Tara From Satara 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Tara’s Kathak Practice

Tara From Satara 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tara practices Kathak. Radhika asks her to concentrate. In Satara, Sachin and Sarita watch news about Dancer No 1’s semifinal rounds and 5 contestants’ names. Sarita packs Sachin’s bags. Sachin says he still has 2 days to leave for Canada and visa has not yet arrived, so she can wait till then. Varun informs that travel agent called and informed that dada’s visa and ticket both are ready. Sachin says he is going for just 2 weeks and asks not to disturb Tara and Radika as they both are busy working. Chinu suggest him to speak in English as he needs to speak in English in Canada. Sachin says Oh Yes Got it… They all laugh.

Tara sees Shatru and asks him if she did right by choosing kathak form. Shatru says it is a boss decision as kathak runs in her blood through her father and she should practice well, if not she can just copy the steps and practice so much that even in sleep she should be able to dance. Rahul standing at a distance gets a call from his aide that Tara’s ratings are way higher than him, so he asks aide to troll Tara with memes judges’ puppet, luck by chance, etc.. and send him people’s reaction. Radhika walks to him and says he should practice more. Rahul says he doesn’t need any teacher and taunts that she froze on stage during her performance.

Chinu and Varun see Troll message on Tara and gets concerned. Sachin asks reason and checking memes says what people think should not matter for Tara and only family opinion should matter as people’s nature is to praise some and then throw down like used flowers, Tara should fight for herself and learn the grace of dancing. Sarita asks Sachin to meet Tara as he is going to Mumbai. Sachin says its Tara’s semifinal and she may get nervous seeing him, so he will not meet her. Sarita says Tara is performing Kathak, so he should met and guide her.

Tara practices Kathak and tells Bedani that she doesn’t want to just copy dance but to learn it gracefully and feel happiness like she usually does. Shatru walks to her and scolds her to practice instead of roaming around. Radhika sees Arjun’s practice and praises him. Shatru sees Radhika’s performance and praises her.

Precap: Before Tara’s semifinal performance, she prays bappa t that she should get her baba’s blessing. Sachin passes by.

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    Tara is so blind, thank God sisters are now together again.

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