Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Devraj and Roma take the woman out

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Scene 1
Jaya says Krisha guests are coming. Go upstairs. Roma calls Devraj and says where are you going? He says coming. Roma says we will have to cancel the plan. Krisha cries in terrace and says I can’t do anything. I mess everything. Devraj comes. Krisha says I didn’t want to go downstairs. Papa’s medicine time so I had to give him water. I saw him after so long. Raghav and Ugra.. Devraj says it’s okay. Krisha says I embarrassed my parents and your family. I get everyone in trouble. Please forgive me. She cries. Devraj hugs her.

Roma calls Devraj. She says we have to give her injection. Krisha’s dad says to Jaya forgive us. Sudha says she makes mistakes. Jaya says she’s very innocent. Jaya goes upstairs. Minakshi says who is Krisha like? You or you. Roma calls Jaya and says we gave to cancel the plan. Devraj is distracted. Devraj has the injection. Jaya says you have to execute the plan. Devraj says to Krisha I am with you. You don’t have to be perfect for anyone. Aarav will take care of your parents. Go get ready. Everything is will be fine, don’t worry. Krisha holds his hand.

Scene 2
Minakshi says come let me show you the room. Sudha says no we can’t stay at our daughter’s place. Vishwanath says yes we booked a room in a lodge. Minakshi says you will stay in a lodge? Why? Kach says middle class people do that. Minakshi says you’ve never seen five star hotel? Sinha says I am the manager of the five star hotel Devraj bought and Vishwanath was the head chef. Minakshi says where Krisha worked? She was a servant there. Who knew she would become the owner. Kach says sounds like a B grade film. Money can’t get people class. Aarav meets them. He says I am Krisha’s favorite BIL. If you need anything let me know.

Devraj says to Krisha please get ready. The guests are coming. Krisha says I would. I need something from you. Roma comes to the woman. She is painting. Roma gives her the injection. She faints. Krisha says you will stay with me at the reception. You will be with me all my life. I can’t take going away from you. Roma locks the woman in a box. Devraj says I always take care of you. I am always with you. Krisha says I just don’t want any mistake tonight. Devraj says I want the same. Just promise me you will be with me and understand my trouble. Rati comes and says Krisha let’s go. Devraj says go.

Scene 3
Roma drags the box outside. She sees guests coming. She says I have to go from the back door. Sinha takes photos. He says to Dehanchand are there ghosts in this mansion? He says yes many. Devraj calls Roma. She says I did what you had to. I am taking the trolly from servant quarters. Roma goes from there. She leaves the trolly. He falls and is about the hit the wall. Roma runs after him. Devraj runs towards the servant quarters. raghav says everyone is looking for you. Where are you going? Reception is there. Devraj says I don’t need ot answer you. Roma runs after the trolly. Roma calls Devraj I dropped the trolly and it’s going towards Krisha’s room.

The trolly hits the wall outside. Krisha’s room. Krisha comes out and says who’s there. Roma hides. Devraj shoves the trolly to Roma. He stands outside. Devraj says it was me. She says you came to scare me? Devraj says I came to say rati will be here in a bit. Krisha says no there’s some other reason. You came to meet me right? Krisha gets a call from Rati. She says yes I am coming. Devraj leaves. Krisha sees the torl piece of wallpaper that fell from the trolly.

Scene 4
Devraj and Roma run towards the exit. sinha sees Devraj. He says where was Devraj running? Was is a ghost? Devraj and Roma come to the exit. Devraj says exit is locked. Roma says we are stuck. What to do. Krisha says to Rati see this painting. Rati gets scared. She recalls the woman painting. Rati says it must be an old painting. Rati says get ready. We are already late. Guests are here. Rati wonders who made the painting? She says only she used to make such paintings.

Devraj and Roma bring the trolly towards the main gate. Roma says we can’t take it from here. Everyone will know our secret. He says we will take it. Let me think. We should go downstairs from backdoor.

Krisha says that painting. Rati says it’s your special day. Let’s get you ready the way that will surprise Devraj. Rati says this necklace would look so good on you. Ugra comes and says it will look good on me. This necklace was my mom’s. No one has right on it. Rati says can she please wear it tonight? It matches her dress. Ugra says necklace like this should match the standard. Do you think this girl is Maya just because Devraj married her. Krisha says it must be your mom’s necklace. It must be very special. It’s precious because it has your mom’s memories. It’s yours, only you have right on it. Ugra says don’t use these emotional middle class lines on me. Theyw on’t work on me. She leaves. Krisha gets teary.

Episode ends.

Precap-The reception starts. Krisha and Devraj dance on pyar ki ek kahani. Rom tries to take the woman out. An old woman comes there and says to Krisha how are you my daughter? Maya. Krisha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ugra’s looks creeps me!!

  2. Who is that person in the box. Is it maya or someone else. Dev has a lot of tension in life, keep his secret , handle the business, handle the arrogant family members,handle krisha, oh god this man must really be tired and sick of all the unpleasant things that are happening in his life, I am sure he would have purposely not done any wrong, I wish he comes out of all his troubles and live in the world where he and krisha find all the happiness they deserve.

  3. In today’s episode Raghav dialogue to Dev, haame is circus mein bitake ,ring master kudh hi gayab,😂😂😂😂😂 seriously very apt dialogue for Dev.

  4. Really Dev don’t need any dialogues, his expressions are so beautiful that one can understand how he is feeling in a particular situation, especially when krisha was continuously taking and expressing her worry, he was like when will she stop talking 😂😂😂😂

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