Tears of Love in The Night Of Pain- ACCIDENT (15)

Despite being consoled by Krishna Naira is unable to control her tears. She cries and cries until her tear glands have nothing left. Her eyes get swollen due to the non stop crying and Naira slowly falls into sleep.

Cab on the road to Udaipur 

Kartik is travelling to Goenka villa. His heart beats rise up as the distance reduces.
Kartik in mind: I have to apologise to Naira for all that happened. It was my fault of forgetting  everything . She has no fault in it. I should not have believed Ridhimaa.  Everyone was right and I was wrong. Definitely Naira would have loved me a lot..but how did she love me? I hurt people a lot..I use cheap words for them…was I like this before the accident too?
His mind is filled with confusions when he feels a jerk..The car is collided by a Truck and thats the last thing which Kartik realises . Moments later the car is thrown upside down. Crowd gathers around them.

Goenka House

Naira feels a sudden choking feel and gets up. She finds herself sleeping in the dark room and realises that Akshu will be needing her. Wiping her cheeks and rubbing her eyes Naira rushes down. As she reaches the living room the phone rings and Naira picks it up

Voice: Is this Goenka villa?

Naira: Ji haan

Voice: Mam a car accident has taken place on the road from the hills. The victim had the address card and phone number with him thats why we called you

Naira is shocked . Seeing her like that Naksh grabs the phone from her and is shocked to hear the news

Naksh: We will come soon

Akhil: What happened beta?

Naksh: Chachu Kartik had a accident

Naira’s tears start to flow again

Naira: How do you know its Kartik?

Naksh: Papa gave him the address card and he is the only possible person to travel from the hills with the address card

Naira: Then lets go bhai

Samarth: We will go Naira..you

Naira: No I will also come

Without wasting time Naira Naksh and Samarth leave for the mentioned spot

Accident spot

Naira jumps off the car and rushes to see Kartik lying on a stretcher . She runs to him and finds him unconscious with an injury on the head

Naira: Bhai jaldi..we have to take him to the hospital

Samarth and Naksh take Kartik into the car

Samarth: Police will be coming so Ill stay here , Naksh you take him to the hospital
Naksh: Ill ask Akhil chachu to come here for the procedures

Naksh and Naira get into the car. Naira seats herself in the back seat and places Kartik’s head on her lap

Naira: Bhai jaldi chaliye

Naksh: Haan Naira

Naira weeps holding Kartik

Naira: Why is God impartial to me always? First he snatched muma from me…then I thought Kartik is my entire world..and he snatched him from me for these many months…now again when I found him God is again playing games with me…Kartik…Kartik….dont worry I will not leave you this time..my hand’s grip will not loosen this time


Kartik is rushed inside the emergency room for treatment. Naira and Naksh stay out. Moments later the entire  family rushes there

Gayu: Bhai where is Naira

Naksh points out to Naira who is standing in a corner weeping. Gayu and Swarna run to her

Gayu: Naira…naira..

Naira hugs her and cries

Naira: Maa Kairav..Akshu

Swarna: Keerthi is with them beta dont worry

Moments later Doctors come out. Naira runs to them

Naira: What happened doctor?

Doctor: He is out of danger now . Just an arm fracture and leg injury. He just needs some rest thats it.

Naksh: Can we meet him?

Doctor: One person can go in. He is under sedation now others can meet later after he gains consciousness

Naksh: Naira you go

Naira: Nahi..maa aap

Swarna: You have to go beta..go inside

Naira walks to Kartik and sits near him. Unfortunately her tears have work left and they come out at once

Kaisa suluk zindagi tu kar rahi hai

Mujhe paraya tu muji se kar rahi

Jaisi ki aakhri si saans chal rahi hai

Naira caresses Kartik’s face in the most loving way

Naira: Get well soon mendak. I am missing you for so long. I love you

His harsh words get back to her memories but she ignores them and admires her Kartik

Hours later

Kartik slowly gains consciousness. He turns to see Naira sitting near him and staring at him without blinking. Once she sees his eyes open Naira gets up to leave as she remembers his harsh words. Kartik holds her hand and stops her

Kartik: Wont you forgive your mendak ?

She is surprised to hear mendak from him and turns to him. He finds her crying

Kartik: Im so sorry sherni..please forgive me

Naira: Kartik..? Tumhe…sab kuch yaad aagaya?

Kartik: Haan Naira…I remember everything…from meeting you at Rishikesh for the first time to the time when I fell off the cliff and …..I also remember being Jolly and hurting you with such a mean word by believing that Ridhima

Naira is overjoyed but the wound which he caused in her heart starts to ache and she walks out

Kartik : Naira…

Naksh sees a crying Naira and rushes inside

Kartik: Naksh

Naksh: Kartik…

Kartik: Naksh Im so sorry for everything. I have hurt every member of our family

Naksh realises that Kartik has got his memory back and runs out with joy. The episode freezes


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