TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ TS = I know it might be a bit late but i love you Twinkle

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What are you saying mum? I can’t marry a girl I have never met before and on top of that a girl who is illiterate.
Kunj what are you saying. She is an army commander’s daughter and a English lecturer so she is not illiterate Kunj said his mother Usha. I am telling you she is a really nice girl you will defiantly like her.

Mum loving a girl and liking a girl is different. You know I can’t change my life style for anyone and going into a relationship with anyone is not my cup of tea mum.
Just shut up Kunj. I have decided you are going to marry her. It was also your fathers wish that you marry his friend’s daughter. (Manohar is in coma after fighting in a battle in war he hurt himself badly and slipped into coma)
Kunj looked at his mother who had tears in her eyes so he decided to marry that girl, who was no one else then Twinkle.
Twinkle was a simple girl who loved her family a lot. She also enjoyed being a English lecturer at the age of 24. For her marriage was an important decision. A person that she would spend her whole life with and having a family with. She always knew that she would marry her father’s friend’s son. She was looking forward for this new phrase of life.

Belonging to a traditional Punjabi family, Twinkle and Kunj couldn’t meet each other till their wedding day as it was happening very fast. The marriage was going to take place in a Gudwara. Kunj was welcomed in the Gudwara by Twinkles family. Twinkle arrived some time later. Kunj didn’t even bother to look at her. All he knew that he was marrying a girl that his father wanted her too. He prayed that his father came out of coma soon so that he can leave Twinkle. Soon Twinkles Bidaai had happened. She and Kunj were sent to a resort afterwards. She was shocked as Kunj didn’t talk to her ever since the wedding had taken place. He never even bothered to look at her. She entered the resort and went to the room first. Like a traditional bride she sat down on the bed waiting for her husband to come. She waited an 1 nearly 2 it was nearly midnight and Kunj didn’t turn up. She began to get worried and left the room to search for her husband. \

People in the resort were looking at the new bride who was tensely looking around. People were laughing at her making her worried. She didn’t know what to do and went back to her room. She tried to call Kunj but he didn’t receive her call. She cried as she never knew what to do and never expected her wedding night to be like this. Whilst crying she fell asleep. She woke up the next morning and saw Kunj already in his smart clothes waiting for her. She didn’t know how to react. She then heard her husbands voice for the first time.

K= get ready then we have to go to your parents house for the post marriage rituals.
Without saying anything she went to get ready. She was wearing a pink and silver salwar kameez. She didn’t feel like getting ready but she didn’t want her family or anyone else to know what happened between her or Kunj. She came out of the bathroom dressed up all nicely and did her make-up slightly heavy to cover her eye bags. They left the resort and went to her home. The car journey was very quiet. They reached her home where they were welcomed with lots of love. She was then taken to another room by her best friends Mahi and Chinki. They began to tease.
CH= so how was your wedding night twinki
Twinkle never said anything but smiled.
Ma= awwww someone is blushing

Twinkle couldn’t take it anymore but tears were flowing from her eyes.
CH= what happened why are you crying?
M= Twinki is Kunj ok? I hope he never done anything wrong?
T= No its nothing like that I missed you all so much, how will I stay alone with no-one
CH= Twinkle its ok its your new life
M= Yes Twinki, you and Kunj make a cute couple by the way
Twinkle smiled.

Soon Twinkle was called to go to her new home. She left her home and went to her sasurural where she was welcomed with lots of love.
Twinkle then prepared food for her in-laws which was appreciated by everyone apart from Kunj.
Time went by and Twinkle started her lectures at college again. She would also make coffee and tea for Kunj when he would prepare for his meetings. She also felt bad but never expressed. She would cry maybe every day.
2 months went by but Twinkles and Kunj relationship was still there. They would not communicate with each other. Manohar had improvements in his health and he also woke up from coma. He was very happy to see his son married to his friends daughter and was happy.
That night Twinkle was preparing for her next lecture when Kunj entered the room. It was the first time he was going to talk to her so he didn’t know how to start.
K= ummm I want to talk to you?
Twinkle was shocked
T= hmmm
K= actually Twinkle the truth was that I never wanted to marry you but papa always wanted me to get married to RT uncles daughter meaning you. When mum told me about this marriage I refused first as I cant share or change my life for anyone but I still got married to you and now that papa is fine we can explain to him that we don’t want to be together and we will make them understand.
Twinkle just looked at Kunj and smiled. She didn’t know how to react. Kunj was shocked with her reaction and didn’t know what to say and she definatly didn’t want to cry in front of him.

Kunj had left the room . When he entred the room he saw Twinkle sleeping on the couch. He closed the door and went closer to her to wrap the blanket on her properly . When he was putting the blanket over her he could felt that the blanket was wet. He touched Twinkle and saw that she wasn’t sleeping but crying. He couldn’t see that.
K= hey what happened why are you crying? He asked with concerns.
Twinkle didn’t say anything and wiped her tears.
T= Goodnight she said and wrapped the blanket over her and went to sleep.
Kunj felt bad.

The next day when he woke up he saw Twinkle wasn’t in the room. This made Kunj worried
Hope you enjoyed it
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  4. Monaa

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    Keep smiling..☺☺

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