Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahad agrees to give his wealth

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Scene 1
Radha says maai today is the last day. He will get caught. If he takes my name, everything will be over. Balaji asks his men to look for the goon. Maai says don’t worry. Let’s see what God decides. Balaji and his men look for the robber. Radha prays that he doesn’t catch him. She says this isn’t to make my husband the leader but to save this regime. Balaji catches the goon. He hits him.

Bajirao says baba didn’t take me. He tested me too. Chimaji says it’s okay. He must have thought something. Kashi says don’t you get tired listening about the fights Chimaji? Baji says I am talking to my brother. Kashi says I am talking to my friend. Baji says Krishnarao take her. Kashi says he can’t take. Krishna says he’s older than you. Kashi says I am also older than you. You always defend him like his sword. Baji says stop it. Kashi says I am talking to my brother. He says but talking about me. Kashi says if you have sword doesn’t mean you can rule everyone. I don’t use sword but I don’t ruled by fighters. Baji leaves in anger.

Scene 2
Shuibai says this never happened better. Bhavanibai says we should go from here. Balajoshi says come to Rani sahiba with me. No one can harm this family then. Mahadji says my family won’t anywhere. Bhavani says let’s go home Bala. He says Shahu can’t protect our family. Why should we stay in this regime? Mahadji says so we should go against the regime? I will never betray them even if I have to become enemy with my son. Bhavani says what are you saying? Bala says he has always hated me. No one in this regime can fight with Rani sahiba.

Balaji brings the robber. radha cries and says what have you done God. Mahadji says if I have to choose one person, I will choose my friend. Balajoshi says that’s why you got attacked even here? Accept the truth. Let me take my family from here. You can stay with your regime. I don’t want my mother and siblings to suffer. Your Shahu is a useless king. Baji takes out his anger in sword. He says don’t you dare to use such words against Shahu Maharaj. Kashi puts a wood on his sword and says how dare you attack my brother. Mahad says because your brother is a betrayer. Ask him to leave. Balaji says he’s your son. Don’t say that. Balajoshi says thank you for saving my life. And thanks for my family who came to see me. A weak house always falls. rani sahib will rule the area. I will see who stops her. Balajoshi leaves. Mahad gets angry.

Mahadji says stop BalaJoshi. Who are you challenging? Our regime’s youngsters? I can give anything for this regime. He says Balaji, make the army. I will give whatever wealth is required. It’s a pride if I can help my regime. Balaji is shocked. Everyone is shocked. No one can make our ShahuMaharaj weak. Everyone chants for Mahadji. BalaJoshi says you don’t the price you will have to pay.

Scene 3
Krishna says Bala has changed a lot. Kashi says he used to love us a lot. Krishna says Baji talks to his dad with so much respect. Kashi says if he was so respectful he would not put a sword of Balajoshi. Radha asks Balaji what did that robber say? He says nothing yet. It all happened because of your prayers. I have to tell ShahuMaharaj.

Shubai says you didn’t do right. It will make our enemies stronger. Bhavani says she’s right. You made this decision in anger. For one person you got all of us in trouble. Kashi looks for Baji. He’s doing meditation outside. Kashi tries to distract him but she can’t. She puts his hand on flame. Baji stands up in anger. Baji says why did you ruin my meditation. Kashi says how dare you put a knife of my brother. He says I put it on a man who was speaking against ShahuMaharaj. Kashi says if you do anything bad to my family I will.. He puts the leaf on her mouth and says I used your method.

Episode ends.

Precap-Chimaji asks Baji to play with Kashi. Kashi says he can only fight. He breaks Kashi’s sand house. Kashi says who broke it? He says I don’t know. Mahad and Balaji go to Shahu. Balaji says to Radha after everything. I didn’t deserve to be the minister.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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