‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-42

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HELLO ALL…… how are you friends?? I never thought that you guys would love my ffs.. Thank you so much for all the love and support you guys are showering on me… I hope this will last till the end.. So, hope I’m on time… the weather is so critical that I’m afraid to use phone or lap… that took lot time to write the story… I’m on my ears for the late.. Ok fellas, let’s off to the part… Enjoy the part!!!…


Next day—-

10.00 am..

“ Sir, you were right!.. The concealed tender was made by some other guy.. “ Khanna informed Om who was checking few papers…

“ that’s great news.. now we can prove that Charlie was cheating on us… “ Rudhr supported Om…

Om “ No Rudy.. it’s just our talk.. we are saying this coz, the guy who make the concealed tender according to the processes are in London for few months…And as per the reports, there’s some other guy hired by the court for this purpose.. so what we have to find is that whether that concealed tender was made by the hired guy or by someone else.. even its possible that the hired person was kidnapped by Charlie’s men so that they could make a fake tender…  that’s why we’re saying that the tender is created by some other guy.. but we can’t assure that whoever made the tender is HIS guy… we have to prove this… “

Khanna “ but how sir? How are we gonna find the person? “

“ guys, guys, I’ve a doubt… Charlie’s home is in Mumbai… and the mansion of which the auction was about was near to Charlie’s house isn’t it? And now guys, we are in Mumbai… So we can go to the mansion where the auction was held and we can find something.. and if..if possible we can bring Anika bhabhi back… “ Rudhr looked Om saying and waited for his answer..

Om “ it’s good Idea Rudy but we cannot kidnap bhabhi from there.. Charlie won in the auction, so as per the signature, Anika bhabhi must be with HIM, otherwise it’ll be against the laws and Shivaay will be hurt more… No we can’t risk Shivaay’s life.. “

“ but what about bhabhi??? We cannot let her stay with HIM… didn’t you see what HE did with gauri didi and others? If HE can do all those, then there will be no hesitation for HIM to hurt bhabhi… O, we must do something…HE…HE is such a cruel man… how can you let bhabhi stay there? “ Rudhr shouted frustrated… Om looked him and held his shoulder..

“ What do you think Rudhr? I’m not cared for bhabhi? I’m firing from inside, but I’ve stay calm… “

“Why O? why should we keep silence ? “

“ If we do anything wrong, then HE will hurt bhabhi… first, what we have to do is to prove that Shivaay is the one who won the auction not HIM… After that we will hunt HIM like no other hunter has done before to any animal… I’ll crush him within the streets for hurting my brother and bhabhi.. but HE must be beaten by Shivaay… Shivaay should beat HIM for all the sins HE has done till date.. to Radhika aunty, to uncle, to Gauri, to bhabhi… didn’t you see what HE did with that little boy Raju!.. and..and his mother? HE just kicked her stomach.. and Thank God that she’s ok! Otherwise Raju would have lost His new unborn sibling… HE will be punished Rudhr… HE will be punished badly for everything HE did… every hunter will take a step back but not bcoz of scariness but to attack two times more energetically….” Om’s eyes blooded with anger which reflected in both Rudhr’s and khanna’s eyes… Rudhr hugged Om dropping a lone tear..

“ why bhayya isn’t waking? He’ll be alright na? “

Om closed his eyes remembering Shivaay and reciprocated the with watery eyes..

“ He’s our brother…. He’ll be fine.. He has to be.. for us, for bhabhi… “ Khanna faced down sympathetically witnessing the brother love..

@ 4.00 pm..

Charlie opened the door to see Anika sitting down near bed hugging her leg… HE moved close to her bent down and slowly touched her hair.. HE closed his eyes and felt the smoothness of the strands.. HE moved more close and tried to kiss her hand but the very moment, Anika looked up and moved back jerked… Anika moved back from him scared while HE gazed her lovingly..

“ why are you going away from me Anika? Come to me.. I can’t bear this Anika… please! Be with me.. “ Charlie lengthened his hands to touch her but Anika stroked it aside boldly..

“ don’t you dare to touch me… “ Anika warned him pointing her index finger…

“ ufff… your attitude is my favorite… I hurt you badly but still you are bold.. but not so long.. it’s our mehendi today.. “ Charlie said excitingly.. Anika was shocked with this response..

“ what? Our…our mehendi ? “

“ f’course dear… well, mehendi used to be in night! But I don’t have much patience.. it’s our mehendi.. and tomorrow, is our marriage… I don’t want any other functions.. I just want you.. and tomorrow morning will be our marriage…!!!!! “

“ huh! And you really think, this will happen? “ Anika looked into HIS eyes..

“ F’course It will happen.. Oh c’mon don’t say that you’re still waiting for your prince called Shivaay… “ Charlie held her hair lock and pulled it hardly…

Anika “ I’ll wait for him till my death… you may get my body, but not my heart.. I am Shivaay’s.. “

“ Shivaay…Shivaay..Shivaay…. jab dekho Shivaay ka naam, jaha dekho Shivaay ka naam… let me remind you Anika that he is DEAD!!! Ok? He is no more.. he is paralyzed… and he’s not gonna wake anymore… My eyes are 24×7 is behind him… I knew that you had called his brother to track the place… and I also know that he is in the best hospital of Mumbai.. I know everything about him… my men are always there.. “

“ but he is alive… “

“ Ohhhoo.. paralyzed is not ‘ living’ , its…its like ‘ not dying’… he is in Ventilator… his heart is beating but he cannot make a move not even his little finger can… He is taking breath just bcoz of a machine.. and note my words Anika.. if you one more time took his name, then it’ll take no time for my men to go the ventilator and destroy him.. do you understand me? “ Charlie sharped his voice while Anika was completely shattered hearing Shivaay’s condition… Charlie saw Chandru standing near the door crying.. HE went near him and pat his cheeks smiling…

“ don’t you show any sympathy on her… otherwise I’ll kill you too, like how I killed your mother!!!… “ Chandru shivered listening him and nodded his head positively..

“ Good boy!!… “ HE went looking Anika again..

Anika was broken from both sides… she cried loudly screaming Shivaay’s name.. but no one in that hell showed any melt on her.. Chandru slowly neared her and kneeled down helplessly…

“ pl..please tell HIM..HIM not to hurt Shivaay….. Chandru!!.. What will I d..do?! I..I don’t know… I want to meet Shivaay… Chandru please.. I want to see him… only once Chandru.. please… help me… just once!!… I.. I want to meet him.. AaAaaaahaaaHHahhhhhh………. Shivaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!… I’m sorry… I’m sorry Shivaay…. I’m sorry..  HhhaaaahHaA… Sorry!! SORRY!! SORRY!!!!!!!!>!>>!!<<!<!!!!…….. “

Chandru couldn’t see Anika like that… He hugged her while Anika sobbed out loudly…

@8.00 pm….

Many people were gathered inside the hall.. Sanjay was seated in a large golden Chair.. the sound of ‘ Cheers’ echoed inside the hall.. girls were dancing uncultured with men.. beer bottles and rum were the only water they knew..  Sanjay stood up and ticked the glass with the spoon to get everyone’s attention..

“ Ladies… and Gentlemen, or should I even call you gentle?.. “ everyone laughed with that.. “ so..friends, it’s my son’s marriage functions going on.. and today, this evening is gonna be a part of my beloved son’s mehendi!!!.. claps everyone.. “ they clapped joyfully.. “  well, look! Here comes my daughter in LAW!!!… “ everyone sighted towards the stairs and saw Charlie pulling Anika down with her hair.. Everyone laughed at Anika and cheered with happiness….Anika was trying to get out of his clutches but they were too strong to be freed… Charlie threw her into the floor and sipped down a mouth full champagne… everyone rounded Anika laughing and cheering.. they threw beer at her while she moved back scared..

“ hey..hey.. what are you all doing? Who throw beer at somebody? Arrey, throw kerosene or something… “ Charlie laughed immersed in toddy!.. Anika stood crying and ran from there but Sanjay held her arm tightly and pulled her back…

“ where do you think you are going?… you should be habituated to all of these.. after marriage, these people are your bed mates…. Do you like them ? Sanjay touched Anika lips but she jerked back with tearful eyes…. She was getting mad staying with these people..

“ OK..Dad!! Mehendi time.. But I will do mehendi for my lovely Anika…” HE held Anika’s hand tightly and took the mehendi from the bowl…

“ leave me… please!.. leave…. “ Anika’s beg didn’t even reach HIS ears with the loud cheer of others.. Charlie wrote the letter  ‘C’ in her palm but with her sudden shake, ‘C’ got turned down into ‘S’…  Charlie’s face turned red looking her palm… A little smile crept in Anika’s face seeing ‘ S’ resembling Shivaay!!!…

“ Shivaay…. “

Anika whispered which made Charlie a wild animal.. HE looked Anika angrily and pulled out the sword fixed in the wall and took aim to cut Anika’s hand… but the very moment, HE was stopped by Sanjay..

“ what do you think you are doing?? “

“ UrrrgGGhhGHHggghhhhHH…. Dad, just move… I want to cut her hand… Shivaay’s name should never come in her hand… move dad!!.. “ Charlie pushed Sanjay aside.. Anika was scared and horrified with this…

“ Charlie, I said NO!!… “ Sanjay looked at him nodding NO… HE looked Anika and pulled her near the wooden fire…

“No…No..Please… no… AaARa AaAaaaaa ghggaHHHHAGrrrrraaah.. hhhaahAH…… SHIVAAAAAAAA<<>!><!>!!! !!!! !!……….


Hey folks… how was the part? Hope I’m on time, right? This one was quite emotional… coming few parts will be somewhat like this.. but trust me fellas, the last part will definitely satisfy you all…

 The end is nearing friends… I will be delighted to know whoever reads this ff…. I see more likes than comments.. It’ll be great if the likers could disclose their review about my story…

Well, Nandu.. I’ve decided to reveal my real name to you.. but..but..but on the last part of the ff…On last part, I will disclose my name to you all.. but I like more to be called as Moon… So please call me Moon itself even after I reveal my name…

Thank you all for showering your love and support on me till date… Next one will take a bit more time…

Till then this is Moonlight_luver bidding a safe and happy farewell….

Take care everyone and stay blessed!!..


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  1. It’s fabulous I want to punish that Sanjay in front of Charlie and everyone…

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey chaya.. Thank you for the comment dear… Even I want to punish and finish that Charlie and Sanjay!… Glad to know that you loved it… keep reading friend!

  2. This part make me cry very emotional… Love u Moon

  3. Please don’t hurt Anika like Radhika and don’t let Charlie marry to Anika . I want excited sso should fight with him

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Sufi… don’t cry yaar, very emotional parts are coming ahead.. but no worries, the last part will blow all your tears out… Love ya too… thank you for commenting dear!
      No Chaya… Nothing will happen to Anika till SSO is alive.. just chill.. C’mon guys, Sanjay is my brother’s name.. I feel like my brother is a villain.. HAHAHHaaa…. yeah, in real life also, he is a VILLAIN!!…. just kidding.. well, about marriage, I can’t say anything! stay amazed for the coming parts… take care chaya and Sufi..

  4. Niriha

    Emotional update???..plz don’t hurt anika too much dear waiting for next part

  5. Heyyyy moon! Idk how I missed the previous part :p I so loved it yaar! Hehehh, yeh badiya hai, last part mai, now I can’t even say that i will be waiting for it :p chalo, no more pressuring you for it 😉 Coming to the story, it’s going great, fantabulous and amazing!

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Hey Nirihaaa… don’t worry friend everything will be fine and fair.. next part is posted.. read that one too if you have time.. Thank you so much for commenting friend.. keep reading!!..
      Hai Nandu.. what is this ‘ :p ‘ ??? next one will soon hit your eyes buddy.. well, now I’m concentrating on my second ff… yeah buddy, lot many pressures are coming… you know, as the studies have started, parents started talking a bit of advices.. well, that’s what they are special in.. Advices!!!… whatever, it’s their job to say!.. Thank you for the comment dear!… don’t push me high dear, my head will hit now.. HAhAhaa… take care buddy…

  6. Firstly tell me how many FFS are pending to reach last time then I will be prepared to read what you write.actually like this they learn from whom I mean that Charlie’s mother is not there to teach some manners to behave with ladies n how to love ladies.this is the sadism that he is showing on Anika than love.but Anika should stick on only shivaay.thrn he will do this type of blo*dy mistakes so that it helps the shivaay to awake recover to come n to fight back n win his anika.even though machines are unable to wake shivaay Anikas love will help to wake n give required energy to be the great wall of sso.Sso should do the oh my maata n punish not punish feel them that they are taking their breath un necessarily n living freely for wrong man handling with both maa daughters as they committed stupid sin in their life.they should feel that they met the correct person in their life.here I know to confess one principle for every action there is equal n opposite reaction.so Anika can feel shivaays pain n shivaay can feel Anikas love too even though they are out of senses.till Anika is alive shivaay too alive.n vice versa.for the first time I felt that short update is the best I don’t know u have this angle too n you wrote perfect that last I thought that the bad n worst days these are in shivaay Anikas life n these are the coming bad days are coming up in dad n son’s life too by shivaay n they should take sincere apologies to leave them by shivika too.i know that you are going to write n I will read it too.so please give this triple to the enough torcher n punishment to them by shivaay.lastly one more thing to praise you that you can effective in this angle too n made me privileged to feel like good way in the tragedy too.i will call u definitely moon as how much pretty the real name too I won’t call that n continue with moon friend .plz tell me what’s the meaning of chunk plz.

  7. Ek deal karega him moon plz write n post the last update n then post remaining updates so that it will easily to take remaining emotional updates.yee tho aacha hogi na.blah blah blah ok enough of my suggestions.now moon will think noooooooo mai pagal Nahi hi na I mean me.but you have to read n reply to this..but I support this what you write I will read that

    1. Moonlight_luver

      Haiiii Raji…. COME ON!!!.. you don’t have to write this much big comment.. do you have any idea how much time you’re wasting for making up all these lines!… even a single word is FAR ENOUGH for me… Thank you so much chunk.. heheee…. well, few more parts only.. just wait and read.. since you asked about Charlie’s mother, you can imagine that Sanjay killed her!! how’s that? No yaar, I never thought of that character… let me remind you buddy, this is just a fictional story!.. writing stories makes my daily life a bit relaxed.. there’s no connection with our real life.. Whoa Raji, you really have a big brain to imagine all these.. well, yes! Charlie ko zasa milega!.. that too from Shivaay himself.. OMM, yaar, thu physics lecturer hai kya? like Newton’s laws are coming from your mouth.. but one correction.. In our story, every action will have more than equal and opposite reaction!! that’s my law hhaaa!..
      So, do you think short updates are good? I can deduct my stories then.. think and tell me!.. Thanks for reading all the parts friend! I mean it.. arrey yaar, ithna angresi math likh thu, mujhe kuch samajh nehi aa raha hai… I think, I’ll have to go and take a dictionary over here… Awww.. thank you for understanding my feelings chunk… well, in malayalam, my name means ‘love’.. I’ll surely reveal my name.. but i like the name moon.. Arrey! you don’t know what chunk is? you could have asked me in the beginning…. chunk means our soul!.. we say like, he/she is my chunk! means the bestest buddy ever!.. you are no less than any chunk to me buddy..
      Wow! so let me ask you one thing, do you stretch your legs before sitting? No right? so just chill chunk.. first sit and then stretch.. even I want to post the last part.. but kya kare!! have to wait a little more.. take care chunk… love ya!

  8. Nikita_jai29

    It is well described as the flow of story…..

  9. ItsmePrabha

    Buddy, OmRu scene is Awesomely amazing…But Sanjay and Charlie are going to get Hefty number of punches from my side in my imaginary world…Chappy is Mind blowing…Will be ever enthusiastically waiting for the next..Till then Take care buddy..

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