Internet Wala Love 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Rupa sends goons to beat Shubhankar

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Internet Wala Love 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shubhankar running behind the auto calling Aadhya, but she don’t hear him. Aadhya asks driver to drive fast. Rupa worries for Jai and thinks he might be shivering in pain. She is leaving in night with bag. Shubhankar comes there and asks Police Inspector to arrest her, says Rupa and her son have kidnapped my daughter. Dadu says Jai and Aadhya are matured kids, and we shall call and ask them. Rupa calls Jai, but he doesn’t pick her call. Diya calls Shubhankar and tells something. Shubhankar reaches home and goes to Jai’s tent and asks him where did he take his daughter out in night. Aadhya comes and tells that she took Jai to hospital as he was having 104 degree fever. Rupa asks Jai to lie down. Jai says I am fine. A fb is shown, Aadhya checks his fever and asks him to come to hospital, but he refuses. Aadhya helps him to get up and takes him to hospital. Shubhankar checks Jai and says his body is cold. Aadhya shows the prescription and says doctor gave him injection. Inspector asks Shubhankar not to waste his time next time. Shubhankar tells Aadhya that jai is fooling her. Dadu asks him not to forget that Jai had fought for her many times. He explains. Aadhya tells Jai that she is still angry with him and didn’t forget Papa’s promise. She asks him to go.

Dadu asks Jai to come home. Jai says Aadhya’s forgiveness is my stubbornness and until I tell my feelings to her, I will not come. Rupa says you are refusing Dadu. Dadu asks her to let Jai take his own decisions. They leave. Shubhankar takes Aadhya inside. Jai is resting in the tent and closes his eyes. He imagines Aadhya near him, she tells that he is stupid, and says you never understood my feelings and love for you. Jai says I am really stupid, I really didn’t understand. I want to tell which you wanted to say always. He says Aadhya I love….and then sees her gone. He realizes she is his imagination. Aadhya is in her room and crying. Main tenu samjhawa ji plays……..

Aadhya cries and says I know what you wanted to tell me, but it is too late now. There is nothing left now. She wakes up in the morning and checks the time. She thinks to give medicine to Jai and comes to his tent. She couldn’t see him and thinks where did he go? Jai comes and asks if she is missing him. Aadhya says no and says I was waiting for you to go. Jai asks her to eat samosa and jalebi. Aadhya refuses and asks him to have medicine, Neighbors come there and taunt them. Jai makes Aadhya have samosa. Someone calls Shubhankar and asks him to make Aadhya understand and Aadhya and Jai’s videos are getting viral with Internet love as tagged. Shubhankar comes there holding the hockey stick and asks him to go. Neighbors taunt on Aadhya’s character and tagged her bad. Shubhankar gets angry and beats him. Aadhya cries. Jai tells him that he will not go from there. Aadhya tries to stop him and comes infront of Jai. Jai moves her and asks her to go. Shubhankar beats him again. Aadhya comes infront of him and gets hit by him. Jai shouts Aadhya.

Aadhya pleads infront of Shubhankar to leave him and says Jai will leave. Shubhankar gives him 1 hour and goes. Aadhya folds her hands and asks Jai to leave, and says she can’t see him getting beaten. She says sorry. Jai agrees to go for her. He asks her to go inside and says your hand is hurt. Aadhya asks if he is fine? Jai says he is fine and asks her to go. Rupa comes there and gets angry. She says how dare Shubhankar to beat my son. She sends goons there. Shubhankar opens the door. Rupa’s goon hit him. Rupa calls them and asks to beat him badly. Diya calls PK and asks him to come there. Goon breaks her phone and is about to hit her. Aadhya slaps the goons. Goons hold Shubhankar and is about to hit him, but Jai comes infront of him. He beats the goon. Goons run away. Jai asks Aadhya to show her hand, but she is upset and asks him to leave.

Precap: Jai confesses love to Aadhya and says I love you. Aadhya says I love you too. They have a hug while it is raining. Shubhankar says you have broken me Aadhya. Rupa looks upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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