Nimki Vidhayak 2nd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Nimki and Parag plan together

Nimki Vidhayak 2nd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki tells Shukla about his men going to Ganga’s side. Shukla says they are my trusted men, they can’t change their sides. Nimki says but Ganga told me about meeting them. Nahar says they are going to meet her tomorrow at her farmhouse. Shukla takes his manager aside and says keep an eye on them. Nimki says nobody should know that I met you, she leaves.

Dadi sees two-man talking. A man asks another man about Minto’s Dadi’s name, he asks if her name is Ladli Singh? Someone was asking for it showing his Dadi’s photo. Dadi stops them and asks them to get lost. She comes in the house and says Ganga is searching for me, she can do anything for her gain, she can cheat Minto too, he won’t be able to bear it. I will take Minto away from here. She leaves from there. Minto comes home and asks for Dadi. Mai says don’t ask for her, she is not a good person. Minto tells Rekha to take care of Mai. Rekha says I need some money. Minto says okay. Dadi comes there and asks Rekha to call him Minto. Dadi packs her bag and says we are leaving, it is happening because of Mai. Mai says you are trying to take my Babbu away? Dadi says he is my Minto, I will take him away. Minto asks Dadi what happened? Mai says Babbu you can’t leave me, not this oldie nor that Nimki. Minto says I am not going anywhere, you go and rest. Rekha takes her away. Dadi tells Minto that you have to come with me. Mai comes there and asks if they are going out? Minto goes with her. Dadi thinks that if I keep Minto here then Ganga will take him away… but Ganga knows me and not Minto, if I don’t stay here then she won’t know about Minto.

Scene 2
All the girls are playing in the farmhouse. Mahua talks to a girl and puts wrapper in the bin. She finds a newspaper and sees the news of the competition, she tells a girl that I feel something is wrong here. The girl says everything is fine, they are even letting us talk to our family, don’t worry and enjoy. The teacher asks them to keep running. A guy tries to take Mahua but the teacher stops him and says what are you doing Sanjeev? He says this Mahua is smart. The teacher says you killed a girl before and the client got angry so don’t do anything stupid, when is Mishra sending his man? He says tomorrow.

Nimki calls Parag and says I have trapped Shukla and he is going to do what we want. Parag says you are a player. Nimki asks how is Ganga feeling? Parag says she is feeling good. Nahar asks Nimki to praise him too. Nimki scolds him and says you are just a manager. Nimki says I will forward the message to Shukla, I will update you. Parag says you are confident, I like it. Nimki says tell Mishra to not over-act there. Parag says I will tell him, he ends the call.

Mishra calls someone and says I won’t do this mistake which happened previously, I will handle these girls easily. Ganga says what can you handle?

PRECAP- Shukla’s minister tells Nimki that she is taking less money from Parag. Nimki brings Shukla there and slaps his minister thinking he has joined Ganga’s party.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What the makers think as master political strokes of Nimki are actually worse than childish pranks, what they think that Nimki is a harbinger of some great socio-cultural revolution is actually a maligrant dance of the absurd, what they think that Nimki is a great entertainer is actually a bhonda masquerade of the bhand. In one word, f’all.

    1. Well said, Qadir. It is a time tested dictum that ‘end justifies the means’ is wrong and ‘not only the end, but also the means must be ethically and morally correct’ is correct. Here what ethic or morality can be expected from an extra marital, power crazy, self centered, murderess of own child and husband, and a cunnig and ruthless woman Nimki, who is supposedly the heroine of the serial, but is actually a vamp? Doomsday!

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