A tale of 4 cities – Episode 11

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Sorry sorry guys I can’t post but it was due to my exams and a little bit of my laziness
Episode 11
It started with Laksh, Sanskar talking with Zain and Asad
Laksh- Really Really guys we are sorry for being so rude…
Sanskar-yup we didn’t you guys are really great sorry…
Asad – its just fine
Zain- yup it is but u took it long to realize that I am a great person..(Zain said humorously to lighten the mood)
Sanskar- hmnn really u are unbelievable u are really cocky OK its impossible to win from u in this talking rubbish (sanskar said mockingly as he decided to play along)
Zain- yeah and I thought u were a soft hearted person who is against bullying and look u are bullying me and I am feeling heart pout

Everyone laughs at the sweet reaction of Zain.
Asad – but on a serious note u guys are very soon going to be on our position u know …giving free advise to people about their love life.
Laksh- I don’t understand a single thing u said u know..
Asad- I meant that we know that u guys are really not happy about your marraied life as u both are not in love with your wives but believe me Swara and Ragini are just amazing, generous,sweet,fantastic and not to mention too beautiful… So u know maybe it can happen that u might fall for them like u know….
Sanskar – oh please really u won’t understand our situation so no offense but please don’t say here
Zain- who told u that we won’t understand your feelings?
Laksh( with his eye brows raised up)- u would?
Asad- what? Understand your feelings obviously we would …Umn we also once…ummmnn u know disliked our wives

Zain- huh..dislike is a small word I hated her and she hated me after marriage u know…ours were also force-full marriage.
Asad- same goes with me but see us now we are here totally mad in love with our wives….blush I meant mayve one day u both could also…u know fall..
Laksh- what? Well I don’t know about Sanskar he can obviously fall for Swara as no doubt she is really an amazing, jolly,witty and beautiful girl but I falling for whom? Never…
Sanskar-wait a minute wait a minute what did u mean by *he can obviously fall for Swara*? Are u crazy Ragini is really a sweet,simple and beautiful girl but how do expect me to fall for that Swara??
Zain and asad together- calm down guys u will or not we will see that later OK … OK bye its time to leave…
They hugged each other and then Zain and Asad left.
The party was almost over and everyone started to leave …Laksh and Sanskar accidentally bumped with Swara and Sanskar near the main stair case .
Swara to Sanskar- can’t u see ? Are u blind or barmy?

Sanskar- and what about u ? Were u trying to be Helen Keller?
Laksh – oh come on guys not now..
Ragini – well I think I have some works upstairs I will go …
Swara- hey wait I will come with u…

They went upstairs and were talking by them selves suddenly they heard some thing a person weeping on phone and pleading to leave
Person- please please don’t do this I know u can’t do this …………………………….what do u mean by u were cheated u cheated me…….no.no.what sorry…OK fine I will give how much they want…

The person was too much worried
Swara and Ragini were hearing this conversation from that time now they entered and saw the person and it was no one other than Uttara
She was crying uncontrollably.
Swara- Uttara?
Ragini- what happened?
Uttara- Bhabi u both? #shock was clearly written in her face#
Swara- what happened? U can tell us
Ragini – yeah we can help u
Uttara- bhabi its nothing u don’t worry
Swara- come on Uttara u can share we promise we help
Uttara – Oooo…hmmnnn..Umn.bhabhi….
Ragini putting her seems around Uttara’s shoulders- relax we promise to understand just leg go off yourself

Uttara started weeping and then she told – bhabhi I am sorry to hide it last year in my college I met a guy he was not an Indian but an American his name was Zach …Zachary William Anderson. He was new to this country but he loved traveling and visiting to new places just like me so we soon became friends his breath taking looks his fantastic personality drove me crazy behind him. I fell for him. And one day I went to him and said that i loved him…..he accepted my proposal and we became one but after a few months later I came to know from my friends that he was dating someone named Samantha a world famous model I decided to confront him and when I did that he will tell that it was a lie……but he didn’t he casually told me that he never dated anyone more than 1 month and I was lucky as I stayed for two months and now he was bored of me….so …..I could not do anything as he already broke up then I thought to again befriend to him so that I could show him that I was least affected by his break up….and in the last month he told me that he would again begin with me but if I let……I let him once see the papers of our business means Maheshwari company ….I was such a fool and blind that I didn’t even thought once why did he needed that …..I handed it over to him…only to know from him that the don of this place seized it from him and asked ₹1,00,00,000 from him…….
Swara and Ragini turned to see Sanskar behind them.

Precap: Uttara told Swara,Sanskar and Ragini that he wants the money now….Swara and Sanskar goes in search of the money whereas Ragini goes to a jewelry shop to sell her all ornaments which at least costs ₹60,00,000. Laksh sees the money and asks her about it where Ragini keeps her mouth shut .

The character Zachary would be played by …I know u are going kill me after hearing his name but I thought he will be perfect for it the Playboy…any guess?
Yeah right its ….Alex Pettyfer…..

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