A tale of two strangers part 2

i’m overwhelmed by all ur comments thank u soooo much everyone i was on cloud nine ???????
today’s episode will clear many doubts
recap: kunj and twinkle meeting
ok so lets start

‘kunj’ – my best buddy at school. Kunj Sarna. It all started with a big fight on first day itself owing to a seat. He had occupied my usual seat on the first bench and i had, quite predictably, started fighting with him. But he had to give in due to my popularity in the class. But it didn’t end there. After that day we became regular fighters. We used to fight for every small or big thing. Our fights didn’t seem to end until our teachers vowed to end it and put us together in the same science project. No one could convince us to work together until the project was made compulsory for everyone. Our views & ideas were contradictory, quite obviously. It was only whenthe last date if submission approached that we realised it was time to work more and fight less. To everyone’s surprise and mosty to both of us – received the highest score in the project! ???????
Everyone cingratulated us. It was then we could realised that we could be friends too if we stopped fighting. Quiet surprisingly and unexpectedly we became friends actually best friends. We used to sit together, work together, share our tiffins & have fun together. We used to pull eachothers leg. We became inseparable ones. So much so that thw whole class started teasing us for our ‘chemistry’. But we didn’t care as we were concern about our friendship. Time fled away very fast .

It was all going well till the news of our unbreakable bond reached his parents. It is worth mentioning here that he came from a very conservative family, so they took our friendship too seriously. Very shockingly he left the school- in fact he was forced to leave in the very next session. Four years of fighting, working, sharing, caring- all came to an end at once without prior warning. I lost my best buddy. ??????It was like i lost myself. It changedme and my life totally. Therafter, i had friends but not best friend. I was quiet scared to be close again to anyone else as the feeling of seperation scared me.

I lost all contacts with him since 12 years ago. We didn’t had phone or social networking sites and i even didn’t know where he went and for how nany days, or even whether he would come back or not. I had so many questions to ask, so many answers to get, but there was no one to answer
fb ends…….
My bus or our bus, actually arrived. An almost filled bus. I took a corner seat and he as expected followed me & took a seat next to me.
So u r a teacher in that school? he enquired.
Ya physics teacher, was, my reply.
Hmm good good, he said
So what do u do? i asked
Well i’m a software engineerat a private firm in hyderabad, he replied.
So u came here fo holidys? i asked
We don’t get holidays like u ma’am. I just got transferred.
Okay so u must be feeling happy coming back to ur birthplace after almost12 years? i asked
He became little surprised and asked
tell me one thing do u know astrology or something like that.
No & why are u asking that? i inquired.
Then i must say i am quite impressed by ur guessing power, he winked
I didn’t get u
I am back to mumbai after exactly 12 yrs, he explained

Oh i see
Well a smart way to know someone’s age. Thank u i am definitely gonna use it, he joked
But it was unintentional, i clarifed.
it’s cool
Where do u live?
I told him my stop& informed that it was three stops before his stop
Oh that’s great then i will get a good company throughout my way, he smiled & said
like this we kept chatting
So u live here in xyz? i asked
Ya actually i am going to stay with my mom, my dad is still in hyderabad.
And u live here with ur family right? he asked
True me & ny parents & my elder sista well she is married
So when u r going to marry? was his next bolt from the blue
Well i think it will happen exactly when it is destined
He smiled & i bed him ggodbye as it was time for me to get off.
See u soon, he added
After few weeks it was the coldest day of the season
Wanna have coffee? I was quiet amazed by a familair voice.
Hey kunj. How are u?

Fine, let’s go there and talk, he said
I followed him ti a nearby cafe coffee day
we ordered coffeeand our conversation started. I was fascinated by his lloks again- he was wearing a chocolate blazer, a cream shirt and jet black denims.
Mumbai is unexpectedly cold today. You quite vanished after that evening, he broke tge silence.
No not really, actually after we met, I went out of station for some work, i explained
Oh i was waiting at the bust stop at the same time, but didn’t see u, he said
Oh u were waiting for me, i joked with him for the first time.
Ya i thought i would have an interesting conversation.
oh sorry, i pouted fir the first time infront of him
Ya it’s okay. So what are u doing here?
I went to my friends place college friend, i said
Only friend or…? (he gave his famous one eyebrow up look)
Oh please nothing like that, i don’ t have any boyfriend
our coffee arrived
Well even i’m single
their conversation went on well i will continue with that in the next part
ok so thnx once again to everyone for sooo much love i am really glad that u all liked it soo much
well next will be my last update

precap: conversation and….
think think

  1. Kruti

    Amazing epi srija and that fb is something which happens in real life…. So we could imagine the situation easily…….Eagerly waiting for d next one

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    Awesome …..amazing Srija …the way u wrote it made me imagine it happening in real ….
    Fab episode ..loved it

  3. It was great! You write really well! Continue soon x

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  7. Srija plz ive me the link of part 1

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    thank u sooo much everyone ??????
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  12. Omg amazing cant even express it but i have a doubt that twinkle and kunj were school ftnds ..right? Then they had known eachothers name so y they were not able to recognize eachother or they dint now eachothers surname..plz if u have time then do reply and clarify it plz

  13. Srija

    thank u adina for liking it
    & yes u r right they don’t know their surnames so they couldn’t recognize

  14. Srija

    thank u adina for liking it
    & yes u r right they don’t know their surnames so they couldn’t recognize as same name many can have right

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    awesome amazing fabulous…loved it…eagerly waiting for next part…..

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