

She started chuckling.
Rudra:She is so insane.

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

On the way back she saw a beautiful dress in the textile shop.
Soumya:Such a beautiful dress.I want it.
Rudra:Hey…spare my money yaar.You are spending my money.
Soumya:So what?I want it at any cost.

She snatched his purse and cried like a kid:I want it.
Rudra:Ok ok.Don’t cry and create a scene.I will get you this dress.
He bought the dress for her.

Mausam Bhi Be-imaan
Masti Ka Ye Saman
Roko O Logon Zameen Pe
Girne Laga Aasmaan
Thumak Thumak Ke Jhuloongi
Main Udke Gagan Ko Chhuloongi
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Soumya wore it happily and danced around him.

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na

Soumya saw a pool and jumped into it.
Rudra:Stupid…this is not a swimming pool.

Rudra jumped into it and pulled her out.

Dhandi Dhandi Pavan
Jalta Hai Ye Badan
Jee chahta Hai Bana Loon
Tujhko Apna Sajan
Hua Nahin Ye Pehle Kabhi
Meri Jaan Badal Gayi Abhi Abhi
Main Chali
Banke Hawa
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Soumya and Rudra changed their wet clothes.
Rudra made her sit down.
Rudra:Now sit here like a good girl.

But she ran out giggling and he started chasing her.
He caught her and pulled her towards him .

He showed scary faces singing and scaring her.

Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na

Jaati Hai Tu Kahan
Jaaneman Jaanejaan
Ladki Hai Tu Khoobsurat
Ladka Main Naujawaan
Tujhe Gale Laga Loon Aa
Palkhon Mein Bitha Loon Aa
Ho Gaya
Mujhe Nasha
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha

Rudra carried her to the cottage forcefully.Soumya fell unconscious.He smiled.
Rudra:You are so cute.
Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Re Na
Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main
Arre Na Re Na Baba Na
Ho Gaya
Mujhe Nasha
Rabba Mere
Mainu Bacha(DDLJ).

Soumya opened her eyes after her sleep got over.
Rudra came near her:Good Morning.
Rudra:Good morning.
Soumya:Good morning.
Rudra:You know,you look very cute,But I never thought that you are so hot and chilly like the food you eat.Yesterday night you were very spicy.
Soumya felt strange.
Soumya:What happened last night?
Rudra:What happens when a girl and a boy are together alone in a room?That happened between us.
Soumya was shocked.

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