Tantra 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Saudamini counters Guru Jee’s attempt to locate Tantra

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Tantra 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Niyati tells the police inspector that Saudamini was all alone and shot her when she tried to protect Bharat. Saudamini wonders what Niyati is upto, she didn’t mention Kanchan’s name. Kanchan also wonders why she lied to police though she had shot her. Sumati and her family tell the inspector that they are all well aware Niyati always disliked Saudamini, they can’t trust her against Saudamini. Prithvi, Dadi and Nani were however in Niyati’s favor. The police agrees to investigate Saudamini as well. Niyati thinks she can’t tell anyone that Saudamini did that Tantra.
Kanchan was worried that police must be here anytime. Saudamini decides to give a good reply to Niyati’s plan.
Prithvi thanks Guru jee to protect his daughter. Guru jee says it was his responsibility to help Niyati. Prithvi asks Akshat to drop Guru jee securely to his home. Niyati thinks they can’t let Guru jee leave. She at once complains of pain in her bullet injury. Akshat says Guru jee has treated Niyati till now. Prithvi requests Guru ji to treat Niyati till she gets better. Guru jee agrees to stay. Dadi goes to make arrangements for his stay. Prithvi offers Guru ji any kind of help needed.
Niyati comes to her room and was upset for Sumati. Akshat comes to ask her take some rest, she hasn’t recovered completely yet. Niyati was upset about hurting Sumati. Sumati was right but none believed her. She was the one to teach her the truth, but today she proved her wrong today. Akshat assures Niyati that the day Sumati knows about her sacrifices she will surely forgive her. He tells her not to cry. Niyati asks what happens to him if she cries. Akshat jokes that she looks like a monkey while crying. Niyati was thankful to Akshat for doing everything for her. Akshat replies he had no choice. Niyati says yes, he is her friend. Akshat looks away and asks if only a friend? He holds Niyati closely and says I love you Niyati. Niyati was nervous. Akshat laughs that it was a joke. Guru jee comes there and tells Niyati tonight they must find the spot where lies the foundation of Tantra. He tells Niyati they will do it at 12am when everyone has slept. Saudamini watches this through the cell phone and says she will be ready at 12am to counter. Akshat tells Niyati to sleep now, he will wake her up ten minutes before 12.
At midnight, Guru jee tells Niyati and Akshat that black magic is spread all across the house. He says they will take help of the powers of Tantra to discover the roots of this Tantra. He says the coals would work as magnets and take them to the roots of Tantra. Saudamini was outside Jalsa and watch Guru jee work with the coals. The magnets begin to move. Guru jee says they will lead them to foundations of Tantra. Kanchan was worried that this man may reach basement this way. Saudamini was thoughtful, then tells Kanchan to stop right here while she herself leaves the car. She arrives at the gate of Jalsa and says she got the fragrance to eliminate the effects of Mantra and counter the magnetic effects of coal.
The fragrance bottle breaks on the floor of Jalsa, the smell flies to the house and stops the moving coal. Guru jee continues with his Mantra, but the coals now move their way back and lead them outside Jalsa towards Saudamini. They stop at the main door of Jalsa and shocked to see Saudamini there.

PRECAP: Niyati was tensed that the second night is about to end. Sumati came outside and announces that until Niyati is perfectly fine, she will stay in her room. Guru jee decides to find the roots of Tantra without Saudamini’s help.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    Thanks for the update Sona.

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Akshat and Niyati look cute together… He confessed his feelings but Niyati is so mich disturbed that she didn’t understood and he made it as joke…

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