Tera Fitoor Jab Se Chadh Gaya Re Shaheer Ada FS Part 4(Last Part)

Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re…Since your craze has come over me… Part 4

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Piya was coming out of the court with her senior lawyer Arundati.
Samar reached there with his car to pick up Piya.
Samar:Today Piya will be surprised to me.
A man was standing and staring at them.
He:Advocate Arundati…because of you,my brother got jailed and our family drug business got ruined.I will not leave you.
He took a gun and aimed at Arundati.

Samar who saw it got shocked.
Arundati moved a bit and the bullet was about to strike Piya.Samar ran towards Piya and pushed her.He got shot.They were shocked.
Piya screamed:Samar!
She ran towards Samar and held him.

Arundati saw the shooter with a shock and ordered her men to catch him.
“Don’t let him escape.Catch him”.

Piya caught a car and got inside it with Samar.Samar was lying on her lap.
Piya told the driver:Please drive fast to the hospital.
Piya looked at Samar tearfully:Why did you do this?Why did you risk your life to save my life?
Samar:Because you are my life Piya.

His words touched her heart.
Samar:Piya..I think I reached the last stage of my life.
Piya cried:No..nothing will happen to you.
Samar:Pi..ya…I love you.
Piya was still weeping.
Samar:I know that you think that I love you only because I realized that I am also an orphan.But….tru..trust me ….even before knowing that I fell for you.A dying person won’t say such a lie.
Piya:You fool..stop it.Why do you feel that I will misunderstand you?I knew that you love me long back.But I was waiting for you to confess your love.
Samar was surprised.He felt happy that his love was not misunderstood by his beloved Piya.
Piya:So you delayed to confess your love because you thought that I will misunderstand that you accepted me only because you know that you are an orphan.Stupid guy.You wasted so much of time.You should have confessed your love earlier and we could have had lots of beautiful moments.

Samar regretted not confessing his love before and looked at her painfully.
(Please don’t see logic in this scene as Samar was talking a lot even after a gun shot).
They reached the hospital.
Nurse:Is it an accident case?
Piya was irritated because of the present situation.
Piya:Whatever it is..does it make any difference to you?Just give him treatment..call the doctor.

The doctor came.
Piya:Doctor please save his life.
Seeing Samar immediately he said:Take him to the theatre.
Samar was taken to the operation theatre.
Piya informed Mehul and Meenakshi.They also came there.The trio were crying.

On the other side the shooter got arrested.

After some time….
The doctor informed them that Samar was out of danger.

Meenakshi and Mehul hugged Samar with happy tears.
Samar and Piya looked at each other emotionally with a smile.
Meenakshi and Mehul decided to give them privacy and moved out.
Piya sat near Samar.
Samar:I thought that my life got over.
Piya:How can God take your life leaving our love story incomplete?

Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Ishq jo zara sa tha woh badh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re

Samar smiled:I think God extended my life to complete our love story.
Piya:God extended your life to be with me,not to complete our love story.Our love story will never be complete.It will go on like that…never ending like our love.

They both smiled.

She held his hand.

Tu jo mere sang chalne lage
To meri raahein dhadakne lage
Dekhun jo na ik pal main tumhein
Toh meri baahein tadapne lage

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Ishq jo zara sa tha woh badh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re

Piya rested her head on Samar’s shoulder and he smiled sweetly.

Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re
Tera fitoor jab se chadh gaya re

The end

Thank u so much friends 4 supporting me.This story is ending.Plz do give a detailed comment.Plz write your favourite scene,your favourite character and why you liked this character the most

  1. Shesha485

    Nice chapter. It was so lovely when Samar said he was not loving her not because he is an orphan. YaMar eyelock and leaning on Samar’s shoulder was cute.
    My favorite scene is Piya’s birthday celebration and Samar hiding that Heart box and Piya seeing it and realizing that he was loving her.
    My favorite character is Meenakshi and Mehul as they brought up their son so well.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much

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