Tere Bin 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Akshay asks Vijaya if Nilesh had met with an accident instead of dying and if he had returned after a few years, will she have divorced him and married Nilesh. Vijaya says no.. and starts weeping. Waiter keeps cake on table. Akshay says today is Nilesh’s birthday. Vijaya says she does not even remember, he would have got his answer by this.. She asks waiter to take back cake and says Nilesh was his past and he is her present, so she has forgotten Nilesh completely. Akshay feels disappointed that his plan failed. She asks what he would have for desser now.

Akshay and Vijaya reach back home. Vijaya gives him night dress and thanks him for a date. He says he should thank her instead for accepting to come for a date with him and asks how often she would like to go on a date. She says once in a month. She says it is not necessary they go to a restaurant, they can go on a long drive also. Nandini calls Akshay. He repeatedly disconnects call. She gets angry that he told he does not have any close relationship with Vijaya, but he is disonnected her call for Vijaya. Vijaya asks whose call it was. He says wrong number and goes to change.

Nandini fumes and throws his phone on floor. Irfan comes and picks it. Nandii cries that he/Akshay lied that he is going to an important meeting and went with his wife instead, he should have directly told instead of lying. Irfan says let us go to Akshay’s house right now and ask why he lied. She says they cannot, she will meet him in nursing home tomorrow and ask. Irfan says her one wrong decision will run 3 lives, her, Akshay’s and Vijaya’s.

In the morning, Naani asks Vijaya how was her date. She says it was nice, but Akshay asked weird question. Naani asks what. Vijaya says he asked if she would have divorced him and married Nilesh if Nilesh had returned back. Naani asks why did he ask this question. Vijaya says maybe he wanted to know if she loves him or not.

Vijaya’s maid Lado’s husband comes and fights with her to give her salary. Akshay and Vijaya come down, Vijaya saves Lado from her husband and asks to get out. Husband asks to give him Lado’s salary first. Akshay asks Lado also to get out. Vijaya says Lado is not at fault, her husband is having even affair with another woman, what she can do. Akshay leaves yelling to solve problem herself. Lado pleads Vijaya not to restricate her and Vijaya nods okay.

A lady calls Nandini and blackmails her that she saw her with Akshay and she should ask Akshaay to take her to a good restaruant instead of cheap ones. Ratan enters Akshay’s cabin next. Akshay asks why did he come. Ratan says his scooter is not working, so he should get him an new scooter. Akshay asks what.. Ratan asks him to give him 1-2 lakhs cheque and shows his and Nandini’s restaurant pic where he is holding Nandini’s face. Akshay gives him cheque. Ratan then asks him to inform Vijaya to give cafe contract back to Abhaya.

Precap: Akshay sees his and Vijaya’s beds together and asks Vijaya who changed bed positions. She says she did, she thought it is time to clear differences between them.

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