Tamanna 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhara talking to her team. She says you performed back, its knockout competition, we won because of fate. Deepak asks her to calm down. Dhara says what were they doing, we should have not won, they were run out in opening and many wickets were lost, 20 overs are a lot for players. She asks Sultan what was he doing, were you showing style, you could have finished match, you got out by losing concentration. Sultan says sorry.

She says I m not happy with your performance, this won’t go on, Dinesh I want the team to focus, think why are we playing this tournament, there is hope of Bulandguj on you, you all can’t break that hope and trust, we are playing with a dream, you all decide now. She goes. Deepak asks them to do well, and goes.

Dinesh asks everyone to get those magazines. They all dump it. Dhara sees Imran practicing. He says I m knocking and asks Dhara to explain to Manoj. She says I will, sleep now.

Its morning, Dhara and Deepak train the team. Manoj and Imran clear few things. Dhara asks Deepak to see Virat. They go to Virat and take him aside. She asks what happened to him yesterday, why was he afraid of the ball, you never got afraid in practice. Deepak asks him to say. Virat says when I left your home, my dad asked me to just play, not get injured, else how will the shop run, he is tired of his disease, if I get injured, he will die, I have to win tournament, but not hurt my dad. Dhara goes. Deepak says I understand what you mean.

He tells about Gavaskar, when all bowler’s threw and their balls bounced, he was never afraid, his heart had one thing, just cricket, never get afraid, focus on ball, everything will be fine. Virat says yes. Deepak asks him to play. He gives him peppermint and says its magical, don’t chew it, it should go long. He smiles.

The second match starts. Dhara and Deepak look on. Virat goes for batting. Virat thinks of his dad. He gets scared seeing the bowler. Virat gets hit on his head/helmet. He falls down. Deepak says he got much hurt, come. Dhara and Deepak run to Virat. Dhara says he got much hurt, I will send Basheer, come Virat. Virat says no, I want to play. She asks are you mad, you are hurt. Virat says if I don’t play today, I can’t play ever. Deepak says let him play and feeds him water. Virat plays well and hits a six. Everyone clap. Dhara and team encourages for Virat. Virat hits a four. The team wins. Dhara and her team get much happy. the team runs to Virat and hug him.

Sanjay beats dhol and tells everyone that its good news, team Bulandgunj won two matches and reached semi finals. The boys enjoy in swimming pool. Dhara says we played well, I m proud of you Virat, if our momentum is good, no match will be tough, just focus, Virat presented a good example today, about determination, you all enjoy now. Veer asks Dinesh to get water, as he gets water for them on ground. Dhara and Deepak smile. Deepak says we will see how they play tomorrow.

Kulkarni asks Dhara that she did not meet him being here. She says we are rivals in this competition, after Chaterjee’s incident, I think I should not talk to rivals. Kulkarni laughs and asks her to beware of Chaterjee, till rival team understands his plan, his team wins, its tough to win over his team, make him fail by mind, not in ground, then he will himself leave from the ground. She says I will remember this, thanks, you are rival coach and still guide me. He says I m your coach first, I wish you all the best. He goes.

Mihir thanks and hugs Dhara. She says I have a condition, you have to come with you wherever I take you, like I came to you leaving my home and everything, will you be able to do this.

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    Nice episode… and going to miss…. as only 2 episodes left but not liking that Dhara forgiving that creep Mihir…
    And what happened to elections??? Who won???

  2. loved this episode i love it. i liked dhara forgiving mihir.

  3. Finally!Mihir and dhara!

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