Siya Ke Ram 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sita asking Laxman about Ram’s problem, why did he break his promise to be with his wife forever, what was his helplessness, I want to know it. He has left such a wife who has supported him in happiness and sorrow, in all difficult times, what situation arose that he has decided this, I accept this punishment, but tell me Laxman what is the reason behind this, why did Ayodhya King Ram did such a bad thing with his wife. Laxman says Lok Maryada. She asks what Maryada did I ruin. Laxman says no, even Ram knows you did not break any Maryada, but Praja does not believe this, they feel that a woman who has stayed as Asur’s detainee, she is impure and she can’t become Ayodhya’s queen, the Agnipariksha you gave in Lanka, Ayodhya’s Praja is not ready to believe it, that’s why Ram had to do this sacrifice.

She says even if Ram sacrificed me, society will always say that Ram has left Sita as Sita was impure, they will say even Ram had doubt on his wife’s purity, everyone will say Sita was impure, Ram’s decision will not end Praja’s doubt, but confirm it, he has punished me and proved I m wrong, he proved praja’s doubts right, now there is no meaning to live such stained life, Ram did not leave any option infront of me than death. Sita runs….. Laxman gets shocked and shouts no, stop.

She cries and runs away thinking of Laxman’s words. She reaches the end of the cliff. Laxman stops her and requests her not to do this disaster, this is not necessary. She says my Raghunandan’s love was basis of my life, when Ram has snatched that basis of my life and left me, whats meaning of this life. He says no, Ram still loves you, he has tried all possible things so that he does not leave you, he met Guru Vashisht, spoke to Matas and went between Praja, when he did not see any solution, he decided to leave Ayodhya’s crown, he was ready to leave everything and live with you in van, he did not wish to leave you even in his dream, his love for you is like pure and gentle like Gangajal, he loves you a lot.

She says I m not blaming Ram, he might have taken this decision for Raj dharm and Maryada, but there is no motive of life for a woman who is abandoned. He says there is motive, the child in your womb, you have to live for the child. Sita holds her stomach and cries. Laxman prays to Lord to protect Sita. He says its possible that you forgive me, but I can’t forgive myself, take care. He leaves. Sita sits crying.

Sita’s sisters look for her in the palace. They see Bharat. Mandvi says they are getting late for Amrit bhojan, did you see Sita, where is she. They ask him. He says now you all have to do work without her, we all have to live without Sita. They ask what happened to Sita. Bharat says how shall I tell you, how to hurt you all, Ram has abandoned Sita. They get shocked. Bharat says Laxman has gone to leave her in Nirjal van.

Sita cries and asks Lord to guide her. Wind blows. Devi comes there. Sita greets her. Mata says Raghukul has just given you pain and sorrow, I have also bear this, I will not bear this now, I will punish Raghukul for this injustice, I will destroy Raghukul. She takes a fire ball in her hand….. Sita stops her and asks her to calm down. Mata says no, Raghukul has to bear punishment for doing this for you. Sita justifies Ram and says he has done it for Raghukul’s prestige and customs, he still loves me, calm down, I won’t get happiness by Raghukul’s destruction. Mata calms down and says a Mata can’t see her daughter in such state, come with me to our home. Sita says my duty did not get over, till I give birth to my child and handover to Ram, I promise the day I get free of my duties, I will call you and get in your shelter. Mata hugs her and leaves. Sita cries.

Kaushalya asks Ram what did you do, did you not feel right to talk to us before deciding this and doing this disaster. Sumitra asks why did you take this decision for one man saying wrong. Kaikeyi says my sense was ruined when I took that decision to send you to vanvaas, what did Sita do that you took this wrong decision. Urmila says we sisters regarded you as Lord, but you ruined our belief, you have punished Sita for her entire life without her fault. Kaushalya asks did you not think that Sita has your child in her womb, you did big crime by punishing her, I m your Mata, I will never forgive you for this injustice done with other Mata. Guru Vashisht looks on.

Guru Vashisht asks Ram to answer the questions, else this Mahapratapi Vansh will get stained, if he stays silent, then this ideal behavior will get ruined, you have to say why did you take this decision, why did you send Sita to van forever, what motive were you fulfilling. Ram says I did not abandon Sita, no Gurudev, no one can make Ram away from Sita, Ram did not leave Sita, but King Ram had to abandon his queen, because King has no right to decide for his personal interest, if King had rights, this Rajbhavan would not be without Sita, a king dedicates his entire life for the welfare of Praja and fulfilling their expectations, Praja is not ready to accept Sita as their queen, as she was held captive by Asur, they believe Sita is not pure, they are saying I should have not got Sita to Ayodhya, I m unlucky king Ram, I had to fulfill my RajDharm. Everyone cry.

Ram says I asked you Maa, you told me that Sita’s purity and respect is decided by the society, I asked Gurudev, if King’s personal decision goes against Praja, what shall King do, you said there is no one dear to King, everyone is equal for a King, Praja and family is same, that’s why I had no option than to leave Sita, that’s why I had to leave my Sita. Ram and everyone cry. Ram apologizes to them, and leaves. Sita walks in the jungle and cries.

Hanuman spots Sita in the jungle. He gets shocked seeing her state. He takes disguise of a boy, and helps Sita. He tells her about his Gurudev’s ashram, and takes her there. Sita holds her stomach and falls down. Hanuman rushes to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Shriya...

    Very emotional episode .. but never heard that hanuman will help sita in disguise of a boy….

    1. Meena

      Still a relief??

    2. Shriya...

      Yeah.. got a relief..☺☺

  2. ???? very sad episode……..hanuman is too good he will never leave his Mata .

  3. Madirakshi mundle’s acting was awesome . That way she cried was so natural

  4. Which Mata come to Sita when she was crying

    1. Kishu

      Dharti maa

  5. Priya15

    Emotional epi… Karan and Madi nailed it… My cutie Yukti was amazing…. Her dialogues…

    I was crying seeing Sita state… I wanted lakshmila confrontation.. It l come???

    GUYS this is what we say… Maa can die but can’t let her kids die…. Sita proved it.. She just live for kids..

    And at that day itself Sita proved that ma is quite enough to take care and make her child the best… If there is no father.. She can give all love of every relation to their kids… We say na.. Ma is the one who teaches us every relation… But the same is ma can give love of every relation too…

    Salute to ma’s.. They r best ever.. Nobody can replace them in our lives…

    1. Anushya

      u said it di… even i wanna see lakshmila confrontation!

    2. Priya15

      Ya.. U know that’s one of the best part of ramayana..

  6. A very emotional episode today !!!???
    Karan ,Madirakshi, Yukti , Sujoy , Prithvi , Ashish , all mothers !!!Fabulous job !!!!???

  7. Vanshika

    The most sad part of siya ke ram has started.. Toooooo emotional ?
    Anjan thi siya iss baat se
    Hai ye unki aakhiri mulakat ram ji se… Yesterday’s episode..
    Naa kar paaye vyakt apne man Ki vyatha
    Siya se hone Ki alag, rahi baat hai sata..
    Siya ram awesome moments.. Capture them.. Preserve them.. Dono kaya ek pran Ki.. Jahan ram h vahi janki..
    What’ll Chef madirakshi mundle cook today??? Yum yum ? in the van…
    Floral beauty… Phool khile hai gulshan gulshan..
    Emotional prayers.. Siya ram praying n ?
    Lakshman is fully trapped.. Kaise bataun.. But superb acting..
    Divine beauty.. Even swarg apsaras failed.. Madirakshi.. This is really superb

    1. Anushya

      vanshu amazing links…. how much time does it take aprox for a article to be approved?

    2. loved the links vanshu

    3. Padmaja

      Loved the links vanshu great job…

    4. Vanshika

      Thnx Padma di. ☺☺

    5. NABANITA626

      Thank you padma for clearing my doubt…..??

    6. Loved the links vanshu…

  8. Anushya

    emotional epi….. i cant stop crying… btw i have posted the first part of my sitayana ff.. its yet not approved… if it gets approved pls read it sisters….

    1. Vanshika

      Sweetie an article take 5-6 hours approx to get approved ???

    2. in malayalam, skr is known as seethayanam

  9. fabulous episode

  10. Padmaja

    Wow superb epi a emotional one and karan ashish msdi nailed. . But our cutie yukti was not less dan dat..

  11. Anushya

    never heard of the hanuman story…. but wish i could become king for half an hour and sentence that dhobi to vanvaas… then only he will understand ita pain… lovely links vanshu…. just loved them… they cheered me up…. i thought urmila will shout more at ram…. karan suchak and madi di rocked the epi… yukti too… all mothers must be so sad seeing rams married life shatter like this….

  12. Padmaja

    But expected dat lakshman will refuse to return back to ayodhya and he continue to remain in the forest but sita will draw sita rekha not of powers just an ordinary line and orders lakshman to not cross the line.. and she will get into the forest then..

  13. Meena

    Saddest episodes… They well explained the reason why sita went to Dharthi maa… And beautifully portrayed the unconventional love of Ram-Sita…
    SIYA KE RAM IS THE BEST ???????????????

  14. I have heard in some stories that hanuman will disguise as boy and help sita . Actually disguised as a boy he will help sita In many ways

  15. Awesome episode……. Pain and suffering………. All actor doing their best………………………….. Waiting for tomorrow but never heard precap story…..

  16. In Yesterday episode , Karan stole the show as Lakshman though all were good . He made me cried a lot , how painful the moment for him to tell truth to Sita . ?????

    Even I wanted to see lakshmila confrontation ???? , least hope of it to happen now??? and tomorrow is leap , i guess due to the increase in Sita baby bump ?and @Padmaja dear , SKR followed Valmiki Ramayan and Sita rekha is a folk tale that is followed by both Anand Sagar and Ramanand Sagar Ramayan . ?
    I too loved to see Sita rekha but sadly , we can’t see it . ???
    It depicts Lakshman love toward Sita maa and Sita strength .???

    1. NABANITA626

      What is sita rekha?please tell

    2. Padmaja

      Dii its just a line drawn by sita to stop lakshman from coming with her to the forest… bcause lakshman didn’t want siya to live in the van lonely and he wants to serve his bhabhi by living with and he didn’t want to return to ayodhya but siya didn’t want dis to happen.. so she will draw line and orders him to not cross it and she will enter into the van then.. amd she also tellss dat because I crossed ur rekha I aam here now so lakshman has noo way than returning to ayodhya..

      Sry for such a long cmn t 🙂 🙂

  17. The best curse for Ram is to be born in this Kaliyuga. Modern day Sita would have asked him to get lost. You go to Vanavaas why should I go. I will be queen and rule Ayodhya. In fact I can rule Ayodhya much much better than you. You are unfit to be King.

    1. Yes women can rule but examples are very rare. Actually why Ram should be alone cursed. If you read Valmiki Ramayana, role of Sita father in this matter is negligible. Why he has not rescued Sita. Most of scholar believe in interpolation in Uttar Ramayana and actually many contradictions are available in main part of Ramayana and Uttar Ramayana. Who knows what was happened that time. But for your information the famous Dhobi story is not in Valmiki Ramayana. It is mentioned in Patal Khand of Padam Puran. And surprisingly in this Story Ram and Sita re-unite during Ashwamegh Yagya. Even Sita and Ram together performed the yagya and lived together forever.
      The serial Siya ke Rama has not put some light on other options for Rama decision. The decision was really harsh but some scholars have really put lights on this situation which was not prestige issue of family. The Kingdom was not accepting Sita as queen. No matter she can live as wife of Rama. Do you thing, how Sita can rule when citizen do not want her as queen (like PM in modern days). No matter she is pure or not she can’t rule without people consensus. This is called democracy in which people write the fate of ruler.

      Sure, Rama could have abdicated the throne and lived with his wife and children anywhere else. Think if Rama goes with Sita for forest. He did not have any objection at all BUT his brothers’ families could be completely ruined. You know what happened when Rama left Ayodhaya for 14 years. Laxaman left Ayodhya and family, Bharat left Ayodhya and family. Shatrughan also performed celibacy for 14 years. People would have said, “Like father, like son – father banished eldest son because of lust for Kaikeyi, son banishes himself because of lust for Sita”, but he wouldn’t have minded. Haters gonna Hate right?

      But then Bharata (or whoever succeeds) will have to answer the same or worse rumours/doubts. “You are the son of Kaikeyi, your father’s killer.” “Finally showed your true colours.” “Your brother is a deserter, you nearly deserted us before, how can we trust you?”. The rumours and questions never end.

      Rumour is a powerful threat. Our own Government of India fights rumours on a daily basis. Everyday we have to decide the pros and cons of ignoring a rumour vs. quashing it using official statements and blanket bans of SMS and internet.
      Truth is, the only way to win the game of reputation is not to play.

      Rama was not humouring the public. If he truly wanted to obey the public, he would have remarried and produced heirs. He didn’t.

      Sita was also not humouring anybody. Sure, she was angry, because she knew that her husband would be labelled cruel by the future generations. But she had to survive – she was a mother now, not a lone woman. And she saw that leaving the kingdom was her best option.

      In the end, they won. Their sons inherited the Earth.

      (Courtesy : Ishita Roy; Amateur Folklorist)

    2. NABANITA626

      100°/○ agree with you..

    3. Anushya

      janak did not intervene because if he called sita to ayodhya she and him will be in disgrace….

    4. Beautiful explanation, but they could have performed another Agni Pariksha in Ayodhya or Ram could have asked Lakshman to leave Sita at Mithila.

    5. @Utha MA

      Going back to mithila was no option for Sita. We can analyze this also. But before that you can read my comment on 19th Sept episode. Before getting pregnant Sita lived in Ayodhya for a great time (many many years) but still people were not accepting her as Queen. Agnipariksha was Sita choise, it was not asked by Rama. Now the situation is different people even are not believing in result of Agnipariksha. Therefore Rama condemned the result of Agnipariksha and opened a way for all women that no one will give any pariksha in future. Have you heard this after Sita. Agni is not proof of chastity. It is matter of two hearts who have accepted each others. Therefore while living with five husbands, Draupadi is always called chaste (Vysa declared it, Krishna, Vidur, Bhisma all accepted it).

      Now coming back to Mithila option for Sita. Rama had three options for Sita. What were his options?

      1. She could continue to live in Ayodhya, but not as queen
      2. She could go to Mithila, her father’s place.
      3. She could be sent to the forest

      Staying in Ayodhya with any dignity would have been impossible for Sita. The queen of a kingdom couldn’t live in the kingdom as anything but a queen. Such is the high cost of rising to the very top of the power structure that there is no way down. There is no dignity in living a lowly life in a kingdom one ruled. Going to Mithila too was not an option. A dishonoured woman, renounced by her husband would have been a thorn in the flesh for her father too. She could not command the respect of the people of Mithila or lived a life of dignity. The people of Mithila would be no different than those of Ayodhya in their sense of morality and their insensitivity. Living in cities would not have been possible.
      That leaves the third option of sending her to the forest. By forest, we don’t have to imagine a cruel and frightening world of wild animals and demons. The Rishis (sages) dwelt in the forest in Ashrams. People of the forest were simple people without the prejudices of the city people. Sita was well acquainted with forest life and had in fact expressed a desire to again visit the ashrams that they had earlier visited during their forest stay. To the people of the ashrams Rama’s renouncing her would not matter. She could lead a simple and comfortable life (albeit without the luxuries of the palace). Most importantly she could lead a life of dignity.

    6. @Rahul Mishra
      I really like the way you analyse things. Please continue posting. Would love to follow them

  18. Thankyou kishu

  19. @vanshika waiting for your next In Siya ka ram update………….


  20. Pls see it

  21. Nitisha Mohanty

    Ya the way it was presented by the actors it can make anyone cry and feel thhe pain

  22. Sunidha Pillai

    Dear Amena, thanks a million for the prompt and clear translation/updates in English.
    I’m from Malaysia and I will read your updates first thing the morning(M’sian) time) and watch the serial in the evening after work. It helps a lot since I don’t understand Hindi.
    I also enjoy reading all the comments posted. Great group.
    Thanks again

    1. NABANITA626

      Wow sis….
      It is great that you don’t understand hindi but you see skr regularly.
      It is a great pleasure to us to welcome you.
      Thanks for joining here?

  23. Hi friends every one ask d same question u all didn’t heard about tat hanuman helps sita but in one Ramayana said about it. Because if any one saw telugu movie ram rajyam it just a same story. I don’t know d name of that Ramayana

  24. Hi guys today I hv my history and civics exams….. And totally confused wid the dates and yrs…..

    1. Vanshika

      Hey sweetie pie my history and civics xm is on Saturday and m also really confused about the dates.. Dunno y did British attack India, if they hadn’t, v didn’t hv to learn these years ?

    2. Seriously aur mera napoleon ka chp. Par kar yeh heen lagti hain napoleon koh janm heen nahi leni chahiye the…. Aur agar liye bhi hain toh phir bhi hune uske birth date aur uske yudh’s ke date kyu yaad rakhni parti hain ????

    3. I mean y do we hv to remember his birthday’s and war’s bames and yrs…..???? Who is gonna remember our birthday ha ???? Will he do dat ????

    4. *names

    5. NABANITA626

      Ha ha?

    6. Lots of thnxxx naba dii

    7. Anushya

      all the best

    8. Lots of good luck to u too dearie

  25. An emotional epi……..sita was so gorgeous ……….

  26. ND yaaayyyyy……my xams got finished ……..

  27. I am not blaming ram he still loves sita.their love is above union and sepration .they are two body but one soul .so friends dont be sad.they will never be seprated

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