Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Pragya gets shock seeing Abhi’s mental state

Kumkum Bhagya 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Pragya that she will keep her on trial for 3 days and if she works well then she will get 6000 Rs as salary. Mitali says half of Vandana’s salary. Pragya tells that the salary is less, as she was offered 15000 Rs in her old house. She taunts Aaliya and tells that if they get more money then give her more salary. Tanu asks her about her name. Pragya says Gayatri. Aaliya says she don’t like her attitude. Tanu asks her to keep her stuff in her room and asks Mitali to show her room. Aaliya asks did you find difficulty to come here, Tanu. Tanu tells no and tells that she got excited when she asked her to return. Pragya hears them. Aaliya says you are hearing us. Pragya says she don’t have such habit. Mitali asks her to wipe the floor. Aaliya says she can’t work here, as she don’t like her attitude. Pragya says her language is Haryanvi and that’s why even she talks, it seems like she is fighting. She asks her not to feel bad. Tanu and Mitali ask Aaliya to hire her. Mitali asks her to do the kitchen work. Pragya asks where is Kitchen. Mitali shows the way. Pragya goes. Tanu says it seems she is hardworking.

Prachi comes to Palak and wishes her for the happy marriage. Palak takes her to side and asks her not tell anyone. Prachi agrees and says you have to tell your parents some day. Palak says she will meet her later. Prachi asks her to forgive her, as she left from her marriage suddenly. Palak says try to understand, my friends are coming here. Prachi asks her to forgive her. Palak says that day Ranbir and your marriage was happening in the temple. Prachi asks what were you telling? Palak says they asked me not to tell me and tells that Ranbir wanted to marry you. Prachi says you was sitting in the temple. Palak says Ranbir loves you so much and wanted to marry you. She says his plan was very romantic and asks her not to fight with him. Prachi breaks friendship with Palak and gets upset.

Sarita behen calls Pragya and asks if she met Abhi. Pragya says she is going now and reminds her that it is her new number. She takes the mop and bucket and knocks on Abhi’s door. Her Dupatta flies and moves from her head. The Servant comes there. Pragya starts wiping the floor and asks her to go. Servant goes. Pragya enters Abhi’s room holding the mop and the bucket. Abhi sees the mop and gets angry. He comes out of the cupboard and holds her neck, asking her if she will beat him. They fall down. Aaliya tells that what is this sound? Mitali says if Gayatri went to her room. Aaliya says Bhai will kill her. They run. Abhi sees her hand and bites on her hand. Pragya gets shocked to see his state. Aaliya beats him asking him to leave Gayatri. Pragya sits shockingly. Tanu asks Mitali to call Doctor and asks him to give injection. Mitali tells that Doctor will come at 10:30 am. She asks Gayatri if she is hurt. Pragya goes out to the kitchen and thinks of her moments with Abhi and how Aaliya was beating him in that state. She cries. Dadi comes there with Tai ji and ask Pragya not to leave the job, says everything is fine here, you will have no problem to work here. Tai ji says why don’t you tell the truth to her, Abhi has gone mad, we shall shift him somewhere else. Dadi says Abhi is not mad, he will be fine. She asks her to go and tells that her grand son needs love and care, which he can’t get here. Tai ji asks are you coming or shall I call Aaliya. Dadi goes. Pragya thinks what has happened to him, his sister is beating him so much and he is not doing anything. Aaliya continues to beat Abhi and asks Mitali to take the mop. Mitali is about to take the mop. Abhi takes it. Aaliya beats him and gets the mop. She gives it to Mitali. Aaliya says he has messed up the room, says they have call the electrician again. Tanu walks towards Abhi. Abhi gets up. She gets scared and runs out. Abhi says I am hungry, give me food. Tanu tells that Gayatri went, who will do the work. Tai ji says Dadi has brainwashed her with her sweet words, now she will not go. Aaliya says Dadi had done the same thing with Pragya. Mitali tells that they want behenji type servant, and says Pragya is that type. Tanu asks her to think about Gayatri and goes to talk to her. Pragya is crying and sitting in the kitchen. She thinks she shall go from here, so that nobody can know about her, else Aaliya will get her arrested again. Tanu comes there and says we came to know about you.

Precap: Prachi almost raises her hand at Ranbir. He grabs her hand and says he has rights. She also loves him and those who love each other have full rights on each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. so Abhi is crazy, maybe the result of death back to life. Anyway, I don’t understand why they need
    Doosri Aurat Tanu.
    Purab ok he wants to find the person who tried to kill his sister and brother but why he needs to leave the house for that?
    Pragya’s mission is now to play the cleaning lady, heal Abhi and fight against Aaliya and Tanu.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    1. Vous avez raison, l’utilité de tanu je n’en trouve pas,à ce moment que abhi a besoin de sa femme et de ses enfants pour le soutenir dans cette situation difficile.

    2. Yes that is what she is trying

  2. Sweet_Shadow

    This is not the beginning of new shit as you think
    Shit has happened since when
    Kill all of em plz
    Haii bhagwan
    Aapne meri iccha kyun puri ki
    Mein mazak kar rahi thi

  3. Samaila

    Someone needs to contact Zee tv to tear their contracts for both the bhagyas

  4. I told u guys…akituser i told you that Abhi has gone mad

    1. Well Coolbro 245, I must be psychic. Haven’t been around for awhile and I thought I would check in. I’m a day behind here in my part of the world so i doubt you’ll see this but… I don’t remember when you told me that Abhi was mad! I thought that he was mad …an easily manipulated fool controlled by a gold-digging whore who was really being controlled by the ugly psychopath Aliya. I have no desire to actually see either one of these ‘actresses’ who I see as a part of Ekta Kapoor’s personal harem. Assuming that you are watching… you must let me know… I’ll check back tomorrow, how well Shabir A. carries out his role as a bonafide madman. I find it difficult to understand how some people are able to debase themselves so profoundly as to work for Ekta Kapoor. Are they honestly Indian? Don’t they understand ‘karma’? Don’t they understand how much power they are wielding against their propagandized viewers? The harm that they are doing by the indoctrination project that they are facilitating? I couldn’t bear the disgusting dehumanization any longer. Each to his own! I also love Mark Narains’ comments and I see some familiar names here! So thanks Coolbro245… it was kind of you to remember me… and for me to somehow ‘hear’ and actually check in! So cool… ; )

  5. Moutsinga Mounguengui Jocelyne

    Pourquoi Dadi aide Aalya dans sa folie ? Elle sait que seule Pragya peut aider Abhi.
    Abhi est entouré des gens qu’ils l’aiment pas, des vautours qui veulent seulement à son argent.

    1. Vraiment ils ne peuvent pas changer les choses ?est-ce que tanu a changé ?elle est rentrée pour être du côté de la justice ?ou pour détruire la vie de pragya et de abhi ?

  6. Wow this is like the start of kumkum bhagya all over again how many vamps r they gonna put in this show well either way Ik it’s gonna end with evil winning and Abhi and Pragya won’t reunite was it rly necessary 4 palak 2 tell Prachi the truth great now it’s fight time between the 2 hope Ranbir gives her a fitting answer

  7. This show is a complete mess and stupid stop watching I just hate how Pragya was treated,and Aaliya get away with everything and now Tanu I am done

  8. Bonjour, je voudrais savoir pourquoi vous me refusez la publication de mes commentaires ?et pourtant j’ai appuyé les commentaires des autres. Je peux connaitre le refus ?

    1. la personne ne comprend peut-être pas ce que vous écrivez

    2. Ils viennent de les publier à 16h21″.ça fait du bien quand on partage nos avis concernant cette série kumkumbhagya qui nous énerve .

    3. It’s most likely because you are writing in French so many cannot understand what you are saying. Try to use google translate if you want people to reply.

  9. To me I think coming back of Tanu is for her to be punish together with Aliya this time around because soon pragya will get back to them in a way they did not expect.so very soon both of them will be expose and go to jail and Pragya will treat ABI and they will leave happily.

  10. Please don’t end the serial

    1. Rani Havasu patil

      Who said that kumkum Bhagya is going to end

    2. Sweet_Shadow

      Actually this show is in 2ndplace of must end shows, first place with KDB.

  11. Hello! Can someone find out if abhi pragya are getting together again or not? If so when and what date? I will watch that alone. Or the show should go off air. It is getting more and more sickening. Too much of drama with one Aaliyah ruling the roost. She is married and can’t she leave the house? If property is all she want let her tell abhi get his signature and leave them alone.

  12. Samaila

    1) Is Aliya actually married to Purab
    2) Y isn’t Chudail at her-in-laws?
    3) Oyee, dasi Tanu ko ghar se bahar nikkal
    4) I swear is Kiara alive?!!
    5) Meera aunty where r u?
    6) Disha, Sunny, Karan, Srishti, Preeta and Sarla just don’t exist
    7) I heard that Prachi will lift her hand to slap Ranbir, but Ranbir will twist her hands.
    8) Where is King?
    9) mahasangam karo aur kisitarafse Anokhi(SAAKK) ko leau so that Anokhi Pragya ko kuch sikhasakti hai
    10) Gayatri naam se mara, tik se ab ja aur Ranbir, Aryan, Rhea ko gawa dene bol
    11) bhaiiiiiiiii, Vikram kiddhar hai?!!

    1. Sweet_Shadow

      yeh pandit panditain ke naam par kalank hai.
      Mad people.
      Y is alia even there, idk for what she has come.
      Hai bhagwaan.
      Maine pichle janm mai kya paap ki jiski saza mujhe aise kharab shows ki terrible plot sunni hai.

  13. This serial gets more and more far fetched and ridiculous. Sack Ekta Kapoor…..really poor script!!


  15. Ghazala Sadiq

    Aaliyah disgusting You wouldn’t great an animal the way she treats her own family vile ugly woman and those who support this crap 😠 what a horrible episode

  16. I was unable to sleep whole night bcoz aliya hit Abhi… So sad

  17. Heartbroken because of how Aaliya hit Abhi.Pity for Pragya ,so sad to see her husband being treated like that. Why is Tanu in the house.Abhi needs good care, yes he may be mad but he needs someone like Pragya to look after him. He is hungry, giving him injections without anything to eat. The show is worrying us slot. This means bad ending.

    1. Sweet_Shadow

      this alia naam ka pagalpan behen naam mein kalank hai
      Bhai ko bhi marte hain kya?
      Ekat alia aur tanu pagal ho gaya hain

  18. Je disais bientôt qu’il est devenu fou mais bon bhagya comme d’habitude va géré et ensuite lutter contre Tanu et Aalya. Mais quand est-ce que ces 2 femmes seront puni

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