Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Tai ji succeeds to make Bela differentiate between Naina and Preeti

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naina reminding Sameer of his promise and says wherever you keep me that will be my home as you will be there and your love. Sameer holds her hand and asks her to come, says we have to do marriage shopping. He tells Mama ji that when Nana ji can leave the house for you, then he might have left so much for me, and I will make a big house for Naina. He asks if they will come to do their aarti and get naina’s grah pravesh. He touches their feet and asks Naina and Anand to come. Prabha says this guy don’t need us. Mama says I will think something and asks her to call munna. Prabha asks him not to melt for Sameer and don’t ask Munna to take care of Sameer. Mama calls munna’s father and says I heard that Sameer stays in your house. He tells him something. Munna tells Sameer that they will book palanquin. Sameer says lets house get final. Pandit says Bhabhi and you can stay here till you get your house and asks Munna to talk to his papa. Munna gets tensed. Sameer says our Munna is a tiger and is not afraid. Pandit asks him to talk to his father. Munna tensedly goes. His father is standing at the door and goes. Munna is upset. Naina talks to Sameer on the phone. Sameer says we are getting married and asks what she was saying? Naina says Manuhar…Naina says what is it? Manuhar…it is first invitation given to the people to make them remember the date. Sameer asks do you remember the date. Naina reads the first invitation message which she wrote. Sameer says it is incomplete and tells the lines to complete it. Naina smiles and tells that she is going to neighbors’ house.

Bela, Naina and Preeti come to the neighbor’s house. Preeto asks where is the Madhuben’s sister. Naina teases her. Her voiceover tells that they have done all the work together, but I was ahead of her in love matters. I was very happy that day as Preeti’s marriage was about to get fixed with my marriage, but I didn’t know that I will become hurdle in my sister’s marriage. Bela asks Preeti to feel shy and shows groom’s mother and sister. She says if they like you then…I will get your marriage too. She meets Madhuben and her sister. Naina tells Preeti that her sasumaa and nanand are looking at her. Preeto says yes. She asks Naina if the guy might be handsome. Naina says it is not necessary and jokes. Tai ji also comes there and turns her face seeing Bela. She asks Madhuben about food arrangements. Madhuben sister hears other neighbors talking about Tai ji and Bela’s cold fight. Tai ji tells them that they have raised Anand since his childhood, but he has fixed his daughter’s married in different caste. Madhuben’s sister tells her that they have fixed Naina’s alliance in different caste.

Munna comes to his father. His father asks him how much he is concentrating on his studies. Munna says 100 percent. His father asks him to do some work in life and says first rule is money is everything and asks him to say bye to his friends and sit in the shop. He asks why Sameer is staying in your house since yesterday and asks him to ask Sameer to leave. He says you are just a friend and not his father to do his marriage arrangements. Munna is shocked and scared. Sameer’s voiceover tells that it was their friendship’s exam and it will be known later. Bela asks Madhuben to make Preeto meet the groom’s family. Madhuben says she will search other alliance for her. Tai ji taunts Bela. Bela gets upset. Madhuben asks her to have food. Tai ji taunts Bela again and tells that this thing will happen when a person goes against the society. She says she is saying truth and says nobody will spit at the person who gets their daughter married in a different caste. Bela asks Madhuben? Madhuben nods yes. Tai ji says now suffer. She says other’s daughter will fly in sky and own’s daughter will cry and sit at home. She instigates Bela against Naina. Bela is upset and leaves.

Anand comes home and shows the stuff which he has brought for the groom’s family. Preeti says she needs face pack. Naina teases her and asks if she needs Salman Khan. Bela asks when you can get guy like Salman Khan then why can’t preeti. Preeti says we are joking. Sameer calls her and tells that he has brought bungalow in Satellite for her. Naina gets happy. Bela gets upset. Preeti asks what will happen about me? Anand says nothing. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was very happy and didn’t see the storm proceeding towards them to drown them.

Sameer tells Munna’s father that he will leave in the morning, but Munna’s father asks him to leave right now. Bela tells Anand that she don’t want Naina and Sameer’s marriage not to happen. Anand, Naina and Preeti get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. loved the episode ?so sameer will leave munna house in next episode ,loved when naina was telling about manuhaar , sameer cutely asks what is manuhar ,naina telling manuhaar is verbal wedding card designed to remember the dates ,then she reads for sameer ,sameer suggest adhura hai ,then he reads whole manuhaar byheart ,then background song from bazigaar films plays , that so cute,

    obai se kuch umeed hi nai ki ja sakti

    sameer telling naina he has brought a bungalow with lawn in satellite ,naina get too much ,her happiness was so pure that it melt my heart

  2. Today’s episode was good. Don’t know how Sameer got so much money to buy bunglow. And Munna’s father is so bad the way of talking was not at all good. The phone conversation between Sameer and Naina is always very cute. Now can’t understand why Bella is so upset can understand why Naina is getting married so early but Preeti she is quite young give her some space why always Shaadi Shaadi & Shaadi. What is in Mama Ji & Mami Ji’s mind they are so confusing these days. Now Chachi ji will say no for Preeti but Sameer and Naina will handle her. Taiji is so annoying in yesterday’s episode I was having a gut feeling that she will protect her family’s dignity no matter what is going between both of them. And these ladies are too much. Love marriage is not a crime it is a beautiful & adventurous thing why people are so much into Naina’s alliance they just come to marriage ceremony and enjoy.

    1. @vidha i agree with you i didn’t like the tone of munna father , i think these ladies doesn’t have any problems with love marriage ,they have problem with outcast marriage ,naina ki dusri biradri main shaadi ho rhi hai unko iss cheez se problem hai ,naina ka rista maheshwari main ho rha hai , preeti ka agarwal main karke dikhao ,

      preeti hasn’t got the slightest clue that uski Shaadi main naina ki wajah se adenge ayenge

      , naina voiceover says ” humne bachpan main sub saath Saath kia hai , magar mujhe kya pta tha ki meri wajah se meri behen ki Shaadi main musibat ayegi, aur iss ane wale toofan se main anjan thi ”

      maybe i exaggerated more

      and @ vidha sameer has just booked the bungalow not buy it ,maybe sameer had to pay installment in future,

    2. @vidha omg i could die right now of happiness , naina will wear new suits every day in upcoming episodes ,

      and they are so beautiful ,i think in today or upcoming week episodes sameer will take naina to bike ride , Preeti teasing them they are not girlfriend boyfriend any more ,they are becoming husband and wife

  3. @tarun – I believe Sameer booked the bungalow but he will not in a position to purchase it since mamaji will not let it happen, he will definitely create some hurdle and Sameer will stay in Naina’s house which in turn create problem for him (by Taiji) .

    Bela chachiji’s problem will get solved as she is good in heart and get influenced only by Taiji ( evil plan of Tauji and Taiji) her behavior is justified.

    1. @devi me too think the same that sameer has just booked the bungalow ,not buyed it ,it is a great possibility that mamaji will create hurdles for sameer so that he could not purchase it ,
      but before sameer will stay in naina house , rakesh sir will do drama over wedding card that why he is mentioned as ” late rakesh aggrawal ” , video of the drama is on YouTube channel ” saas bahu saazish ”

      go check it out

  4. @vidha @devi please check “entertainment tadka” on YouTube channel ,naina is in green floral print dress and sameer is in mixed colour shirt ,it seems to like sameer is romantic and asking for kiss from naina , it’s more likely romantic demand ,

    plus i have one doubt ,if anyone would clear for me ,i would be more than thankfull ,
    in some scenes naina height seems 2 inch smaller than sameer ,in some she appears to be a foot shorter than sameer

    is this camera trick ,

    also balcony appears to have fixed walls between two adjoining rooms ,and in some scenes two smaller walls for passage way ,pls clear that out for me ,if anyone has the ans

  5. @Tarun Just check it is really very humor, yet another problem will be created by Rakesh Agarwal….in Samaina’s marriage

    1. @devi i think you are talking about rakesh sir about sleeping on his arthi , is this correct ,or there is another video ?? if there is please mention the YouTube channel name

    2. @devi i have one doubt ,if anyone would clear for me ,i would be more than thankfull ,
      in some scenes naina height seems 2 inch smaller than sameer ,in some she appears to be a foot shorter than sameer

      is this camera trick , please clear it for me if you have the ans

  6. @tarun yes yes the same one….

  7. The urgency of conducting samina’s marriage had arisen due to rakesh & taiji arranging for forced marriage with sharad. Now the situation is different. Tauji & Taiji have snapped ties with Anand’s family and left their decision to conduct the marriage themselves. Vishaka has deserted Sameer. Sameer is on the verge of leaving mamaji’s house. Now why don’t they postpone their marriage till settle in his business or naina taken a job to sustain their life. Meanwhile, preeti may get married into Agrawal biradari ! It is highly impossible to book a house(that too bungalow) without any occupation. May be Vishaka would have helped to book the bungalow, seeing the the intention of Mamaji & Mamiji’s to grap nanu’s property, secretly conspiring to scuttle Samina marriage without her knowledge, and now sameer is left homeless. She was also shown gaining some confidence in naina during sagai II when naina said she would bear any kind of pain to keep sameer happy. I think the makers are not left with much option to drag the show. They have to conclude the show with their happy marriage after some interesting climax.

  8. Jeevi please don’t say that there is lot more that can happen even after marriage. Their studies which is not completed yet, their career life and a little bit of Saas bahu drama and many more. For me they are just in 1994 they have to cover 5 year more. And can cover 2000 also cuz the major change of our lives the mobile phone was introduced in 2004 till that time everything was quite unchanged.

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