Molkki 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi helps Anjali

Molkki 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender opens the room. Purvi is relieved to see him. It is good that you are here. I have to tell you something important. Thank you for opening the door. It means you don’t doubt me. I haven’t killed Anjali Bhabhi. Virender tells her that he must do Renu’s wedding rituals with her. She smiles but he calls it a compulsion. Ma’s Guru ji said that the engagement cannot happen for 6 months if it gets postponed. I have called Satyam today only. The engagement ring is given by Bhabhi. Bring it downstairs when I will call your name. give it quietly and come back here. Make sure our respect remains intact. Purvi asks him why he came here to tell this to her. You could have sent someone else. I thought you came here as you trust me. He rues that the heart that trusted her is broken and looks away. She begins to go inside when her dupatta gets stuck in the door. She thinks that Virender has held it and becomes emotional. I know you too cannot live without me. Please give me a chance to prove my innocence. She is sad to realize that the dupatta is stuck in the door as she turns around. Mukhi ji wont hear anything as he hasn’t calmed down yet. I will speak to him after the wedding. I will also find out who mixed something in my milkshake and put Bhabhi’s dead body in my trunk. I will find out the real culprit once that’s sorted.

Purvi opens the cupboard and few things fall down. She finds a file titled Bodhiya haveli. She reads it. Bodhiya haveli is in Ma’s name. this was before the marriage. She recalls the text she had seen on Prakashi’s phone. Is that message connected to Bodhiyahaveli.

Kajri tells the lady that she is the best Dai of Bodhiya. I have helped all women give birth in Bodhiya. Don’t worry. I will look after you till the time you give birth. Prakashi ji has taken very good care of me and it is my turn now. They reach hospital.

Purvi thinks of telling Prakashi about the message. She is outside Prakashi’s room when she overhears Prakashi telling Kajri that she is with a smart woman. You must be very careful. Drug her somehow. Once she is unconscious, kill the baby inside her womb. Be very careful. No one apart from you, me or the doc should know about it. I have promised to pay 10 lacs. You will get the money once you finish this task nicely or your dead body will not be found anywhere. Call me once you complete the task. Purvi is confused. Who was Ma speaking about? She hides as Prakashi comes out of the room. Purvi drops something by mistake. Prakashi stops as she hears the noise. Purvi picks it up hurriedly and hides behind the sofa. Prakashi looks around but does not see anyone or anything. It must be the kids! She leaves. Purvi decides to save the lady and her baby. I must leave for Bodhiya right away.

Satyam’s family is in haveli. Satyam says we are sorry for your loss. What was the rush to call us though? Prakashi tells him about Guru ji’s advice. We can do the ritual today and the marriage can happen tomorrow. Don’t worry about preps. We will do it. Virender nods. There is no push from my end but we like Satyam. He has finished engineering and I have spoken to a big firm for his job as well. Satyam politely refuses his offer for help. Please let me find a job on my own. I know it will take some time but I don’t want to take care of your sister with your money. I may not be able to give her luxuries but I wont let her sleep on an empty stomach or sad. Satyam’s father tells Virender his son is still a kid. He does not know what he should say and what he shouldn’t. Virender says I should be the one who should apologize. We wanted a good guy like Satyam only. Virender starts telling them about Renu’s past. Satyam says I know it already but I don’t care about her past. I am grateful that you have considered me as a good guy for her. I assure you I will try my best to take care of her. Virender is touched. Satyam touches his feet. I am glad that I will become a part of your family. Everyone smiles.

Doc tells Kajri it is a risky job to abort the baby in the 4th month. She will lose a lot of blood. You will have to take very good care of her. Kajri tells her not to speak so loudly. She will run away if she finds out why I have really brought her here. Prakashi ji will kill us otherwise. Docs nods. I have given her anesthesia. We will manage to flee. They enter in the room but the lady hits doc on the head rendering her unconscious. She corners Kajri next. Don’t you dare raise your voice or I will kill you with this (scissors). Anjali uncovers her face. I served Prakashi Devi all my life and you two want to kill my baby? I did all that she said. I considered her my mother and never thought of right or wrong. I took her word as final. How dare she try to kill my baby? I am her disciple only. Wait and watch what I do now! She pushes Kajri and runs away. Kajri follows her but loses her. She informs Prakashi’s goons.

Prakashi says let’s do the ritual. She asks Sakshi to bring the ring but Virender stops her. ChotiMukhiyayin will bring it. Sakshi gives in. Virender calls out to Purvi. He waits for a few seconds but then calls out to her again. What’s going on?

Purvi reaches the only hospital in Bodhiya where abortions are done. She decides to stop the doc in time. I will give my jewelry to the doc if the doc wont agree to what I say. Anjali runs downstairs shouting for help. Prakashi’s goons are chasing her. Anjali picks up a stick and warns the men not to take another step toward her. Purvi realizes that it is the same woman whose life is at risk (Anjali’s face is still covered with the dupatta).

Virender comes to the room and finds it empty. He finds her sorry note there. Sakshi notices him upset. She ran away even when you told her not to! She took jewelry from the safe. She has not left empty-handed! Do you now realize the consequence of giving so much importance to a Molkki? You told everyone downstairs that your wife will do the ritual. Where is your wife? Did she flee because she was afraid of punishment? Your Bawri has fooled and looted you!

Anjali is cornered by the goons. Purvi picks up a trident kept in the temple nearby and warns the men to step away. She stands in front of Anjali as her shield.

Precap: Purvi threatens the goons with the trident and they run away. Purvi asks the lady, are you fine? Anjali removes her veil. Purvi gets shocked seeing her. Anjali says, Maa was talking about me only. Purvi tells her to go to Haveli and tell the truth to everyone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. yeah right, i am sure anjali is setting her up again,she never like purvi anyways

    1. I hope anjali character becomes positive now

    2. Nope never will it be she has to lie and also I read myself that Virendra cut all ties with Purvi.after a short leap She further moved on with her life as a simple college teacher and nolonger married .And at home where Viren stayed with his villains he realised that all that was happening had nothing to do with the love of his life Bawri he realised she was innocent and it was all Sakshi’s doing so he threw out Sakshi and every one that’s ever lied to him .He later realised that he can’t live without Purvi so he decides to pursue he again so he disguises himself as a student where Purvi is his teacher A new mission to win his love life back .Will he win or not or will someone enter into pUrvi’s life better than Virendra.Nice twist the’ve made guys

    3. Nice twist? They are doing the same thing all over again.

      Virender banishes Purvi (also throws Sakshi away), there is a leap, Virender realises there is no life without Purvi, Purvi has moved on, Virender wins Purvi’s heart, PurVir’s reunion happens.

      Makers seem to have run out of ideas and that is why they are repeating previous tracks differently.

      And how will Virendra pretend to be a student? Won’t anyone recognise a 40+ year old man and find something fishy?

      Where is the show heading? No doubt the show’s trp was 0.9 last week.

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