Tara From Satara 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Shatru’s Suggestion For Arjun

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Tara walks to RT and says she will dance. Bedani seeing that thanks god for listening to his prayers. RT asks Tara if she is sure she can perform. Bedani says if she has walked till her, she will also dance. RT says dancing and walking is different, if Tara is sure she can give her best performance. Tara says yes and says thanks a ton. Competetion starts. Amol on stage announces Rahul’s performance on UP wala thumka lagawoon…song.. in Govinda’s style. Rahul wishes good luck to Tara and taunts that she got Radhika out of show,walking on stage performs in Govinda’s style. All 3 judges praise his performance.

Aaji walks in calling Bedani’s number, but it is not reachable. Tara seeing her calls. Aaji says Bedani’s phone is not reachable, how is her leg. She says she can’t hear. Aaji signals how is her leg. Tara asks football, Kabbaddi. Aaji shows her foot. Tara says it is fine. Aaji signals her to perform without any fear. Tara gets nervous on backstage. Bedani cheers her up and suggests to dance like she danced during Satara audition and Ankit gave her yellow card imagining she is dancing alone.

Next contestant Anshul dances on Pehla Pehla Pyar hai..song. Amol calls Arjun next on stage. Tara wishes him good luck. Arjun walks towards stage and reminiscing Tara’s words that she always takes bappa’s blessing before doing anything, hence he prays Bappa. He walks on stage and performs on I am a disco dancer song.. Judges praise him. Shatru asks where is he from. Arjun says from Bhai Biskute Chawl. Shatru says even he started his journey from Bhai Biskute chawl, if he wants to reach his goal, he should be like real Arjun aiming at his goal and forgetting his relatives and friends. Arjun nods okay. Shatru asks why only dance. Arjun says from where he came, people can’t even stand, so he thought of dancing. Shatru praises his dance and says he started dancing and should learn flying soon. Arjun walks backstage ignoring Tara. Amol calls next contestant Divya on stage who dances on Naino me sapna..song… in Sridevi’s style. RT asks Tara if she is ready. Tara reminisces Sachin’s ordeal and says she is ready. RT says next its her perrformance.

Precap: Tara dances on Cheel Cheel Chillake…song. Shatru announces Arjun in #3 position and Tara in #2 position. Arjun gets jealous of Tara.

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