Tera Mera Saath Rahe 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Priya burns Gopika’s room

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Scene 1
Saksham says to Gopika I am sorry I forgot your birthday. Gopika says maa would have been upset if she found ou it wasn’t for me. He says I wish you a very happy birthday. He gives her a gift. She opens it. It’s a jewelry case. Gopika says it’s very spcial for me. Thank you. Saksham says good night. Pirya looks a tthem.

Priya comes to Saksham’s room. She says I want to spend time with you. I always missed you. I had an emotional void. I am glad we are together now. She holds his hand. Gopika comes in, Priya says come in. it’s your room. Gopika says get off the bed. I have to change the sheet. Priya says I didn’t notice. Gopika says it’s 11. It’s Saksham’s time to sleep. It might give him a headache you should also sleep. Priya leaves. Gopika thinks about Saksham wishing her birthday.

Scene 2
Gopika does the arti. Priya steals the vase. She hides it. Gopika looks for the vase. The uncle says what is she hiding now? He takes it. Gopika looks for the vase everywhere. She collides with Saksham. He says what happened? Gopika says I put the vase here, it’s not there anymore. I looked everywhere. Where could it go? Saksham says I saw it in the morning. He says it must be here. Gopika says God help me find it please. Priya’s uncle says it will be sold for good. He opens it and says what’s inside? He puts his hand inside. He get itching, Priya added itching powder it in.

Gopika asks all the servants about the jar. She asks them to look for it everywhere. Uncle screams. Priya says he must have taken the jar. I should go there before them. She runs upstairs. Priya hides the jar. She asks the uncle to calm down. Everyone comes upstairs. Gopika says are you okay? saksham says I feel like he’s not well. Priya says gets attack in cold. She gives him a blanket. Priya says I need to find another chance now. She picks the arti plate. Priya says this will be fun.

Scene 2
Gopika asks Saksham did you find the jar? He says I will get you another one. Saksham says something is burning. They all run downstairs, Nikhila calls everyone. Gopika’s room is one fire. They all throw water on it. Nikhika says how did arti plate come here? Minal says how did it come here? Gopika says I put it on the table. Minal says you should have been careful. Aashi says how could you be careless. Minal says it could be a huge accident. Nikhila says it’s okay. Everything is fine now. Priya says the bed is burned. Nikhila says this is our family matter. You stay out of it. Nikhila says where will you both sleep now? Saksham says we will sleep in the hall now.

Scene 3
Aashi says to chiragh my nighty is torn. He says it’s okay. Aashi says yeah it doesn’t matter to you. You should get me a new one or I will adjust in it. Priya gives green tea to Saksham. She says you used to have it in college. You’ve changed a lot. gopika comes there. Pirya says come sit. We were talking about college. Which college were you in? Gopika says to Saksham let’s go to the room. Saksham says why? She says come.

gopika asks Saksham to come in. Saksham says what happened? Gopika says come in. She asks him to close the eyes. She takes him inside. Gopika has set up a floor bed. Saksham says we could sleep outside. Gopika says we have our room. Gopika asks Saksham can you sleep in this tent bed? HE says yes I can. I really like it. Priya gets angry. Gopika says I didn’t know you like green tea. I will make it every day now. Priya says now you see Gopika, you will be out of his life in two days.

Episode ends.

Precap-Priya adds spray in Nikhila’s room ventilator. Nikhila coughs and faints. Gopika runs to her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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