Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Dev takes Vamika’s side against Krisha

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Scene 1
Jaya shouts at Krisha that you want to know what Vamika has done for this family? Let me show you. She stands up from her wheelchair. Everyone is shocked. Dev holds her and she takes some steps. Jaya tells Krisha that see what Vamika has done for this family, she made me do exercises and she connected me with her friend who is a doctor. She wanted to surprise you and Dev on your anniversary with this but you blamed her like this? She tells Dev that your wife has made me ashamed in front of Vamika today. Dev glares at Krisha. Vamika says I have done everything I could but I should leave now. She starts to leave but Dev stops her and says I am begging you to stay here. You have done a huge favor to me so I will make sure that no one bugs you in this house, even if it’s my wife. Kach comes there and says Jaya is standing up? Let’s do a function tonight and we will get Aarav-Vamika engaged too. Krisha thinks Vamika doesn’t deserve Aarav. Dev says we will get them engaged tonight. Vamika looks on.

Krisha comes to her room and sees Dev ignoring her. Krisha says why are you angry at me? Dev says what do you see in my eyes? I am embarrassed because of you, you have made me ashamed in front of everyone. If you feel humiliated when you people taunt you by calling you middle-class then how can you taunt Vamika like that? Krisha says if stopping another woman from coming close to my husband is middle class then yes I am middle class. Dev says why don’t you understand that I am with you. I trust my love so why are you becoming weak? Krisha says you won’t understand. Dev says this is all your doubt, that girl is just alone and I am helping her. Krisha says I have seen her taking advantage of you when you were unconscious. Dev says she was just taking care of me, you were wrong to see things. I will go and sleep in another room. Krisha says no, you will sleep on the bed with me. Dev says then my condition is that you say sorry to Vamika. Krisha says if Vamika tries to break us apart then I won’t say sorry to her. Dev says you are being stubborn. Krisha says I am not wrong so I won’t bow down, that’s what I have learned from you. Dev angrily leaves from there.

Scecne 2
Dev thinks to go and talk to Aarav and asks if he is happy with the marriage.

Aarav is talking to Aditi on the call when Vamika comes there and says I want to talk to you. Dev comes there and sees them together, He says I wish Krisha could see all this. He leaves. Vamika tells Aarav that I know your family forced you to marry me but I want to free you from this cage, I want to move on in my life too. Vamika thinks he should break off our engagement now. Aarav tells Vamika that you were blamed because I couldn’t take a stand for you. I couldn’t protect your honor because I was being selfish. He says give me time till tomorrow, if I choose my duty then I will marry you and fulfill my duties till I die. Vamika says okay, her dupatta drops. She picks it up and leaves.

Ugra and Naina come to Vamika, they show her the video of picking up her dupatta and says we can edit it to make it seem like you were having a night with Aarav. Vamika says I just went to talk to him. Minakshi comes there and throws away Naina’s phone, she asks Ugra to focus on her life, don’t try to do this again. She takes Vamika from there.

Krisha comes to Aarav and says I will apply mehndi to you. She writes A on his hand and says maybe God wants something else for you. She says Vamika doesn’t deserve you, she is not a good person. Aarav wipes off the mehndi and says I know you don’t like Vamika but she is a good person. Krisha says don’t marry her because you don’t love her. Aarav says I never took a stand, Vamika never complained so I can’t break her heart. Krisha says but you won’t be happy, if you can’t take a stand for your love then you will cry for life. Aarav says I was tired, I thought to run away with Aditi. Krisha says you are a son of this house, if you have loved Aditi then fight for her. Aarav says my dad won’t spare her family. Krisha says you will get engaged to Aditi only but promise me that you won’t run away at any cost. Aarav says I promise you. Jaya hears all that and thinks Krisha will do my work now.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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