Tantra 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Nirwan accused of taking drugs

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Tantra 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanchan smirk as Nirwan forcefully holds Prithvi’s hand and deters even he can hold a hand over Prithvi. He moves forward to Nisha when Damini clutches her hand, Nirwan loses his consciousness. Sumati cries that her son can never behaves like this to any girl. Niyati says even in the room, Nirwan was behaving strangely.
There, some guards bring Akshat to Jalsa claiming he came for a robbery. Damini recognizes them as the guards of their house. Niyati accepts she sent Akshat there. Akshat whispers to Niyati that they couldn’t find anything. Kanchan and Damini smirk recalling it was Kanchan who removed the proof.
All of a sudden, Nirwan sits up again. A pocket of drugs fell off from his pocket. Damini claps for the real face of Khanna family. Sumati says her son never takes drugs. Damini asks if this is glucose powder then. Niyati says when before the event they went to Nirwan’s room he was perfectly fine, he came downstairs…. Damini qualifies if they want to blame Nisha for stuffing the drugs?
Niyati says she has no proof but a lot of questions. She asks Nisha when she first met Nirwan. Damini protects that Nisha won’t reply to any of the questions. Prithvi tells Niyati to carry on instead. Niyati asks when she came to know about Nirwan? Damini replies it was a week ago. Niyati questions if within a single week she was ready to marry her daughter to Nirwan? Damini replies she was ready because of respectable Khanna name. Niyati says Nisha and Nirwan met only a month ago, Damini was at once ready to marry Nisha to Nirwan. Nisha was in at utter hurry and proposed Nirwan as well. Niyati asks Damini to call the police now, and asks their family doctor to get blood samples of Nirwan, she is sure Nirwan doesn’t take drugs. She says she wants to clarify her family’s position. And after the blood reports, there would be a question why Nirwan behaved so oddly, and even Prithvi who first claimed that the wedding will take place after two to three years agreed to marry Nirwan at once. She tells Prithvi this is how it happened. She then questions Damini where is her family and business friends? Damini takes Nisha back home.
Kanchan thinks the event brought such disgrace for the family. But she never expected Niyati would interfere in such a manner.
Nirwan heads behind Nisha but was stopped by Prithvi. Kartik says it seems the drugs have ceased to work as Nirwan now behaves normal.
Akshat tries to stop Niyati but she had to gather proofs against that woman and gears up on her cycle behind the car. In the car, Nisha requests Damini not to file a case against Nirwan, he is an innocent man. Kanchan asks Akshat about Niyati, he replies she is outside and wants to stay alone for some time.
Nirwan was in a state of shock and asks everyone what happened in his engagement. JK speaks to Prithvi that he now fears if Nirwan is truly taking drugs? Damini noticed Niyati’s bicycle but there was fog on the way. Niyati decides to take a shortcut. She turns her cycle towards a forest and slips off the bicycle. An old man with long hair appear from the midst of forest. He speaks to Niyati that he has been sent for her help. Niyati asks how he knows her name. The man tells Niyati he is aware that house has gulped a number of men alive, and even preyed on her brother; there is a single reason for all this happening – Tantra. Someone has laid a foundation of black magic beneath her house.

PRECAP: Nirwan runs towards her home. There, the family followed Nirwan who shut the door behind him. Prithvi and family had gathered down in the garden. Niyati also reached the gate of Jalsa. Nirwan was about to jump off the roof.

Update Credit to: Sona

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