Tara From Satara 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Tara And Arjun’s Fight

Tara From Satara 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tara informs Aaji how Shatru helped him and says she feels he has changed and really wants to repent. Arjun returns home and gets concerned seeing his mother’s condition worsening and she getting a coughing spell and forcefully takes her to hospital. He sees Tara and thinks he will not inform her that he will come to academy late as he may reach on time somehow. Next day, Tara reaches academy and waits for Arjun. She slips while rehearsing. Rahul and others taunt her. Arjun calls Bedani. Tara picks call and asks why is he late. He says he is not in mood and then says his mother is in hospital, which Tara doesn’t hear due to loud music. Radhika and Venky ask where is Arjun. Tara says Arjun informed that he is not in mood. Radhika says she will note down in her comment and Venky informs RT. Arjun comes late. Arjun taunts him. RT scolds him. Arjun says he informed Tara that his mother is in hospital, so he will come late. RT says any excuses will not be entertained and warns him to be in limits if he wants to perform further.

Sachin walks into his gurukul and sees students dancing like Tara. Varun stops them and asks what are they doing. They say they are dancing like Tara who is versatile. In the evening, Sachin returns home and informs Sarita about the incident and says they were not dancing with grace like Tar a. Sarita is amazed to hear Sachin praising Tara.

Arjun confronts Tara for lying. Tara says she just told what he asked to inform. Their argument starts. Arjun walks away fuming. Arjun makes Tara’s falling pic as meme and circulates it. Bedani shows meme to Tara and asks who must have posted it. Tara says its definitely Arjun and walking to his kholi asks if he posted this meme. He says he did and asks what will she do. Tara walks away venting out her anger on him. Arjun’s friend asks reason. Arjun explains what happened and says Tara wouldn’t believe her and would continue shouting, so he said he posted that meme.

Sarita calls Tara seeing meme and asks who posted it. Tara gets nervously knowing her parents found out and says Arjun posted it.. Sachin in the background says it is definitely Shatru and warns to be careful. Tara says she will remember baba’s all advice. Sachin says he doesn’t want Tara to know about his past and feel bad, Tara hears that but acts and tells Aaji that baba should not know that they know about his past.

Precap: Divya laughs reading comments on Tara’s meme. Tara confronts her and says she doesn’t have 10 years’ experience like her, but she will continue her struggle and not give up.

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