Tara From Satara 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Shatru Realizes Tara’s Plan

Tara From Satara 31st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shatru comes to Sachin’s chawl and looking at his, Sachin, and Srilekha’s pics says good memories. Sachin asks if he is remembering his sins, how does borrowed fame and money feel, does he get sleep after stealing his Manmane step. Shatru says he has changed from fearful Sachin to fearless Satara’s Sachin. Sachin warns that he will be in trouble soon. Shatru asks who will expose him, Tara? Sachin says yes Tara, she will not only win Dancer No 1 competition but also expose him. Sachin says he has come prepared this time. Shatru says he will defame them both and he will be more famous instead as he is getting lifetime achievement best choreographer award. Tara says she has already defamed him and calls reporters in. Reporters ask if he is really a thief, did he steal Sachin’s step. Shatru realizes its his imagination and he reaches studio where he sees photographer clicking his pic and stops him. Cameraman says he is here to take his interview for his best choreographer award. Tara noticing it informs Amukh that Shatru looks very tensed, they need to trouble him more.

Tara speaks to Sachin over phone and informs about Shatru’s behavior. Sachin says they should provoke Sachin more and gives her idea. Shatru’s interview starts. RT, Srilekha, and Ahuja praise Shatru. Amukh says they should take Sachin dada’s interview also. Shatru gets tensed hearing Sachin’s name. Tara brings peon Sachin and says he is working here since years. Shatru says he respects rich, poor and does find any difference as he is also from a poor family. Amukh drops tea on his watch and he shouts at him, then says he has to each lesson to kids. Tara reminisces Sachin telling that Sachin loves his watch a lot which he bought with his first salary. Shatru thinks they are doing this purposefully, he knows what to do.

RT tells Tara that he saw her prank video and she will stay back in studio and rehearse till her finale, she should also thank Shatru for forgiving her and giving her a chance. Shatru taunts Tara that he can kick her out of competition if he wants and make her a loser like her father. Tara dance practices. He thinks he will insult her during finale.

Precap: Shatru gets Sachin caught in academy and insults him. RT says Sachin cannot break rules.

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