Nimki Mukhiya 1st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki comes home injured

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Nimki Mukhiya 1st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says at least he plaster matches my clothes. Nimki says tune you are hurt too. Tune says who knnow how much one is suffering. Nimki says nice dialogue. Abhi says life isn’t a movie. Nimki comes home. Everyone is worried.

Mauha says how did this happen? Nimki says does this look good? Nimki says let’s take a selfie. Abhi says she has gone crazy. Tune says yeah. A woman comes her husband is beating her. Abhi says what is all this? He says this is my wife. I can beat her. this mukhya tried to provoke my wife. Tune says shut up. He says I am from gosawa put. ABhi says go form here. He says I want to talk to this Mukhiya. Ganes says to the woman whyd id you bring your house matter outside. Nimki says Geeta tell me what it is. She says he beats me every day. Nimki says why do you let him beat you? Nimki says Geeta I can’t help you if you don’t wanna help yourself. She says he will kill me. Babbu calls Nimki adn says I heard you were about to get killed. Why don’t you get panchayat on it. Abhi beats the man. Nimki says leave it why should we interfere. Babbu syas you learned your value. Nimki says why didn’t you beat him in return? If you want me to help you, beat him in front of us. His manliness would fall on the floor. Hit him. Abhi says yes you have to fight your battle. Geeta slaps him. Babu is dazed. Nimki says Babu did you hear that? Abhi says give me the phone. Nimki says I am enough for him. She says I can slap you like this any time I want. People chant for Nimki.

Babbu hits jhariya. He says you couldn’t kill her. He says she jumped in the lake. I will kill her please save him. Tettar comes with gun. He says want to kill Nimki? You will die. did you ask me before going. Babbu says I can’t wait anymore. This is about my respect. Tettar says what your respect? People only know you as Tettar’s son. RItu says he has respect in the village. Babbu says I have as much respect as you do. Tettar says you compare with me? Ritu says what is this? You people start anywhere. He takes Tettar out and calms him down. He says anger would ruin everything. We have to play from the right side.

Ramla says I knew tettar would do something. Mauha says are you sure they sent those thugs? Abhi says yes. And he sent his daughter there to check. Tuen says she wont do tht. Ram says how dare they harm my Nimki. I will kill kill him. Nimki says papa calm down I am fine. Ask tune, he is injured too. Tune comes to kitchen and makes tea. Maua comes and says why are you so lost? Are you okay? He is silent.

Ritu says to Babbu you have to calm down. We have to out play Nimki ij brain game. We are doing the same she wants us to do. For a few days forget about her. You should go out of here. I wont let her even come out of er house. Ritu says to tettar we have to divert Babbuu’s attention from Nimki. Get him married. Tettar says you are right. We can do that. Sweeti overhears. She smiles.
Precap-Nimki says I have to check the plan. Nimki says I am geting a second chance. I wont let it go. Tune says what if love gives you a second chance too? Would you embrace it?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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