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Inspector says to Meet Ahlawat he is under arrest, our sniffer dog had detected drugs in your car near cafe and we followed you here, and found this in your car. Kunal sees that and runs away. Babita says there is some misunderstanding, Inspector says its legal matter don’t interrupt and takes Meet Ahlawat away. Babita panics. Ram gets her water. Ragini and Sunaina rush to Babita, Ram tells everyone, Meet Ahlawat is under arrest, Raj says you people take care of Babita I am going police station with lawyer.

Babita says my Meet Ahlawat is innocent, Meet tries to go to Babita, Masoom scolds Meet calls her a black shadow and pushes her away. Meet rushes to her room.

Inspector interrogates Meet Ahlawat, he says I am not into this, Inspector saya tell us who your dealer, I know what kind of boys you rich brats are, Meet Ahlawat says I have family values, I have no idea what nonsense is this.
Meet in her room confused on what is happening, and says all are so worried and I can’t do anything to help them and calls Raj. Meet sees she has a voice note from Meet Ahlawat, she plays it, it says you knew Manushi is cheating me, Meet imagines Meet Ahlawat saying things, he says I saw the Meet on your hand, she lied and you supported her, tell me what you did was right and didn’t cheat me, tell me.
Meet remember how she stopped Manu from cheating all the time and says he is right, I am his culprit, I did wrong hiding things from him and ge has full right to hate me, and I will pay for this.

Raj sees Meet Ahlawat in police station. Lawyer asks inspector what are charges, Inspector says we were behind this racket, lawyer says someone might have planted it, inspector says this won’t work, try bail even that is not possible. Lawyer rushes to get bail. Raj asks permission to talk to Meet Ahlawat, Inspector says okay.

Meet Ahlawat asks how is Mom. Babita in pain, Suniana says your BP is low have medicine and food, Babita says not until my Meet Ahlawat is home. Masoom calls Hoshiyar to go do something and if Meet Ahlawat doens’t come back soon Mom’s health will go worse. Duggu requests Babita too, Babita says my son is in pain I can’t, Duggu says even I won’t for my uncle, Masoom asks Esha to take Duggu to his room.
Ragini asks Suniana to be with Babita. Ragini tells Masoom that its not easy to come back soon, Ragini tells her about the packet. Masoom gets worried. Meet watching all this and says these people are so nice, I can’t see them in pain, so I will have to do this for them and leaves.

Inspector asks Meet Ahlawat to confess, Meet Ahlawat says I have no idea, Inspector misbehaves, Raj asks them to control, and not touch his son, Inspector says he made a huge crime. Meet walks in says he didn’t do anything, that packet is mine. Raj and Meet Ahlawat in shock. Inspector asks who are you, Meet says Meet,Raj says his wife, Inspector says trying to save your husband, Meet says no, its my packet arrest me and send him home, his mother’s health is bad, Inspector says that isn’t your packet, because you are a girl, Meet says how does that matter, its my packet, Raj says Meet why, Meet says nothing its my packet, release him and take me in.
Inspector asks to let Meet Ahlawat go and arrests Meet. Meet Ahlawat thinks of Kunal who said she uses kids. Meet is taken under arrest.

Inspector asks who is your supplier, Meet says I work alone, Meet Ahlawat says look at her such a mess, Raj says go home and your Mom is waiting for you, and I will handle here you go rest. Meet Ahlawat leaves.
Masoom gets call from Meet Ahlawat, he tells her he is released and let him talk to Babitam Babita asks Meet Ahlawat are you fine, He says I am fine and coming but will take time because of traffic, I am coming to see you, eat something.

Sunaina gets Babita food. Babita happy on Meet Ahlawat coming back. Masoom says till date never police has come to our house and this is all because of that marriage, I told you this family is weird and since their daughter is here we are just facing issues and Kundali scandal, how come things change so quickly and what guarantee that Kundali is not fake, I hate them, greedy witty people.

Inspector allows Raj to talk to Meet. Raj asks Meet why did she do so, Meet says its my packet, Raj says okay what is in it. Meet thinks must be something illegal and says there is pistol in it, Raj says you don’t know what is in it and you said its your, this packet has drugs.

Masoom says to Babita thank god, Ragini says that girl saved our Meet Ahlawat because she took the blame on her.. none of us shown any courage, chachaji called and told Meet went there and said this is my package.

Raj says to Meet do you how much in danger you are, you will ho in jail for atleast 15 years. Meet says I’ll whatever happens to me and Meet Ahlawat going back was important Babita was not in good condition. Raj says you are ready to help a person who is not accepting you. Meet says I consider them as my family. Raj says but you took big accusation on yourself. Meet says what should I do then I may be nothing to her but Meet Ahlawat is and to bring happiness in family I took this step.

Ragini says you consider her root if problem but because of her Meet Ahlawat came out if bug problem, we should have thanks her. Masum says to Ragini there are possibilities that packet is of Meet and scared of investigation so came out earlier to save and be a big person. Sunaina says to Masum some people can go beyond for there family happiness. Masum says you are talking about family happiness, because this of you we save suffered a lot and still suffering. Masum says to Ragini why do we consider that packet is not if Meet, one minute now I remember Anubha gave packet to Meet while she was leaving her house and same packet was with police.

Raj says to Meet listen you have not signed on confession letter, you can do one thing change your statement. Meet says I cannot do that, everyone is sad in your house because of Manushi, she ran with every happiness in your family, consider this as atonement, I beg you don’t worry about me, I learnt one thing when you are aware about your problem it seems to be easy. Raj says but this time you took problem if drug supply and you have to suffer for thing which you didn’t do. Meet says then you have to help me in one thing don’t let Anubha know I’m in jail and you can ask Ram Lakhan they will take care of house they way I did and if mom call ever give her reason. Raj says I’ll not help in this way but I’ll do everything to free you, I did brought you as my daughter in law so that you can be victim of something you didn’t do, listen to me and change your statement. Meet says no. Raj says you won’t listen because you are stubborn but remember I’m also your father, I already talked to lawyer and won’t move from here till the time you are free. Meet says please you go back Babita needs you my mom use to tell me when she is in trouble my father guve her more comfort then medicine, today aunty need you. Raj says my son should also understand this so that he can be with you but he thinks this packet is your but your father won’t let happen anything to you.
Police officer come and says your time is iver only lawer can talk to suspect and officer push Raj. Meet Ahlawat holds him from falling. Meet Ahlawat shouts at officer says you cannot talk like this to anyone. Officer says don’t teach any family member is not allowed to talk to victim but still I gave him time. Raj says thank you. Meet Ahlawat says to officer till time a person is proven guilty you cannot call him criminal, I also know that mu law. Raj says to officer please let me talk to her for 2 more minutes. Officer says okay I’m allowing you but only one person can meet her. Raj says it felt good seeing you and got to know that you care for your wife, I’m proud of you. Raj says Meet don’t worry I’m here and says Meet Ahlawat you both can talk I’m waiting outside.
Meet Ahlawat says to Meet listen to me carefully don’t sign on confession paper, I talked to lawyer. Meet says why are you trying to save me I’m your biggest problem don’t save me. Meet Ahlawat says because I’m not selfish I cannot see someone who is not victim to be in jail because of me. Meet says thanks for nit considering me victim. Meet Ahlawat says that I don’t know and I don’t care I know my father believe in you that’s why I’m here amd I cannot see them in trouble that’s why I’m standing here.

Hosiyar says to Babita I talked to Raj he told me Meet Ahlawat will be home soon, what happen you all are in tension. Masum says during marriage you were taking photos in phone please check in your phone how did that package look to clear everything. Hosiyar says this one. Masum say yes and shows to everyone look same packet that’s why she accepted its her packet. Babita says what are you saying how can mom give her drugs packet. Masum says why not mom there can be possibilities that whole family is in drug that’s why Meet Ahlawat was saying do not go on her innocent face she is goon of Shabad but dad didn’t listen because he thought younger sister is saving family and trust me that’s why she confessed and thinks her mom and dadi could also go to jail that’s why she accepted to save her family not Meet Ahlawat.

Police officer take Meet to confession room and says you accepted that uts your package. Meet says till that time I didn’t know what’s inside packet you must have seen how people have same luggage bag at railway station and people exchange it, that was the confusion. Other officer says don’t try to act smart and tell who use to supply drugs to you.

Raj on call with Mehta says police has taken my daughter in law into there custody for drugs supply. Mehta says why didn’t you called me first. Raj says my younger son was also trying to call you but it was not getting connected. Mehta says I was on flight that could be reason. Raj says please do something you have good relations with CM please do something. Mehta says no need to worry I’ll do something and hungs up.

Officer says don’t think that someone will save you, give me info from where you bring stuff who supply you and list of buyer’s, school college students. Other officer says you don’t care at all, you people get save all time but this time you won’t be safe.

Meet Ahlawat at lawyer office says there are possibilities when I parked my car that time someone could have kept inside my car. Lawyer says that could be for that we have to check all the CCTV footage near around cafe. Meet Ahlawat says please do check and write this statement in bail application. Lawyer says sure.

Officer says your husband and father is trying to save you but your upbringing is not right. Meet says you have right to ask questions but don’t have nay right to say anything about my upbringing my mother thought us to be pure since childhood my father was also a police inspector who got killed during his duty and still everyone takes Mr Huddah name with respect. Officer looks at eachother and says you are daughter of late inspector Ashok Huddah. Meet says yes. Raj come with phone and says to officer there is call from CM office wants to talk to you. Officer take phone and greets, person from other side says she is innocent leave her soon. Officer says okay and hungs up. Officer says to Meet your father in law asked CM to free you if he wouldn’t have done that still I would have leave you your father was our guru who thought us to follow path or truth his blood cannot do this, but we found drugs in your husband’s car and why would someone leave drugs of lakhs rupees in your car, some drug dealer is involved in this you have to be alert and have an eye on everyone now you can leave. Meet come out and hugs Raj. Raj says to Meet Ahlawat police has free her and says there is someone else then me who believe that she cannot do this and come lets go home.

Duggu run towards Meet Ahlawat and says mamu you know I thought I’ll not eat like badi maa till the time you don’t come but badi maa had apple so I too had noodles. Meet Ahlawat says good boy and then hugs everyone, says to Babita I hate tears and I like your face when you are happy so smile I’m here. Babita says you are alright. Raj says today your son is back because of your daughter in law now tell how do you feel after seeing your son fit and fine and what are you gonna gift her. Masum says to Raj I have her gift and ask Isha to help Duggu for his online class and ask servent to bring luggage. Masum give Meet her luggage and ask her to rot in place from where she came. Raj says to Masum what nonsense is this. Babita says this is my decision, walks to Raj and says there is no place for criminal in this house and this girl is criminal. Raj says what is this Babita I’ll tell you everything what happened there before getting call from CM office police officer already knew she is not the culprit that’s why they were going to leave her and second thing her father was an reputable and respectful officer. Babita he might be but this cannot justify her character and there are possibilities she might be doing these work under her father name and it is so easy because her father is respectable person to anyone doubt on her, today she went inside for drugs next time she might go inside for murder and asks Rah what do you want police should come to our door daily. Raj says I understand your pain but think what are you saying. Babita says I talking because of evidence, her mother give her packet and everyone saw that, photo was captured, you were also there didn’t you see anything. Masum says to Raj anyone dosent rome around with badge that I’m criminal who knows her mom and dadi also work for smuggling. Meet says whatever you want to say can say about me but no need to say anything against my mom and dadi, you all wanted to know what she gave me so you can see because that envelope is in my bag not in his car. Meet open her luggage and show envelope look at this. Masum open envelope and see god’s idol Masum and everyone in shock.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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