Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 66 # Climax


Hello peeepies finally agyi me..

So sorry for being super duper late but i was struck with clg work..

Time nikaal ke pdhna epi lamba hai..

I will continue burning in veangence eventually and will write Os not any other ff

Let’s start

Scene 1

Vansh’s pov

“Riddhima Runnnnnnn!!!!!” I shouted with all the energy i had that time..

Holding her hand tightly i started running in the bushes in order to save ourselves ..

“Van..vansh!! I can’t run more” she said penting heavily

My eyes automatically welled up thinking about her condition..

For heaven’s it’s her 9th month..and instead of taking care of her ..i am troubling her this much!!

“Jaan.. just few meters more..we have to save our baby na..plz” i said cupping her face ..

“Plz save our baby 🥺” she cried and we started running again..

“Bhoooommmm” i gun shot heard piercing my arm…

I fell on the ground groaning in pain..

“Vanshhhh!!!” She cried holding my arm..

She can’t even bend properly due to her flushed tummy!!

“ have to..go..u have to save our baby!! Run jaan plz” i tried to make her understand but she was still behaving like ziddima

“I am not going..” she said tying her duppatta on my arm!!

“Riddhima leave” i shouted with so much intensity that she flinched at her spot

“I love u” she cried kissing my forehead and started taking few steps backword!

My vision started getting blur and my eye lids started shutting down..

All i could see was dark all around in the forest and my sweetheart running away from me crying holding her tummy

Only i know how many times i have cursed myself for risking her life..

We were on a long drive and our car broke down..

My enemies started chasing us as soon as we stepped down from the car..

Plz don’t ask me why i am unable to fight with them!!


“Ri..ri.. riddhima” i stammered holding my head…

All the moments flashed in my mind and i realised i am still lying on the same spot..

But where the hell is she.. did they caught!! This can’t happen

I got up gathering  some courage and started shouting her name like a manaic

Where will i search her in this dense forest..

“Riddhima” i shouted as soon as my gaze fell on her petite figure

“Van..vansh” she cried holding her tummy

“Jaan..jaan What happened” i asked stroking her hairs..

“I think the baby is coming ..i am having labour pain vansh 😭” she cried clutching her tummy and i gasped.. will i handle her now..

“Save my baby plz” she cried and i tried to make her calm!!

” I promise.. nothing will happen to our baby ” i said holding her hand in mine!

“This happened because of me only😭 i am sorry vansh..for risking everyone’s life” she said sobbing more..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov..

” It’s not your fault sweetheart..i am unable to keep u both safe and sound” he said with tears and i nodded in noo!!

I closed my eyes remenicing the moment which brought us here like this!!

My one demand costed us this!!

Flashback starts

2 months ago when i demanded something from him

“ know na..i did that for u..i created this dangerous  world just for u ..i became god mafia for u” he said in astonishment

“And i am saying u to leave this now..

Everything is sorted out now.. I don’t want to live in fear that something might happen to u or our baby..i want a normal life vansh” i tried to make him understand

He kept mum for next few minutes

I don’t think so i am asking anything a wife i have all the rights to keep my husband safe..

“It’s not as easy as u are thinking riddhima” he said with a stern face

“It’s not as impossible as u are thinking vansh” i said with the same intensity

“Either me and my baby or that world” i declared and he left the room latching the door behind with thuddd!!!

Why don’t u understand Mr. Brainless raisinghania that I can’t see u and our baby hurt..

I kept sobbing lying on bed for 2 hours but he didn’t came..

” Will u stop crying now” he said keeping his temple on mine..

“Where were u since two hours..i thought u left me ” i said between my sobs..

“Where will i go leaving my heart and heartbeat behind” he said caressing my tummy..

“Then where were u” i asked turning towards him..

He layed down beside me covering both of us with duvet..

“It’s not possible to leave the underworld overnight riddhima..

But if i can make this world for u..then i can leave for u too!!

Just give me some time” he said and  my heart fluttered seeing the love in his eyes..

“Thnk u vansh” i muttured and he stoked my hairs lovingly

“Now stop crying cry baby otherwise my princess will also become rondu like u” he said chuckling and i smashed his arm glaring him!!

Finally we will live a happy normal life..where there will be no enemies no danger.. nothing

I drifted into deep slumber thinking about our upcoming happy life but who knows what the future has for us!!

Flashback ends

“Riddhima.. don’t close ur eyes..plz..for our baby..” Vanshu said dragging the the straicher fastly

Then only i realised we reached the hospital..

I was on the verge of passing out but he kept motivating me for stay awake..

Just because of my one demand  my baby’s life is at stake..

I shouldn’t have asked him for leaving this dark world

Because of me his enemies are behind him!!

” U need the treatment vansh” i said eyeing his arm which was shot few hours ago..

The operation theatre’s door closed and i had to left his hand unwillingly

Bappa plz keep my baby safe!!!

Pov ends!!

Vansh’s pov

“ my lifelines” i kept murmuring pacing in the corridor outside the OT

“Boss u need treatment” angre said and i rolled my eyes..

“Boss.bhabhi!!” He said and i huffed in annoyence

“Fine!!!” I said  and he literally dragged me towards the room..

I instantly came back after my dressing and all i can hear is my sweetheart’s cry from the OT..

Just few more minutes jaan..plz..bear ..

“Boss i think u should” angre tried to speak only to be cutted off by me..

“Not now angre” i said putting the full stop on the discussion

My body is still trembling thinking about how i brought her here..

It was so difficult for me to bring her here that too in this condition

“Thnk u angre for reaching on time” i said keeping my hand on his shoulder

“It’s my duty boss” he said and we both left numb as soon as another cry heard from the OT..

But that was not my sweetheart’s voice ..then whose!!

Wait..!! princess..

“Boss.boss” angre said shaking me vigorously for bringing me back on earth

“Congratulations!! It’s a baby girl Mr.singhania” the doctor declared and i felt my whole world stopped for a moment

Finally i won!! It’s my princess..

“How is my wife doctor” i asked with a fearful face

“She is fine..just little tired!! We will hand over ur baby in few minutes” doctor said and left..

“Boss.. finally i became maamu and u became dada” angre said jumping in excitement and we hugged each other..

We literally did a happy dance in hospital shouting like a manaic

My happiness has no bounds today..i just want to feel my baby ..

“Here is the baby sir” a nurse came holding a cotton like figure in her hand..

Then i realised it’s my baby!! How small she is..

I used to wonder can anything be more petite then my sweetheart..but look at my baby..she is just soo small..

“I can’t..she is so small..what if i hurt her” i said being scared as doctor was giving me my baby to hold her..

Angre and nurse chuckled seeing my horrified face..

“C’mon boss go ahead” angre said i took my baby in my embrace with trembling hands..

My whole body froze as i hold her in my arms..

I noticed her small features..her eyes are just like mine..and her lips are just like my sweetheart’s

And her nose is resembling my mother’s traits..

Her hairs are just like mine..same jet black colour but the texture is of my riddhu’s..same soft and lustrous hairs..

She smiled looking at me and a happy lone tear escaped from my eye..

She started moving her hands and legs and i felt a sudden fear concoured my heart..what if i hurt her..

My hold on her got tighten..

“Princess” i whisperd with shaking voice and she smiled slightly

Indeed she is my princess

I kissed her forehead slightly .. I can’t even express what i am feeling right now .

I am holding a part of me.. it’s the same feeling which i felt when i holded my riddhu first time in my arms..

She was my part and now this is a part of me..

“Boss let me hold her also” angre said trying to take her from my arms but i turned away from him

“ will make her fall.. can’t u see how small she is” i said and he literally glared me..

“Look who is saying” he murmured earning a glare from me..

I won’t let her touch anyone.. nobody can take my princess away from me..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

“Sweetheart” vansh whisperd as soon as I opened my eyes..

My lashes fluttered and realisation hitted me hard..

“My baby!!” I said in a worried tone..

“I won sweetheart.. its my princess and she is fine” he said and i sighed in relief

“I want to see her” i said and he made me sit slowly

“Your daughter..bhabhi” said maanyata coming from door holding my baby in her arms..

My hands trembled while holding her..

Vanshu gave her to me slowly not to hurt her..

“Riddhima.. slowly..she is so small..and if u are scared then don’t hold her” he said and we three rolled our eyes..

Just look at the audicity of this man.. asking a mother not to hold her child.. seriously..

My eyes brimmed with tears as i saw my baby first time..

I kept her for 9 months in my tummy..and now she is front of me..

“My baby” i said pecking her forehead

“Riddhu aram se” again that jerk raisinghania interuppted and i glared him ..

“I am her mother..u better shut up” i said and he gulped..

“ princess and i will team up and trouble u” he said sticking his tongue out..

“Bhabhi boss is not letting me holding her” angre whinned like a baby

“No..u will hurt her..” vansh said and i passed the baby to angre..

“Don’t u dare” i glared stopping him for refraining angre from holding my baby..

“Now u are married angre..i already did a break up with u..go to ur wife and plan ur own baby” vanshu said twisting his mouth and me and Maanyata burst into laughter..

Angre and Maanyata left handovering our baby back to us giving some privacy..

I took her in my lap and vanshu sat hugging me from side..

“Thnk u sweetheart for giving me this gift” he said and i kept my head on his shoulder

“Thnk god we are safe now” i said looking at our daughter

“And we will be always” Vanshu said with a mysterious emotion

“Ri-ddhiiimmmaaa” he said lovingly eyeing my lip in order to capture them

I burst into laughter as soon as our baby started crying before he could kiss me..

“YOUR princess” i said chuckling emphasizing on your!!

“ are dada’s princess na..then don’t distrub us plz” vanshu said with  puppy eyes but she started crying more..

“I think she is hungry” i said lifting my gown upward for feeding her .

Vanshu instantly turned his gaze and i smiled seeing his gesture towards me..

“It’s ok vansh.. it’s normal u can see” i said and he turned towards me..

“I don’t want u to feel uncomfortable” he said and i smiled more brightly..


2 days later..

“ baby.. don’t cry plz..see papa is here na..” vanshu said swinging her in air..

“Vansh give me..she is crying” i said trying to take her back but he backed off

“I will make her sleep” he said being adamant and i rolled my eyes..

“Fine” i said and left to washroom ..

“Awwwww” the word automatically slipped from my mouth seeing the sight

Vanshu is sleeping hugging our baby in his arm..

He is continuously patting her back and she is sleeping so peacefully on his chest

How lucky i am for getting this sweet family..vanshu left that dark world.. everything is fine now..

I can’t thnk enough bappa for giving me back my happiness..

Now i am just missing uma masi..she must be feeling so happy na seeing her children happy..

“Vanshu” i whisperd kissing his forehead

Pov ends

Scene 2

Next day(morning)

Vansh’s pov

“You are this even a color..i said na my baby will wear pink only” i said picking a pink color frock for my princess

“You both daughter and father will make me mad..” riddhu huffed in annoyence

“Look how beautiful my princess is looking..just like an angel..aww my baby” i kept blabbering and my riddhu kept admiring both of us..

I opened my one arm for her and she ran towards me..

“Life will be like this forever na” she said  and i nodded in yes kissing her forehead..

“Riddhu..till when we will keep her calling baby baby.. let’s give a name to her na..

“Good idea..acha we both will think and say together” she suggested and we started thinking..

“Uma”we both said together and tears started brimming in our eyes thinking about uma maa.

“Uma” we both said together hugging our baby..

“But i will call her pari too” i said like a baby and she chuckled seeing my face..


1 year later

“Pari…baby where are u..get ready fast” i said trying to find the little devil of mine

She is just one year old but she troubles me more than his momma..

“Vansh..” riddhu said giving me baby pink tuxedo..

“We are getting late ..”she said being agitated and i rolled my eyes!!


“And the award for best chef of the year goes to Mr.vansh raisinghania..

He took this position in just span of one year..have a big round of applause for him” the host announced and  i went to stage holding my princess in my arms

“Hello everyone..i am very thankful that i got this position in just one year..

And all  the credit goes to my love Mrs. Singhania..

I had to leave my dream of being a chef in childhood due to some reasons but she motivated me for archiving my dream ..” i said eyeing my sweetheart

Offering her my hand i took her to the stage and hold my both lifelines together

” I was never a family man..but today all i need to live is my wife and my daughter..

I was a restless man with zero peace in his life .

I used to find peace in luxuries everywhere..

But now i have my peace my wife and a little daughter who is replica of my mom!!

I feel my mom is back in my life in the form of my daughter

Thnk u sweetheart” i said and we came back to our previous position

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

“Dada..appy..(dada happy)” pari said clapping her hands..

“Yes baby dada is so happy ” i said looking at vansh but he was looking for something as if finding someone

“Where the hell is angre”he groaned in frustration and i rolled my eyes

“For heaven’s sake his wife is pregnant..let him be with her..why u have to get jealous everytime” i said  and this time he rolled his eyes..

To our surprise pari also copied his dada..

“You better not roam around me or i will kick ur ass so hard that u won’t be able to sit anywhere” Maanyata said coming towards me with her 5 months baby bump..

“Thnk god angre tum agye” vansh said as if he won a lottery

My one glare was enough to shut his mouth

“Bhabhi see husband is not ready to leave his ex girlfriend 😭 where will i go now”  Maanyata cried and i  consoled her

“Angre..u better stay away from my husband or i have my own ways ” i said glaring both of them..

“Mam..sir a family moment plz” the media came and  vansh stood beside me holding pari in his arms..

I ordered maanyata and angre and they joined us for a pic..

Snapp!! The reporters took our pictures and started asking questions

“Mam how is Mr.raisinghnia as a husband” a male reporter asked and i  smiled

“I was a girl ruined by my fate..and he filled my life with colors..

I used to search for love and love ..he completed me..

Being with him is the most beautiful thing in this world

And cherry on the cake he gave me my daughter..our angel..our pari who resembles our late mom ..” i completed the answer and vansh kissed my forehead..

“I love u jaan” we both said together in front of everyone and they just kept capturing every single moment of us..

Thnk u vansh for leaving that dark world for me..i am leading this happy life just because of u..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

We were done with the media and happily chatting with each other..

Suddenly angre’s phone rang  and he left the place abruptly

I turned to walk behind him but pulled of back by my baby panda..

“Dare u to go” she said glaring me and i made a puppy eye look

“Last time plz🥺” i asked and she left my hand..

“What happened are looking tense” i asked as soon as he hanged the call..

” We caught them boss ..after one freaking year we caught them..they tried to harm you and our family..

Now what should i have to do with them” he said smirking

“Simple..Just kill them..they should know what are the consequences of messing with God!!” I said smirking

“But boss bhabhi..i mean Vansh raisinghania can’t be a mafia again” he said and i smirked again

“Once a mafia .. always a mafia..Vansh raisinghania can’t be a mafia again..But vihan can😎..” i said and he left for completing my work..

Vihan !!this is my new identity..

You don’t like me being a ruthless mafia sweetheart..and I can’t stay away from that world..nor i can leave u..

You changed the ruthless vansh raisinghania inside me but u can’t kill my traits riddhima..

I am and always be a God!!

“Vihan” i said smirking looking towards my sweetheart who was happily talking with our daughter..


You can’t stop someone for doing what they want.. sometime u have to accept the things as they are..

This is how he got his peace and how she got her lost love at the end of the journey

But who knows is this end or not😜

Phewwww!!! Finally we completed.. longest chappy ever..

Thnq everyone for loving this story this much..i never planned this story but the love i got was commendable

Keep loving me..

With this signing off from Being with my so called kidnapper

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