Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 17th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Anshuman Rescues Rochak

Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 17th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rochak falls from cliff. Kajal pleads for help. Tanya’s aide walks to her and in lieu of helping pushes her. Anshuman reaches on time and pulls her back and asks aide what is he doing here. Aide says he was helping madam. Kajal cries that Rochak fell from cliff. Anshuman picks Rochak and gets him in car. He drives car while Kajal holding Rochak tries to wake him up. Anshuman gets jealous and thinks Rochak is the problem between him and Kajal, so he has to get rid off Rochak from Kajal’s life. They both take her to hospital and after getting him treated take him to Kajal’s house. Rashmi relaxes seeing them and asks Kajal where was she, if she is not worried about family at all, she had to call Ravji and Sunehri for help, etc. Kajal stands silently. Anshuman informs that Rochak fell from cliff, so they had taken him to hospital.

Tanya’s aide informs him that Kajal escaped. She fumes in an anger and breaks things around. She then calls Kamini and informs that her son failed their plan and now himself fell from cliff and injured himself. Kamini rushes towards Rashmi’s house.

Anshuman takes Kajal out and asks why she went to cliff. Kajal says he doesn’t know what is going in her mind and after a bit of drama reveals that she loves him. He gets happy hearing that and says such a beautiful girl proposed him, he is so lucky, and hugs her. A romantic song plays in the background. Anshuman calls her, and she realizes it is her imagination. Kamini walks to her and asks where is Rochak. She says he is inside house. Kamini walks to Rashmi and blames her for Rochak’s condition. Kajal walks in and warns her to speak to her and not mamma. Kamini then blames both for Rochak’s condition. Rashmi says she has to bear insult because of Kajal’s foolishness. Kajal asks Rochak to go away and never return. Kamini provokes Rochak if he has a bit of self-respect left, he shouldn’t come here. Rashmi tries to help Rochak, but Kamini yells at her and warns her to go and suicide instead of doing all these sins. She also warns Kajal to stay away from Rochak from hereon and not lure him again.

Anshuman angrily breaks things at home. Tanya tries to calm him down. He says Kajal is not agreeing to be his dance partner, Tanya has to convince her and asks to promise her. Tanya says he is her brother and can’t be so weak. He asks what can he do then, she should handle his situation somehow and make sure Kajal becomes his dance partner. Tanya says Kajal is not a toy to be bought, her mother will not let it happen. Anshuman insists to try once. She agrees. Back home, Kamini yells that Rashmi and Kajal must have done black magic on him, etc.. Rochak thinks Kajal will realize his love some day.

Precap: Kajal proposes Anshuman in real.

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