Love don’t need words (Kanchi) ff chapter 13

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Hello! So here I am back……….thanku so so so much to all for commenting
RuCh23 (Ruwani di) Samidha Aafiya Amna Samaira0906 (Simran) Pooja Tanvi Aayu Dhruti and Pooja dear thanks once again for breaking ur silence?? and sorry for late but now I’ll try to be regular as I get 2 months vacation along with vacation work??

Previous:the entry of new antagonist
Next day:
Kabir and Sanchi were discussing something and just then Aliya entered in his cabin and gets angry to see Sanchi
Aliya:Good morning Kabir
Kabir:gm…..but u here
Aliya:why can’t I come here?
Kabir:no it’s nothing like that……it was just
Aliya:ok leave it Kabir would u like to come on lunch with me today
Sanchi:he is busy today
Aliya rolled her eyes and looked at Kabir
Sanchi went away
She was roaming angrily when she bumped with a guy……she was about to fall the guy held her…….he was completely lost in her and was not leaving her…….but a pair of eyes were getting angry to see this and there was a pair of eyes which were happy
Aliya and Kabir
Kabir (shouted):what is happening here
Boy leaves her and made her stand properly
Boy:r u ok
Kabir and Aliya come to Sanchi
Kabir:Sanchi r u ok
Sanchi:yeah Kabir I am fine
Kabir:and u can’t u just walk properly? (Kabir said looking at the boy)
Sanchi:Kabir relax it is not his fault I didn’t saw him and we both bumped
Kabir:hmm………btw who r u?……any new patient tell me what disease u have……..I think ur eyes r affected come we have best doctors come come
Boy:are I am not suffering from any disease I am new doctor here and my name is Akash……..Akash Chopra
(The role of Akash Chopra is played by Sharad Malhotra who is currently playing the role of Ranbir in Kasam tere pyaar ki)
(Aliya’s role is played by Aalisha Panwar who is currently playing the role of Aarohi/Tara in Ishq main marjaawan)
Kabir:Chopra…….Aliya’s caste is also Chopra
Aliya:yeah but I don’t know him
Kabir:so Akash u can meet Dr.Malhotra and Dr.Sunil there (he said pointing towards the cabins of Anand and Sunil)
He went but before going he looked at Aliya who gave him a smirk

After few days :

Sanchi and Akash now became good friends but Kabir gets jealous when ever he see them together……for Sanchi he was just his friend but for Akash it was more than being a friend to Sanchi

At morning:

In Suneel’s cabin:

Suneel to Kabir and Sanchi:u both have to make a project together being partner

Kabir and Sanchi looked at each other and smiled

Kabir and Sanchi:ok sir

He tells them about the project and then after understanding everything they leaved

At Kabir’s cabin:

Kabir was lost in some thoughts while Sanchi was busy in using mobile

Kabir:Sanchi…….r u seeing what i am seeing

Sanchi (still busy in mobile):what r u seeing?

He came behind her and whispered to her

Kabir:can’t u see that we r good partners or we can be more than just being partners

She hits him with elbow


Sanchi:don’t even try to think like this I am just ur partner in this project nothing more

And just then Akash enters

Kabir:yes any problem

Akash:ahh…… I just came to call Sanchi as it’s break time but can I know what was happening here?

Kabir:hhh…… just 5 mins happened she came here and u came so there was no chance of happening anything na….

She looked at him and then turned to Akash

Sanchi:no Akash it’s nothing like that I was going to canteen just now

Akash:ok so come I’ll give u company

Sanchi leaves and he went behind her

Kabir (shouted):oh hello she can go by herself……damn this guy……huffffff!


Ok stopping here for now I am not well that’s why not writing a long one btw Ramadan Mubarak to all my muslim friends? May God gives u the strength to keep fast take care guys and don’t forget to give ur precious like if u like it

Love u all??

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  1. Dhruti

    superb but please post next one asap with long story…………………………….

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    Post soon??

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    It was superb dear
    Good to see Kabir’s jealous side
    Post soon
    Take care

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  7. Aafiya

    It was superb… Thank you for your wishes..
    Post the next update as soon as possible..
    Take care..

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    So so amazing and awesome episode yaar…….or kabir ka jealousy pura jhakas yaar…… u lots dear…….tc yaar……

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