Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha and Balaji send Baji’s proposal

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Scene 1
Balaji says if you both think we should send proposal again, let’s do that. But they have already said no once. Mahad’s manager tells Mahad there’s a businessman, we should go to meet him and see his son. They’re rich like you. Mahad says let’s go there. Kashi tries to sleep. She says go from here the birds. Did Baji send you? Don’t annoy me. Krishna says he’s the best and he protects everyone. Kashi says stop appreciating him all the time. Go from here. Kashi says to the birds let me sleep.

Radha prepares gifts that are to be sent with the proposal. She says I hope they accept the proposal. Mai says they would. Balaji says you both wanted it otherwise I didn’t agree. The minister says this marriage will change the fate of Maratha empire. He leaves. Radha says sorry for calling him without telling you. He says I am not mad at you but I am worried for Baji. He shouldn’t know until there’s an answer from Mahad. Baji doesn’t like Kashi. Radha says I am here, don’t worry. Baji comes there and fights with his siblings. He says I don’t like Kashi. She’s so spoiled. Stop appreciating her all the time. Balaji says see. Radha says what? Kashi is sick? She was taken to doctor on the way. Balaji says yes she’s not well. Baji says what happened to her? Where is she? Annubai says but you don’t like her? She’s your enemy. Chimaji says you said you have nothing to do with her. baji says she lit a candle for me so I asked. Radha says to Balaji see. He cares for her. You see this. They smile.

Scene 2
Mahadji says to Shuibai none of my friends are telling me a good proposal. You both love Kashi so much. You will start fighting if there’s any problem in her life. Bhavani says she’s our daughter. How can we leave her? Shuibai says his friends are useless. I will find a guy for her. Mahadji says I was kidding. Bhavani says don’t joke about Kashi. Mahadji says my friend told a proposal about a rich businessman. They are like us. I am going to talk to them. Bhavni says I hope she rules like a queen. Kashi comes there. She says so you want me to get married and leave this house? I can leave this house without marrying too. She runs downstairs.

Mahadji stops her. He says where were you going? She says you’re kicking me out. I am leaving. Mahadji says you’re my life. She says then why do you wanna go with my proposal. Bhavani says we will handle her. Shuibai says all girls get married. Kashi says why can’t I live here? I don’t wanna get married. I will have wear saree and get punctual and get scolded. I don’t wanna get married. Shuibai says you won’t have to do anything, you will be a queen there. Kashi says can’t you stop for sometime? Shuibai says we could but your Radha and Balaji want to get you married to Baji. Kashi says what? Never. I hate Baji. Shuibai says that’s why we want to get you married to a good family and keep Baji away from you. Kashi says but our guards can stop them. Shuibai says they have an army. We can’t fight with them.

Scene 3
Radha asks Baji why do you hate Kashi? He says she’s annoying. Radha says what if you get married to her? Baji says never. radha says what if any girl like her? You get annoyed but when you live with them you understand them and start liking them. Baji says I would rather live alone. I don’t want to understand her at all.

Bhavani and Shuibai come to Mahadji and say Kashi is ready to get married. Mahadji says really? Kashi says yes but after getting married you have to meet me every day. Shuibai says go and talk to them tomorrow. Rahda says Mahadji will get our proposal tomorrow. Bhavni and Shuibai will be very mad but I hope Mahad gets my message.

Scene 4
Bhavani says tell them our Kashi lives like a princess here. She should live like a queen there. He says okay I wll do that. Mahadji is leaving. His man comes and says Balaji has sent these gifts for you. Mahad is shocked. Mai is there too. Mahadji says you here? What is all this? She says Radha and Balaji have sent a message for you. Mahadji says what message? Mai says Kashi and Baji’s marriage proposal. Kashi is shocked. Mahadji, Shuibai and Bhavani are shocked too.

Baji thinks about what Radha said. He sees the dagger she gave him. He says I don’t want anyone to miss her here. I should throw this away. He burries her dagger there. Mai says this marriage will make your families’ bond stronger. They sent me here with this proposal. And they hope you will say yes. Where should I keep these gifts? Bhavani keep them. Krishna says it will be so good Baji will get married to Kashi. Kashi says shut up. She says tell him I have rejected him. I was his enemy. It was decided we will never see each other again. How did this proposal come then?

Radha says to Baji you are not doing good. He says if gifts trouble you you shouldn’t keep them. Radha says keep it. When I feel like it’s troubling you I will ask you to throw it. He says okay if you all like her so much I will keep it but I won’t ever use it. Everything related to her will be useless for me. Radha says once Mahad accepts the proposal I will use this sword between you and Kashi as the bridge of love.

Scene 5
Mahadji asks Baji to go inside. Bhavani gives Mai water. She says we thought but didn’t know balaji will also get greedy like his wife and send all this shagun. It’s not their worth to get our daughter married to their son. We can only donate to them. Mahadji says respect the boundaries Bhavani. Shuibai says yes sure let’s do that. She takes the letter. Shuibai says let me write it. Mahadji says anyone can send a proposal. Bhavani says come with us. And mai, you stay here. Make sure this shagun doesn’t touch our land.

Rahdha says to Kashi you hate him but he send you wedding proposal. Kashi says my parents will say no to them I will reject him myself. The one who doesn’t like my toys, broke my pot and home, how did he even think about getting married to me.

Episode ends

Precap-Bhavani says to Mahadji answer them in the most harsh words so they never think about it again. Kashi writes a letter and says give it to that Baji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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