Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Devraj plans Krisha’s huge birthday party

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Scene 1
Raghav says I hate you and your face. You shouldn’t have come here. Devraj comes and shoves him. He says go to your room. You’ve drank. Raghav hits him. Devraj hits him back. Krisha says please stop. Everyone comes. Jaya says stop it. What are you both doing. Jaya says Ugra, Rati take him to his room. Ugra says it’s done from both sides. Jaya says before he gets more slapped take him from here. He is drunk. Ugra says this Krisha is responsible for everything. she takes him. Jaya asks Devraj are you okay? He says yeah I am fine. Aarav says take care. Krisha says I won’t listen to you. She brings medicine and dresses his wound. Krisha says I am sorry for Raghav’s behavior. Krisha says why did he say he hates my face? I don’t even know him. Devraj says he was drunk. Don’t think about it. Krisha says when you are drunk you say the truth.

Devraj says I am sorry. Krisha says you’re very nice. I don’t know your depth. I wanna know you well. He says sometimes if you know too well, you start hating. Krisha says you can hate me. I almost thought. When you said you want space and I annoy you. Devraj says I didn’t mean that. I don’t wanna stay away from you. I am really sorry. and your birthday spoiled. Krisha hugs him and says you’re here. It’s enough. Devraj says it isn’t. You couldn’t celebrate your birthday but in the morning you will. Raghav says something special should be done on the big day.

Scene 2
Krisha does the arti in the morning. She says it’s my first birthday. I hope it’s special. Her dad and Yash call her and sing birthday song. He says your mom has gone to the temple to pray. Yash says what’s your surprise? She says Devraj said it’s gonna be special. Everyone hides from Krisha. Krisha stops Rati. She asks where is Devraj? Rati says he had to go out for a project. Aarav calls Devraj the plan is ready. Yash calls Devraj and says I have mailed you everything.

Roma and Naina do the decoration. Naina says we could hire someone. Devraj says but efforts are more valuable. You have to do things for others. Naina says yeah whatever. Rati says cake will be ready. Kach kaka will get the gifts. Devraj says where is Raghav? Rati says let me call him. He doesn’t pick. Raghav is on his way. He sees Kach’s car and replaces a gift in it. He says this gift will bring a blast in your life Krisha.

Scene 3
Devraj says I hope Krisha likes it. Aarav says she will love it. It shows your love for her. Krisha says he is so weird. He left the house and said it will be special. Krisha comes downstairs and says no one is here. Where did the noise come from? Aarav, Rati and Naina hide. Devraj also hides from Krisha. She says why do I feel like someone is here. Her saree gets stuck in Devraj’s ring. Devraj hides and puts it in the lamo. Krisha tries o fix the wallpaper. She sees a wall behind it. A maid comes and gives her a gift. She says it’s for you. Krisha is excited. It’s a red dress. Krisha says you want me to wear this dress and go out with you. A paper falls form it. Krisha picks it. It says Ugra and I selected the perfect dress for your reception. Wear it for the trial. Krisha says I thought it’s Devraj. I will never talk to Devraj.

Minakshi and Ugra are on the way. Ugra says why is Jaya spoiling this girl? She wants us to plan the reception. Krisha calls Minakshi. Minakshi picks. Ugra says I can buy 100 girls like her as my servant. She doesn’t deserve to be Rathore DIL. She should know that she’s OTP in Devraj’s life. Use once and delete forever. Minakshi says Krisha.. Ugra didi gets angry. Why did you call? Krisha says I had to thanks for the dress. Minakshi says it’s okay. Krisha says it’s my favorite color. I didn’t know you will get it. Krisha cries. She says he doesn’t care beacuse I am really not worth him.

Rati tells Devraj Kach is coming with the gifts. Raghav will join us soon as well. Devraj says check if Krisha is ready. Naina sees her and says all set. Raghav looks at Krisha and says you will never forget your birthday. Krisha comes downstairs. It’s all dark. Krisha says no one is home. I never knew my birthday would be spent like this. Lights turn on. The whole house is decorated. Devraj stands there.

Episode ends.

Precap-Krisha comes downstairs. there’s a party going on. Devraj says your birthday would be celebrated with everything. He gives her a snow globe. Devraj says you are the best husband in the world. Krisha is about to cut the cake. Someone comes downstairs. Krisha is shocked. Krisha cries and says such a big betrayal. Devraj says please listen. Krisha says what? Another lie?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I am quite. Upset with what ever is happening with krisha, I just want her to run away from this family, what kind of people are they, I am sorry Dev bit you cannot spoil someone’s trust and life for the welfare of your family, this roma , irritating person if she is used by someone for their plan and benefit she will understand how it feels, what do this family expect from krisha, I feel sorry for her.

    1. I wonder who is this mysterious character I think it’s the one who dropped the candle on the name function day, what do you think?

  2. Don’t know, very confusing story.

  3. Av’s acting was superb in today’s episode, very impressive performance. The way krisha showers her love and care for Dev, it touches our heart, what a cute couple they are.

  4. I think it’s the same lady who dropped the candle but who knows…there is too many secrets n suspense …can’t wait for the next episode. Just feeling bad for poor krisha…she will be shattered once she finds the truth bcs her love for dev is true n pure.

  5. Hi believe it’s Devraj first wifey lol
    Why did her married and been tagging along Krisha is questions? Some secrete their has to be with his family’s and Roma!……

    I see he care n love Krisha maybe was an arranged marriage force upon him

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