TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ TS = I know it might be a bit late but i love you Twinkle – Part 2

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Episode 1

Thanks everyone who commented on the previous part.
Kunj was worried that Twinkle was not in the room. He quickly rushed downstairs in his PJs and saw his mother Usha looking at him in a strange way.
U= Kunj what are you doing here in these clothes
K= maa where is Twinkle?
U= She went to college early today
Kunj was shocked as Twinkle would normally leave the house after her. When he went to their room. He got ready and was trying to find his tie, watch, shoes and files. He was trying to find them and scattered the whole room. Usha came in a saw the state of the room and smiled.
U= Kunj what happened?

K= Mum I’m trying to find my things but I can’t!
U= Twinkle normally keeps your things ready on the desk. So when you get ready everything is ready. Usha left the room and asked the cleaner to clean Twinj room so that it is ready when they both come back from work.
Kunj turned around to the desk and saw that all his things were there. He got all of his things and left for office. In office he was not thinking about the work all of his attention was on Twinkle. He was thinking about how she sorts his things out, serves him tea and cares for his necessities yet they don’t talk to each other. He then felt guilty for not talking to her and leaving her alone on their wedding night when he could have explained the things to her. He then remembered Usha word saying that he will defiantly like Twinkle. He smiled and thought to apologies to Twinkle so that they can start again.

Night Time
Everyone was eating dinner and Kunj was just admiring Twinkle. Twinkle noticed Kunj looking at her. He smiled at her but she just ignored him. He felt bad.
Twinj room
Twinkle was laying down on the couch whilst Kunj was laying down on the bed.
K= how come you never told me your going to leave early today Kunj said trying to start a conversation
T= You were sleeping anyway its not like we actually share any relationship that I should tell you
Kunj felt bad with what she said. He suddenly got a call from his best friend and partner UV who told him that they will have to go to Westwood college tomorrow to give a talk on business. Kunj was very excited. He also knew that Twinkle teaches in Westwood college and smiled. He saw Twinkle was getting uncomfortable sleeping on the couch as she kept tossing and turning.
K= Twinkle you can sleep here

T= No I am fine here thanks
For some strange reason he couldn’t see Twinkle sleeping on the couch for some reason. He stood up and went to the couch and Twinkle kept looking at him. Within no time he carried her in his arms and Twinkle also never denied. He then placed her on the bed and asked her to sleep there.
T= where will you sleep?

K= on the bed next to you
Twinkle made a face but Kunj told her that they will keep will keep a pillow barrier. It was the first time that they both slept peacefully after they were married.
The next day Twinkle and Kunj both woke up and smiled at each other. Twinkle then remembered Kunj bitter words about how they will leave each other. She quickly got out of bed and got ready for college. Twinkle and Kunj both left soon.

Kunj had arrived to Westwood college with UV as they were good business men at a young age. They were welcomed in the college. After the talks had ended all the girls were talking about how they found both Kunj and UV good looking especially Kunj.
Twinkle had entered a room were her colleagues that included Mahi, Chinki , Rahul, Jia Abhay were sitting down. They were all taking and Rahul began to flirt with Twinkle. Twinkle didn’t like it as she was married,even though her relationship with Kunj was not strong she still had feelings for him.
T= Rahul you do know I am married

R= Unfortunately
Suddenly the Principal had come in that room with UV and Kunj and other people who had arrived in college to give talks to students.
Pr= hello staff
All the staff stood up and Twinkle was shocked to see Kunj. He looked at her and smiled and she smiled back at him. They both felt happy. Chinki and Mahi who were standing next to Twinkle noticed this and smiled and whispered in Twinkle ear
Ch= Your not at home

M= exactly can you feel the silent romance
T= shut up
The principal introduces the lecturers to the other people who had come to for the talks. Later he asked the staff to talk to the guest.
UV= Bhabhi how are you?
T= I’m fine you
Rahul= Bhabhi?
Ch= yes Bhabhi

M= how are you jiju?
K= I am fine thanks
A student then came to talk to Twinkle. Twinkle then excused herself to talk to the student. After she had finished talking to Twinkle she saw Rahul who was looking at her in a bad way. Twinkle felt very uncomfortable by the way he was seeing her. He was about to say something to Twinkle but Kunj came. Twinkle felt a relief and looked at Kunj and smiled.
K= Twinkle what are you doing here?
T= I was speaking to a student
Kunj looked at Rahul and understood that something was wrong with the way he was looking at Twinkle.

Kunj forwarded his hand= Hi I am Kunj Sarna Twinkles husband and giving her a side hug. Twinkle to reciprocated.
Rahul was a bit shocked but shook his hand with Kunj. Soon they started to talk to other colleagues. Twinkle didn’t have any other lectures so was going to go home.
K= twinkle we will go home together
T= Ok
They left after a while. They were both sitting in the car.
K= are you ok
T= yes you

K= not bad
T= thank you Kunj
K= why
T= for being protective near Rahul
K= its my duty
They both looked at each other and smiled.
K= Twinkle I want to talk to you about something
T= hmmmmm

Hope you enjoyed it please share your views

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