Patiala Babes 14th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Neil Has A Bad Morning

Patiala Babes 14th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie and Arya laugh seeing Neil wearing black sock in one foot and white in another. Neil says those wicked people threw out his belongings, he could somehow manage finding socks and clothes. Minnie stops him and asks to sleep now and dare not get out of room and wander around. Neil agrees and locks door, but finds it difficult to fall asleep. In another room, Arya asks Minnie if Neil must have slept by now, let her go and check her. Minnie says she has kept water in his room and there is no need to go. Arya says will he sleep on her bed daily. Minnie says he has to leave and find another accommodation. Arya says let us rent him a room in our house itself. Minnie asks her to sleep now. Arya reminisces astrologer’s words that people with Leo sign may find their dream man, imagines dancing with Neil.

Next morning, Puro comes to work speaking over phone to her husband and seeing Neil’s cart gets suspicious. She walks into Arya’s room asking her to wake up and seeing Neil runs down shouting thief. Laala walks in and asks reason her for panicking. Puro says a thief has entered house with his cart. Laala takes a stick and they both royally trash Neil. Neil shouts he is Patiala Babes Restaurant’s head chef Neil Oberoi. Laala and Puro stop. Minnie and Arya reach the spot. Neil blames her for the confusion as she couldn’t get him a rented room. Minnie tries to prepare tea and breakfast. Neil finds many mistakes and says he will prepare breakfast today. Arya enjoys their drama.

Biji tells NB that Babita was shy and old fashioned, so she tolerated Khatri and others’ nonsense, but Minnie is modern and will not spare Khatri. Laala says Khatri was behind getting Neil out of room and he will not let Neil get a room. He then boasts that he is promoted as thanedar now and used his power to frighten Khatri and warned him not to trouble Minnie and Arya now as Neil is staying in their house. NB scolds him in her style.

Kammo does Mrs. Sandhu’s head massage and provokes her to not let Neil get a room. Sandhu says Neil is in Minnie’s house. Kammo says like Babita went to HS’ house as a tenant and then trapped and married him, Minnie will trap Neil and marry him, so Sandhu should do something. Sandhu asks what can she do. Kammo seeing Saroj passing by plans to provoke Saroj.

Precap: Minnie tells Saroj that she is ashamed of Saroj for what she did with her and her Babes and is quite because of Arya. Saroj shows to vent out her anger then.
Minnie asks Neil if he would like be her tenant, he doesn’t have to pay any deposit amount.

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    Looks like babita abd hanuman singh story all over agian ????

  2. Same as season 1 story babita and Hanuman

    1. Its now a excellent show after mini refused to go Australia

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