Shubharambh 31st January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani gets angry on Raja

Shubharambh 31st January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja asks Asha if everything is done? Asha says yes, go and change. She sends him away and cries. Raja comes back and hugs her. He says sorry. Asha cries and shakes her head. Raja smiles at Kirtida and leaves. Asha hugs Kirtida.

In the function, Asha covers her face and thinks how Kirtida said that her face can’t be seen. Raja comes there and strikes with her. Asha doesn’t let him see her face and goes from there.

Rani makes a sandwich for Raja and makes a smiley with ketchup.

Mehul is working in the shop. A cute girl enters there. Mehul checks her out and smiles. Her mom says we want to see a gents suit. The girl goes to buy a balloon for her brother. Mehul pays for her. Does the girl ask if they have females clothes too? Mehul says you have a husband, we are sending matching clothes. She says I don’t have a boyfriend, I might not be interested in the couple’s dresses but I can be interested in something else. She smirks at Mehul and goes to check the dresses. The girl Divya tries to control her brothers but they are fighting. Raja comes there and plays with the kids. Rani comes there and sees him playing with the kids. She gets angry seeing Hitank and Mehul selling while Raja handling the kids. She thinks that all are working while Raja is playing with the kids? She is hurt seeing it and leaves from there.

Rani recalls Raja working on mundane tasks in the shop and is angry.

Rani is cooking in the kitchen. Raja looks at her but she ignores him. She mistakenly drops a plate and says sorry. Mehul ignores Jharna too. Raja comes to Rani and asks what happened? She says we will talk in the room.

Rani tells Raja that you were handling the kids when all were working? Anyone could have handled the kids. Raja says those were client’s kids and it benefited the shop, what if Hitank gave the presentation, it doesn’t matter. Rani says Hitank and Mehul could have handled the kids too. Raja says Hitank gives good presentations so he does it. Rani says I don’t like what I saw. Raja says we are getting good business so what’s the issue? Rani says I am not able to tell you. Raja says it’s okay and leaves.
PRECAP- Gunvant asks Raja why he called everyone there? Raja says I have come to ask for something, I want duties in the shop. All are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. About time Raja you are the owner of the shop & house & theses relatives are sponging off you Open your eyes ? Mehul is useless & Jhana most annoying Hitank doesn’t even speak to his wife properly & kirtida treats her as a servant no wonder the other has time do nothing & grow big

  2. Verma4

    Fecken hate u Asha but u will not be able to separate the Raja Rani jodi. Well done Raja, about time you grow a pair.

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