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1.5 Months Later

Early Morning


Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport 

Outside Entrance

AdRi are coming outside, hand-in-hand from their longest HM ever?….”Meine kabhi socha bhi nahi tha, ki Switzerland hoga hamare HM ke liye??….Though I always wanted to be there with my beloved…..Aur tumne use sach kiya☺….Par tumhe pata tha, meri business meeting ka?….How did you did it?” She curiously….”Mujhe pata tha, yeh sab….Isiliye meine aise plan kiya tha☺….” He looking at her….”Now let’s go home?” she as they hopped on their booked cab….. 


Rajput Mansion

Adi opens the door with the key, as they don’t want to disturb anyone from their sleep…..They directly goes to their room, and sleeps for sometime….. 


After Sometime

Pari after getting fresh, relishes tea standing near the window…..

She takes her selfie in that possible and posts it in her IG captioning “Good Morning??? #homesweethome #morningvibes #sweetnessoverloaded #freshfills #lovelovelove…..” Soon she gets notified of comments on her posts, as she checks it….

Vivi @pari Good Morning di?…..Welcome back?”
Tanya “@pari Welcome back pagli?…..Happy morning☺…..So happy to see you back?”
Priya “Welcome…..Welcome?”
Shagun “@pari Ur back???…..Morning?…..Kya kya kiya??”
Jinal “@pari This morning can’t be better??”
Pari @shagun Shut up??”
Payal “@pari Welcome back bae??…..And good morning❤”
Shagun @pari ??…..OMG did I just saw that glow???”
Jinal @shagun Ah….That glow?”
Pari “@shagun Which glow??”
Tanya “@pari Congrats baby?”
Priya “@pari Hamse nahi chupa paogi?”
Shagun “@pari This is what happens when you are on an extended HM??❤”
Payal @shagun I second u?…[email protected] Soham will be getting a sibling?”
Pari “@payal Sachi??”
Payal “@pari Mein apni nahi teri baat kar rahi thi??”
Shagun “???”
Pari “@payal Oh?…..Tujhe selfie se time mile toh tu kuch kare?”
Payal @pari Haan?…..Kya??”
Tanya “??…[email protected] Hame party chahiye?”
Priya “@pari Party??”
Pari “???”

“Should I check?….Which glow are they talking about?” Pari thinks as she looks at the pregnancy kit…. 


After Sometime

Pari thinks how to tell everyone about the news, when Adi comes there….

She was about to tell him, when he holds her in his arms, twirling her around “No need to tell, I know and I am very happy and excited ??”, he kisses her on her forehead?…. 


Dining Table

Shivu is serving breakfast to Shakti….

AdRi are meeting the new born twin boys and showers their love on them….”Koi naam soche hai Shivu??” Pari….”Haan, Panditji abhi aate hi honge?….By the way, I was thinking we should have a small party tonight to celebrate the twins arrival and for your good news Bhabhi” Shivu….”Perfect idea!” Janki….”Par kya Meera aayegi?” Pari, as everyone became upset….. 


City Hospital

Priya is on call talking with Dhruv….

Priya “Even after the news you are not here jaan?…..Dad bhi aagaye par tum nahi?….Tum khush nahi ho??”

Dhruv “I want to come but…..”

Priya “?”

She cuts call and turns around irritatingly…..

She sees him smiling at her….”Jaan kab aaye tum?” she gleefully…..He takes her to her cabin…. 


Priya’s Cabin

“Kya?….Kyu?” she….”I made the decision, you will not work means you will not” he….”Abhi bohot time hai, tabtak toh….” She protests….”Nahi matlab nahi….I can’t risk your life….Tumhe pata hai naa, hamare life yeh news kitne time ke baad aai hai?….This is the first time it has crossed 3 weeks….” He when Krishna too comes in and supports his decision shocking her….”Dad u too?” she….”I have already submitted your resignation” he giving her no choice but to accept?….. 


Bhanushali Palace

It’s very huge and marvelous palace with latest up-to-date designs, both interior and exterior, with a huge Olympic-size pool, decorated with five large cascading fountains….

In backyard too swimming pool is there…..

Living room

We are soon taken to a beautiful room….Room doors open as a servant brings in tea for the rooms occupant….A lady wakes up and the servant serves her tea….She takes the tea and sips it, before throwing it on her face, while the crockery fell on her legs….The girl screams in pain but she ignores and charges at her….In the process her face gets revealed and she is Mihika “Yeh chai itni thandi kyu hai??…..Kya mein aisi chai piti hu?….Tumhe pata nahi mujhe chai kesi chahiye??”….”Sorry ma’am….I will make another one?” girl looking down….”No need?…..Jaav aur jakar dekho mere nahneka paani taiyar hai ki nahi?” she instructing her and when she is gone murmurs “Aur sir pe chadhav inlogoko?”…..

The girl gestures her to go for bath….. 



She opens the bathroom door and closes her eyes feeling the aromatic smell of freshness….. 



Tanya is helping the servants in arranging the breakfast…..A lady comes there as she greets her “Good Morning Bhabhi?”….

”Good Morning Tanya?” Shagun “Par yeh aawaz?”…..

”Who it can be other than….?” Tanya shaking her head….”Oh!….Unhe aane mein abhi time hai, toh hum tabtak kyu naa coffee pite hai☺” Shagun making the move towards the sofa….They sits there as the servants serves them coffee☕….”Kya huva Bhabhi, kya soch rahe ho?” Tanya on noticing Shagun disturb….”Meera ke baare mein” she…”Meera?” Tanya….”Haan, aaj uska discharge hai naa….Poor girl?” she….”Nobody should meet the fate like her?…..” Tanya visibly upset….”Upar se uska pati?…..He is so cruel….He holds her responsible for the thing, which she didn’t do it purposefully?….Use samaj na chahiye tha, par….” She sadly….

”Par Bhabhi, uska pati aesa nahi hai….He loves her but this….Kisine socha bhi nahi hoga….Kya hum….?” Tanya not knowing what to do….

”Nahi abhi nahi….We should give them space and let them clear their differences…..Hum sirf unke liye pray kar sakte hai!” She….They prays….”Phirse dusro ka tension apne upar?…..Yaha hamare tension kam hai, ki dusro ke tension bhi hum hi le?” Mihika shakes her head seeing them praying…..


City Hospital

Meera’s ward

Naiya signs on discharge papers and after that Meets gets discharged…..”Bhabhi, wo Bhai hi aane wale the, par….” Meera cuts her “Naiya, wo nahi aayenge….Mujhe pata hai!”…..She feels bad for them…. 


Bhanushali Palace 


Tanya and Shagun are talking about tonight’s party at Pari’s place, when Simmi comes from outside “Bhabhi, mein aaj ki party mein nahi aapaungi….Aaj Ananya ki best friend ka birthday hai, aur mujhe aur Param ji ko waha jaana hai”…..”Oh!….Par Param toh Bangalore mein hai” Shagun….”Woh direct aane wale hai☺” Simmi joining them…..

”Ok then☺” Shagun….”Haan Bhabhi, aap ko toh pata hai naa mujhe yeh sab parties mein interest nahi hai…..Agar Romi aana chahiye toh….” Mihika joining them….

”What’s new in that?….We already knew?” Shagun, Tanya and Simmi murmurs…..At that very moment they hears plane’s landing and gets excited…..They looks towards the door, where three men are standing…. 



Lots of love
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  1. Riana

    Beautiful start of third season a big congrats on that manuuu… ❤️❤️❤️… Anywayz lets begin… Adri scene was beautiful wow they came from switzerland ????…Later Payal, Tanya, Shagun, Pari & Jinal scene was really funny !! ??…Seriously they all thought pari is pregnant just in a month after marriage ?… Lol… Dhriya scene was interesting i guess Priya is pregnant ?… Bhanushali palace scene was royal and mihika’s intro was vampish ??…The way she treated her servant was disgusting ??… Anywayz last scene of good… Anyways now these are third party characters ??? i want my dheera scene soon ??????…Updt soon ❤️… Pics were really stunning ❤️

    1. Mansi

      Thank u so much Riuuuu for ur sweet wishes❤️❤️Actually yes Pari is indeed pregnant….It’s 1 and half months??Yes u guessed right Priya is pregnant?This was just a glimpse of Mihika….In coming episodes she will be??Oh!….Yes it’s coming in Glimpse 2??….❤️❤️Will update very soon☺️?Love u❤️❤️?

  2. Jasminerahul

    nice adri scene.girls’ chat was funny.when they said soham is going to get sibling pari didn’t realize that they meant about her pregnancy.ha ha.guess she is really pregnant n that’s why pregnancy kit near her n pari waiting to tell the news to everyone.so priya is pregnant n so she is asked to take rest.it’s the first time the baby crossed 3 weeks?means she had miscarriage in the past?I thought she got only negative results in the past.any doctor will hesitate to leave the job.nice to see krishna.want kripi scene.shivu shakti part was nice though there was only one sentence on them.oh mihika’s introduction…so cruel to the servant.why does she want the servant to check if water is ready to bath?can’t she just open the pipe as gaeser is there.Tanya shagun talking about dheera gave negative vibes.did meera have miscarriage n so dharam blaming her?oh.it’s sad that dharam is not coming to hospital to visit her.i dont know what happened between them.but dharam is supposed to be with his wife when she is in the hospital.finally men have been introduced. waiting to see them.perfect pics esp pari n shivu shakti

    1. Mansi

      Thank u so much Jazzy?❤️☺️Yes Pari is indeed pregnant?Yes Priya had a miscarriage and that’s why they followed the schedule….Now Dhruv don’t want her to take any stress but just rest?Yes will give KriPi scene?…..❤️❤️Mihika just want a leisure lifestyle doing nothing but ordering??I can only say ur going in right direction…..❤️❤️Will update very soon☺️?

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