Tantra 27th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati in the Spirit World

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Niyati was tensed. Daksh discuss a solution with Niyati and says they can find the way ahead through this ring. He says she must wear this ring, it will take her to Spirit World, where Akshat’s soul is. He says it’s a question of life and death for her. If something happens to her in that world, her body will be of no use here. Niyati says Akshat is her husband, her best friend and her everything, she can even lose her life for him. She wears the ring. Daksh keenly watches her and says God bless you Niyati.
Niyati gets a call from Papa. She says he must be worried as she and Sumati both are here. It wasn’t Prithvi but Akshat. She was tensed. Akshat tells her to reach Jalsa with his corpse as soon as possible. Niyati wasn’t ready to accept her defeat. Akshat says everyone here is under his custody.

They might lose their life otherwise. Niyati asks what he has done to them, but Akshat laughs on the other side. He says they are alive, but he ceased their abilities to think and perform. Niyati warns Akshat must not touch them. He gives Niyati an ultimatum of only half an hour.
Daksh tells Niyati to find Akshat’s soul within thirty minutes. He says they can’t turn around so close to their success. He urges her to save Akshat now. They sit for a Havan. Daksh covers Niyati with a yellow powder and sits for meditation. He asks Niyati to repeat the Mantra with closed eyes. The ring in Niyati’s hand flashes. Daksh watches Niyati scream in pain, her body trembling.
All at once, Niyati opens her eyes in a dark room. She looks around to find silence. Dr. Daksh wasn’t in the room anymore.
Daksh speaks to the still Niyati, he says she must not be tensed. She has now reached the Spirit world. They might not be able to see each other, but the ring will now help her lead to Akshat. Niyati flashes the ring, it shows Jalsa. Niyati says this means she must go to Jalsa. She hears Daksh who requested her to create some disturbance if she can hear him. Niyati throws a book from the shelf. Daksh says good, she must now go and find Akshat.
Niyati returns to Jalsa and looks around for Akshat. She wonders why this ring brought her here. Akshat is nowhere around.
There, Daksh thinks Niyati only has ten minutes left.
At Jalsa, Akshat was still waiting for Niyati. He thinks it seems Niyati doesn’t seem to value her family’s life. Kanchan connects to Akshat and asks about the powder and the status. Akshat replies it’s done. Kanchan says it’s time for their last step. Akshat says it can’t be done, Niyati and Daksh has his corpse. He needs to save his corpse first. Kanchan says he can’t do so. Akshat replies there was no agreement between them, he must first protect himself.
Niyati wonders why this ring brought her here. She casts the shadow, it again shows Jalsa. Niyati decides to go to basement, Papa got is locked and forbid anyone to use it.
Akshat calls on Niyati’s number. Daksh takes the call. Akshat wanted to speak to Niyati. Daksh says Niyati is driving, they are bringing the corpse and coming to Jalsa in 20-25 minutes. Akshat feels something wasn’t right. He knows Niyati well, she won’t accept her defeat so easily. She is surely planning against him with Daksh. Sadhvi was about to share what she thinks, Akshat clutches her neck warning her not to speak. Akshat says it’s time to attack. He tells Prithvi to save Niyati and Sumati. He takes Prithvi along, and leaves the Sadhvi to keep an eye over everyone till he is back.
Niyati comes to the store room. She finds the box over the basement door. She wonders how this dial was loosened. She opens the entrance and climbs down the stairs. She calls around for Akshat. A weak sound calls on Niyati. Niyati was at once alert, she looks around in the basement. Akshat was tied in the midair. His hands and feet tied in burning cuffs.

PRECAP: Niyati says she will take Akshat with her. She moves ahead to break his ropes. Akshat watches a beast headed towards them and says he is here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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