Baarish (Intro)

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn which we didn’t expect even in our worst nightmare somethings will be cold and dreadful and somethings will be sweet and memorable. Like that life took a drastic turn in the life of Swara and Sanskar.

Swara Shekar Kumar 18 years most innocent girl came to Mumbai from southern part of Tamilnadu. She can understand Hindi well but cant speak fluently. She is treated like a mere maid in her house as her father The Great Shekar Kumar President of the Village thinks that girls are servants of men and should not look up and speak. When Swara 11 years old Shekar got her engaged with his nephew Shail Chandran who is the most evilest man in the world. Swara doesn’t like this and cried to her Maa Sharmista and elder brother Dharun who are the supportive system for Swara. Because of Dharun only she got educated. Dharun wanted his sister to be independent and with his contacts in Mumbai he got a seat for Swara in journalism department. Dharun is the lucky charm for Shekar and this Dharun’s work easy to convince Swara for her higher studies. Now its in Swara’s hand and how will she come out with flying colours.

Now about Sanskar Meher the NO 1 business tycoon of Asia as well as dream boy for many girls. He hate girls who look innocent because he think innocence is the weakness of a human. He have mistress called Shami and she is just behind his money. He doesn’t believe in love because he didn’t experienced it he thinks everybody are born with silver spoon and they don’t know the value of pain and struggle. He loves his bro Laksh and his wife Ragini as his sister. If he takes a decision he wont change it even if his mother ask him whom he respect a lot.

When these two people are met in an uncomfortable situation which made their life upside down means.

BAARISH the symbol of LOVE is the connection between them.

Hello friends this is a long time story that is running in my mind and I just penned it down. I think you will like this and Dont worry I will continue ABR very soon because board exams are nearing and if I get more comments means I will continue this and ABR at the same time.

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