Tere Bin 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ratan munches apple, sees Abhaya passing by and asks her to have apple. Abhaya asks from where did she steal it. Ratan she understands him so well, she runs such a big cafeteria and he is her husand, from where will he get apple. Abhaya says Nandini took sleeping injection and Akshay is trying to get her conscious back, everyone is tensed. Ratan is shocked. He sees Irfan leaving nursing home angrily and follows him. Irfan reaches home fuming. Shabana speaks to Jennifer over phone and informs that Nandini’s condition is stable now. Irfan shows why she is telling him, Nandini does not care about him at all and is behind Akshay. He made a drama of registered marriage application to save her, but she does not even care. Ratan hears their conversation standing near door.

Akshay waits near Nandini. Vijaya calls and asks him about Nandini’s condition. He says she is fine now. Nandini wakes up and asks why she is here. Akshay says she took sleeping injection and asks why did she try to harm herself. Nandini tells she will not interfere in his and Vijaya’s life again. She says she will get away from this nursing home and will stop treating patients as she cannot take care of herself. She says let us forget what happened and move ahead and leaves from there.

Shabana sees Irfan tensely trying to read books and says why he is trying to hide his emotions, if he is angry on Akshay or himself. Nandini reaches home and tells Irfan that she wants to go away from this city, holds Irfan’s hands and asks if he will take her away. He nods yes.

In the morning, Akshay brings tea for Vijaya. She asks why did he take trouble. He says if preparing tea is trouble, then why she is taking trouble since so many years. She says nobody can win over him in debate, says he came late yesterday and did not sleep well. He says he slept peacefully after so many years. Vijaya says if she is doing injustice to Nandini. He says he saw peace on Nandini’s face after a long time, she need not worry. He hugs her.

Irfan and Nandini pack their bags for vacation. Nandini says she will pack her portable speakers also and will enjoy after a long time. Irfan angrily says Shabana that he is going as Nandini insisted, else he is not interested.

Vijaya informs Akshay that he had got a call from medical magazine for his interview. He says he is so busy that he rejected their offer. She says she said yes, she wants him to be in world’s best doctor’s list. Akshay reminisces Nandini telling that she wants him to be one of best doctor and does not want to be a hidrance for him.

Precap: During, vacation, Nandini lights a candle and tells Irfan that they will protect this candle till it burns off completely and if does not blow off, it is a sign that they together can sail through all the ups and downs in their life.

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    So finally nandini ko realise ho hi gya… good…
    But i hve doubt that tomorrow is last episode which they will end in rush, which will not be good….

  2. Very Nice Tv show…But it is injustice to Nandini…

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