Tera Mera Saath Rahe 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update: The client comes over

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Scene 1
Saksham starts his presentation. Baa says sit Gopika. Gopika says baa will maa ji be okay with me? Baa says yes. Keep trying. Gopika says Saksham’s anger and Maa ji’s disappointment is justified. I am nto what they wanted. I know I have only a few days but I want to do everything for my family. I will keep breakfast for Gopika. Ramila says to Aashi you have you push Chiragh and give Chiragh the palce. Ruin the day for Saksham so Chiragh has a chance. Baa says I hope Nikhila and Saksham are able to see how pure you are.

Gopika takes the breakfast to saksham’s room. Baa helps her place it there secretly. Gopika sees a jewelry design there. She says it would look good if it has a few improvements. She fixes it. Saksham comes and says what are you doing here? She says I forgot something. Gopika leaves. Saksham sees he design. Saksham looks at the design.

Scene 2
Ramila says to Nikhila treat all guests with respect. Say hello to them in their language. You say it like.. Gopika says it. Nikhila says what are you doing here?We have guests coming here. We don’t need you. Aashi mixes garam masala in the food. gopika says don’t add so much masala. They can’t eat it. Nikhila says you are a guest. You can’t go to kitchen. Gopika says Aashi has added too much masala in the daal. They can’t eat it. Nikhila says I don’t need to trust you. Go to your rooom. Gopika says no this daal can’t be served. She drinks it all. Nikhila says are you crazy? Gopika says you said I am a guest. This is for me too so I drank it. Nikhila says come with me.

Nikhila brings Gopika to the hall. She breaks her photo with gopika. Nikhila says I don’t want you in family photo. She tears the photo apart. she says you want to help me right? Tear your face from each photo frame. WHen I see your face it hurts me. You have ruined saksham’s life. Remove yourself from all the photos and his life. Baa says stop it Nikhila. Nikhila says don’t defend this liar baa. She says Aashi ask your sister not to come in front of the guests.

Scene 3
The guests come. Nikhila welcomes them. She gives the guests lassi. Food is served to the guests. They like it. A kid is having problem in eating. Gopika hints him how. Nikhila looks at her in anger. Mr. Modi says Saksham has prepared a presentation.

Ramila says to Aashi do something. Saksham can’t give presentation today. Chiragh has to become the CEO. Use Gopika to ruin the presentation. Gopika looks at the wedding photos to remove herself from them. She recalls her wedding. Aashi comes. She says what are you doing? Gopika says I wanted to talk to you. All this misunderstanding from Saksham’s message. You read it to me. Why didn’t you tell everyone? Why didn’t you tell it started from that message. Aashi says I did it all for you and you are doubting me? Gopika says if Maa ji and SAksham accepted me as I am it would have been different. But why did you tell me wrong meaning of the message.

Episode ends.

Precap-Saksham presents the photo but it has Gopika’s photos. The guests get angry. They leave. Gopika stops them and says this kid didn’t eat well. Can I make him eat? We feed our guests. She feeds the kid. Gopika requests the client to give Saksham another chance.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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