A tale of OBSTINANCE and LOVE..(Chapter 9)

A tale of OBSTINANCE and love

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Chapter 9

“That’s the thing na….how can this be possible!?….you know… you know that night.. Disha brought me here…but din let me remember anything.. “..Twinkle told…

“Tell everything”


Kunj went out to attend a call..and Twinkle was going towards her room..

“Uhhnnn uhnnn..”… She heard weeps.

“Who’s there?”

She motioned towards the sound and reached the same narrow room…Twinkle opened the door and saw a girl sitting digging her face in her lap wrapping her arms around her legs..
“aah”.. twinkle went backwards in surprise and fear..she was perplexed.. The girl was wearing a black suit in a ragged state…she was weeping…

Twinkle was sweating but thought it to be a girl who was in trouble and somehow reached there through the back door..


The girl looked towards her all of sudden…”aaaahhhh..ahh”..Twinkle screamed in fear…the girl with a patched white face and blood marks..disappeared..

Twinkle was horrified when the lights started to flicker…scaring her more..she caught hold of the walls…”Kunj…Kunj….KUNJJJ”…she shouted her heart out for help..

She felt a sudden pull on her legs..and was dragged towards the basement’s door in a nick of second… the lights became normal…

But something din let her shout reach Kunj…who was outside..

-fb ends.

Kunj’s eyes teared up..but they were saying something else…
His tears became the words which were shouting that he is going smash who caused his Twinkle harm..scared her so much..monopolized her…tried killing her…taking her away from him…he clenched his fist…..his tears were brimming from his red eyes due to anger..his blood was boiling and the vapours turned in the form of tears…

Twinkle was looking at him..she held his fist …he loosened and entangled his fingers with her.

“But..why is Disha doing all this?” ..asked the confused Vijay..

“She wants Kunj”.. they heard

The trio turned and saw Kantama..

“What?!!”.. Twinkle exclaimed

“Yes Akku beta..you know why I call you Akku?..”..


Kantama moved forward and removed the cover from one more portrait…all were boggled looking at the portrait..
It was of Twinj dressed up as a Christian wedding couple… But some features distinguished..
Twinkle had beautiful blue eyes and blonde wavy hair…Kunj was with chocolate brown hair..he was holding twinkle’s waist & was wearing a black tuxedo and Twinkle was dressed up as an extremely gorgeous bride wearing a white tooly gown and a tiara veil with pink lilies in her hands.

“Tara akka (di- elder sis) and Kunj jijaji….my only family…Disha and Kunj were childhood friends…Disha was deeply in love with Kunj…but Kunj fell in Love with Tara akka when he first saw her …Soon both were in a relationship and then got married but….”..she got interrupted by another voice.

“But by now Kunj had turned to be Disha’s OBSTINANCE… She was so obstinate that Kunj’s marriage caused her mental sickness… and..and during Tara’s pregnancy…she killed Tara..on the day when she was supposed to tell Kunj about her pregnancy…and then in a car accident Kunj died.. that accident occurred coz Kunj was driving while he was in deep shock…. just the day after…

Dad…Disha Iyer, mentally sick murderer was your third case…and she died during while the treatment… Here’s the file”…it was Yuvraj who said it all…
“I have done the complete study of this case during the travel…”..he continued.

“At least…now…now we know that why is disha doing all this..Goodness…help us”.. Vijay exclaimed…

“No one can…ehe..he..he”..an airy voice reached their ears..

Kunj looked at Twinkle who was clinching his shirt..
He was shocked to see her again in that state…white patched face…with blood marks..dark irisless eyes..

“Eaaa”… Kantama shouted in fear as Twinkle went up in the air..lights were flickering as she went up rotating looking at the ceiling.. things were falling here and there…

“TWINKLE”..Kunj shouted.. he wasn’t thinking of anything just trying to save her..in a flick…she disappeared..

Kunj was about to rush out when Vijay stopped him…

“What?.. Twinkle is in danger…I just can’t trust that blo*dy Disha… I was my Twinkle safe..lemme go”..

“Calm down…Kunj”

“Calm down!!..how can U even think that?..I am going to save Twinkle…”..he was about to rush again…

“Nothing will happen to her…kuch nahi hoga use…agar vo kuch kar sakti toh ab tak kar chuki hoti…this is the third time that she has possession over her…but Twinkle is still surviving… U know why?…coz of ur Love..both of ur’s love for eo is Disha’s weakness… she is possessing Twinkle to make her so weak that she can’t live anymore.. If u really want to save ur wife…then …search something with which Disha is connected….as every spirit is connected to something or the other to b on this earth….otherwise…that evil will keep hurting her until she looses all her strength…you have to fight against OBSTINANCE for your LOVE…right now…Twinkle is very weak to fight…we have a last chance or else….else…we’ll…lose her..”..Kunj paused hearing Vijay’s words…

He looked at him…and closed his eyes to calm himself…Twinkle’s smiling face flashed in front of his eyes…and suddenly something struck by his mind and he ran out of the room…


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