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Hey friends, I am back with update of chukkar story…..Links for previous part is here : .Link to Part 2 Here/

Hope u all will like this part also…..So let’s move to the story……

Chukki was unable to manage herself . Omkar wake up from sleep as soon as her tears fell down on his cheek……

Omkar : Chukki avre!! What happened ?

Chukki : Nothing Omkar avre !!!

Omkar : Your tears had broken my sleep , I will not get peace until and unless I will make you to smile …….

Chukki stared Omkar’s eyes with drenched eyes ……Chukki’s view….. ” Omkar avre , always you are compromising much for our relationship……Every time you apologize even if entire mistake is mine, but this time I can’t see you suffering for me……”

Omkar : Chukki avre, what happened ??

Chukki : Omkar avre, I need a promise from you……

Omkar : Promise , for what ??

Chukki : Until this yugadhi celebration gets complete , you will never leave me alone…..

Omkar ; While doing sapthapati [ saath phere] as a husband I have promised you to live with you this whole life, then there is no question of asking leaving each other alone ?

Chukki : Omkar avre!!! Pls promise me……..Pls…….

Image result for chukki and omkar raja rani images

Omkar : [holds chukki’s hand] I will never leave you alone . Ee yugadhi mathra alla nam ibbaru saviraru yugadhigalu jotheyalle celebrate mada bekku, Ganda-Hendthi yagi jeevanathalli prayana mada bekku, kashta-sukhagalali nam ibbaru yawa karanaku bere agodhake sadhyane illla…. [ Sirf iss yugadhi tak nahi, aise sau yugadhiyaan hum saath mein celebrate karenge, jeevan mein saath safar karenge, sukh-dukh mein hum donon kabhi bhi ek dusre se alag nahi honge] That’s my promise to you……

Chukki : I asked you a single one, but by promising this you have given me immense pain……..

Omkar : What ? Pain!!!!

Chukki : Don’t worry, I am happy …[Chukki wipes her tears and smiles]

Omkar : Chukki avre, i am your husband, at that right I think I should know what’s troubling your heart……..Pls share it to me ……

Chukki nods her head in sign of no and turns her eyes from Omkar. Omkar lifts her chin up and they look at each other’s eyes…..

Image result for chukki and omkar raja rani images

Omkar : Just look at my eyes and tell you don’t have any pain, I will believe you……Because your sparkling eyes will never dare to utter lie and these tears can’t hide your pain…….

Chukki : Why you are so keen to know it ??

Omkar : Because you are my heart beat and whenever I find tears on your eyes my heart beat will go fast and may be it can stop also……

Chukki : [chukki interrupts Omkar by keeping her palm on his mouth] For god sake pls don’t say like these again………I can’t live without you…….

Omkar : I am addicted to your craziness, those small things which you defines as edwat [gadbad] has become part of life……..Naanu nimanna pranakku hejjagi preethisthini, ondu kshananu neevu illa andhre nanagu nann mele iruva nambikee choor-choor aguthe, naa jeevage nim iddane hosa daari bandhite, nim iddane naanu matthe balagu shuru madu bitte……[ Mein jaan se bhi zyada tumse pyaar karta hun, ek pal bhi agar tum saath nahi hothe toh apne aap se mera vishwas toot jaate hein, meri jeevan ko ek nayi disha tumse mili hein, tumhari wajah se mein wapas jeena shuru kee] I really love you, Chukki avre…I really love you……. Chukki avre, do you love me ??

Chukki stared Om’s eyes……Chukki : Omkar avre!!! Without saying further more, chukki hugged Omkar and burst tears…..Omkar was feeling confused how to pacify his wife….

.Related image

Chukki slowly released herself from hug and wiped her tears….. Chukki : I think we should go home….

Omkar : You didn’t answered me…..

Chukki : You are able to read my eyes, then what’s the need of giving an answer ??

Omkar : That means chukki avre you …..

Chukki stepped back as in full of blush her face was glowing more and she felt herself captured on Omkar’s dynamic eyes…….

Image result for chukki and omkar raja rani images

But soon Omkar hold chukki close to his body and chukki couldn’t take off her eyes from Omkar……

Omkar : I want to read your eyes again and again and I promised you I won’t leave you alone……..

Chukki : Mmhh…….My eyes can’t always stare you like these, it’s already lose on your sight…………So……[Chukki tries to release herself from omkara]

Omkar : I will take care of this beautiful eyes like these……

Omkar turned his lips to kiss over chukki’s eyes, but quickly chukki said ……” I am feeling sleepy now……Eyes are sensitive organs and If i won’t sleep in time then ”

Omkar : Then what ??

Chukki : Gagana akka, I need to talk with my akka……Give me your phone……

Omkar : But what about eyes ?

Chukki : They have worked much before a handsome heroic eyes and let them rest for some time……. Image result for chukki and omkar raja rani images

Omkar and Chukki smiles…. “Ondhu malebillu ” plays as BGM…..


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