A tale of two strangers (Intro)

hii everyone ?? this is my first piece of writing. Actually i usualy comment on the ff and everytime i just get inspired by each and everyone’s writing so i thought of writing. Well this is an os but i will write it in three shots and if u all like it then i will continue
and please pardon me for my mistakes, well asking in advance
ok so lets start
Sometimes strangers are not really strangers!

Sounds insane right? Well here goes the explanation….
It was mid November last year. A very pleasent evening in mumbai. An unmarried twenty- something women a schoolteacher by proffession struggling to board an overcrowded bus during rush hour, well that’s me Twinkle Taneja. Well that was a different day, as that day changed my life!!!
A male voice came from behind me – a handsome man, almost my age very attractive figure, must say???? he was dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans. He looked stunning. He asked me which bus should i board to reach xyz place. I said i’m going the same way, so u can board the bus i’m waiting for.
oh! thank u. He replied gratefully. ‘ Actually i am just one month old in this city’ he added.
Ok then welcome to the city of dreams, i said.
Actually i was born here but u left when iwas in class 6 as my dad shifted to Hyderabad becoz of his job, ‘ he corrected.
Then welcome back i said with a, smile! ??
Thanx by the way i’m kunj (our handsome hunk)he extended his hand.
I was stunned for a, few secs. Actually this is my usuall reaction whene i came across the name kunj.
Ok hi i’m twinkle.

Nice name.
precape: fb

so this was an intro cum short update
please forgive me for my mistakes it ‘s my first attempt
please let me know ur views through ur valuable comments

  1. Excited for the next episode

  2. Romaisha

    Heyy nice intro … Can’t wait to read more di ?

  3. Jisha

    Awesome plot… continue soon… a short and sweet episode… don’t worry… u r writing very well… continue asap….

  4. Tara

    hmm i think recllectin f pat iz gnna take place… intereting…cntinue

    1. Tara

      i mean recollection of past

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing intro….eagerly waiting for first part….& welcome to TU family…..

  6. Angita

    Nice start??

  7. Hey, it was great ! continue soon as i can’t wait to continue reading it 🙂 will be waiting x

  8. Joonakanksha

    Nice strt…continue soon

  9. Shatakshi

    Omg srija
    That was just Awesome
    Do continue asap❤❤

  10. Sameera

    Wow nice Starr do cont asap

  11. Shonaa...

    Nice start srija…. amazing continue soon….

  12. Fan

    Awesome intro!! Lol what a coincidence even i got shifted to hyd from Mumbai but in class 3 ??..do continue asap..

  13. Sayeeda

    Nice intro Srija ….amazing ..
    Waiting for next one ..

  14. Baby

    amazing nyc strt yr luvd it cute 1 srija dear cntinue asap

  15. fantastic update
    want to know why twinkle said those last line and waiting to read the next part for FB
    do continue soon

  16. Srija

    i will update soon

  17. Srija

    and thank u everyone for such beautiful comments???

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