Raman & Ishita’s Love Story (Episode 3)

Sorry i couldnt put the episode 3 on because i had to do my exam and from now on im gonna upload each episode for full seven days.
So the story so far that the ishita’s idli and mihika’s laddoos are missing and both bhallas and iyers are on a hunt to find it.
also these episode are full comedy and to entertain people and if u find it in anyway of form which is wrong them im sorry but that im not hurting or misusing it because i brought it in a way of comedy and not to hurt or disrespect it❤️
since i didnt upload episode three yesterday im also uploading episode four later on so stayed tuned ?

the episode start at raman office where hes in a meeting with mihir and Mr D.
( Mr D is company which makes tasty food ??)
Mr D: deal accepted and im ready to give u 3 year contract deal. congratulation
raman: thank u
mr D : see u
raman: bye
mihir: bye
raman and mihir are happy getting a deal contract with Mr D.
raman: i wonder if the madarasan has found her missing idli ?? and her sister found her missing laddoos??
mihir: what idli and laddoos are missing hahaha ??
raman and mihir are laughing and cant control their laughters.???
back to bhallas and iyers house where they are still running around.
ishita is checking the kitchen cupboards like mad.
ishita: idli where are u and i wonder which monster has taken my babies?
mihika: akka have u found ur idli and my laddoos
ishita: no mihika my idli not found waaaah (crys loud)
both sister cry for their idli and laddoos
ishita: waaaaahh waaaaah ???
mihika: waaaah ???
ishita:If they wanted my idli they could have asked me waaah
mihika: my laddoos waaaaah
ishita and mihika are still crying and romi walks up to them and starts laughing
romi: hahahhahahaha idli and laddoos are missing maybe they must have found love and ran away.???
uishita:romi what rubbish my idli dont love laddoos they just love me and im their ishi maa as well ???
mihika: and my laddoos are my love because i dont have a lover ???
romi: hahahahhahahaha awww idli my baby and laddoos my aashiq ?? both u sister crazy ?
ishita: not funny romi but ones i find my idli im gonna make u into an idli
mihika: yes and im gonna stuff u with laddoos and u will become a laddoos.
romi:hahahahaha im waiting

so ishita, mihika and romi search the kitchen and the scene moves on to mrs bhalla,mrs lyer, mr bhalla and mr lyer where they are discussing some thing.
mrs bhalla: where ever my bahu idli have gonna im not gonna eat any chicken till it been found.
mrs lyer: same here but im stopping my coffee cause my laddoos are gone waaaah.
mr bhalla: hahahaha u be skinny bhalla then ??
mr lyer: at last i will get some rest and sleep at night from ur big drama ??
Mrs bhalla: im still skinny ?
mrs lyer: i do big drama u do big drama and give me a headache ufffff
both mr & mrs bhallas argue with each other also mr & mrs lyer argue while vandu bala simmi and rinki who comes later on are stuck in between ishita and mihika crying and the elder arguing.
vandu: i dont understand why would any one take idli and laddoos.
simmi: who is this idli laddoos theif
bala: i dont understand whether to cry and search or laugh at the situation hahaha ?
rinki: same here i wanna laugh ??? hahahaha
all four start laughing ??
vandu: hahahahhaa laddoos missing
bala: mihika laddoos ran away ???
simmi: ishita idli gone ???
rinki: hahahhahahahahah idli or laddoos are missing ??
later raman and mihir come home to sees ruhi adi and sharavan sitting outside in the car park bench with sad faces.
raman: u three out here
mihir: why are u sad
ruhi: papa ishi maa idli’s are missing waaah
adi: every one is crying inside
sharavan: big problem
ruhi hugs raman and crys and raman clams her down
raman: look stop crying idli will be back shes gone on holiday to tummyland??
raman: u three play outside and ill check the situation inside
mihir: let go bhai and see whats actual going on.
raman and mihir enter bhalla house and see police there and every one is crying screaming idli and laddoos.
mrs bhalla: my bahu idli waaaah
mrs lyer : my mihika laddoos waaaaah
mr bhalla: hahahhaa
mr lyer: every funny mr bhalla ill join u as well hahaha
simmi: best day ever hahahah
rinki: yes sister thank gosh i came over to see this entertainment then sit home bored ahahahah ??
vandu: never laughed so much in my life ahaha
bala: its soo funny hahahah
raman: whats going on in here and inspector what has happened.
mr singh is an inspector
mr singh: mr bhalla im here to file an missing fir about the missing idli and laddoos.
mihir: hahahah idli and laddoos missing ahahahaha or file missing fir ???
raman and mr singh look at mihir
mihir: (cough cough) oh sorry and carry on inspector.
and mihir walks away lauging his head off??

precap: ruhi comes running in saying ishi maa i found the theif and it back of the car park. the bhallas,lyers and the police run to see who it is and are shocked to see the person.

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