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Scene 1
Devika sees nivi giving injection to sakshi. Nivi leaves room, devika comes in and asks jyoti to bring water for her, jyoti leaves. Devika covers sakshi with devut and sees injection on table and says i know Nivi, she doesnt love Sakshi to do good for her, she came here at night to give her injection? there must be something behind it, i will ask doctor what injection is this, she kisses Sakshi’s forehead.
Nivi comes to her room and thinks why door is opened? did someone come here? she checks her cupboard and find papers there safe, she thinks that papers are safe but someone came here, did Ambika come? i have to check, that person might be awake. She comes out of her room and sees Manju, she asks what are you doing here? Manju says i am finding my dog, Nivi says why at this time? Manju none of your business, Nivi says maybe you are findin something else, maybe something from my room, if i see you going in my room, i wont spare you, Manju says you think i am robber, Nivi says you can do anything for money, i dont trust you, Manju says i promise, i didnt stea anything, Nivi says you sell your son for money, dont come to my room again, she leaves. Manju who went to her room? She sees Ambika going from there and thinks if she went in Nivi’s room? did she get to know that we are trying to kill her, i have to keep eye on Ambika, i have to find out whats going in her mind.
Devika comes in room and finds Ravi sleeping on couch, she recalls how she ordered him to not say a word when she comes back, Devika thinks that he listened to me, he must be feeling cold, dont know if he is comfortable on couch, she covers him with duvet, Ravi relaxes in sleep, Devika sits beside him and lovingly watches him, she caresses his face, Galiyan song plays, Devika leans to kiss his head but stops, she is in dilemma, Ravi wakes up and sees her in thoughts, he pretends to be asleep, Devika moves away from him and is confused, Ravi thinks she cares for me, she gave me blanket and came closer to me, her heart beats for me too, thank God i pretended to be asleep, i will dream of her whole night.
Shweta thinks that i am in Ankush’s trap, i did mistake some years back, Vikas is so nice but what if he hates him if i tell him truth? i cant bear that, i have to get rid of Ankush. She sees Vikas sleeping. She sees knife and says when Ankush asks for me again, then i will kill him and get rid of him, nobody will ever know, he has no one to care about him, if i want to live happily with Vikas then i have to end Ankush.

Scene 2
Devika and Janki are meeting doctor, Doctor checks injection, she says it has chemical which is banned in medicines now, Devika asks if its given to make patient sleep? doctor says it can make you sleepy but chemicals are so toxic that it can be dangerous for patient, Devika asks what affect it has? Doctor says it stops brain functioning, patient forget few things, they start behaving like kid, if patient is given shocks before it then its more dangerous, Janki asks what kind of shocks? Doctor says if patient is mental then its given to treat them and if they are not mental then it can make them mental, they are shocked. Doctor leaves, Devika says nivi is this doing this with Sakshi, Sakshi blamed that Saket and Nivi kidnapped and killed me, she gave shock to Sakshi and now giving these chemicals so she goes mental, my sister had to bear so much because of me, i wont spare Nivi, Janki says she deserves punishment, Devika says Nivi will have to bear pain which Sakshi had to bear, i will my sister fine at any cost.
Manju comes in Ambika’s room and says thank God there is no one here, i cant search in this room and find what she is upto. Manju finds her personal diary from cupboard, she must have written about her heart things, i will know her secrets, about he wealth too. She is about to open it but Ravi comes from behind and puts hand on her shoulder, she turns, Ravi says what are you doing here? Ambika’s personal diary? Manju says i was trying to find her favorite dish so i could make it, leave it now, she leaves after giving diary to Ravi. Ravi says what is happening in house? Ambika’s personal diary? what Maa wanted to know? there is something that i dont know.
Manju thinks that i got saved, what if Ambika’s caught me? i have to be careful before doing this again, i dont want Ravi to doubt me again, if i lose his respect then i will be doomed, he is my loving son.
Nivi comes to Devika’s house, she asks you called me? Devika says i have taken important decision for business, there are many misunderstandings between us, i miss you as friend and business partner, i know i bought your shares but this is your business, you have established it so i want you to keep handling it, i have other businesses to handle too, you are perfect person to handle it, i wont intervene in your business. She makes her sit on her office chair and says this is my gift for you, Nivi says but you are owner, Devika says this is all yours, i know i am owner but i am being loyal friend, this is your business and i insist you to help me, Devika gets call and says i am coming, she says to Nivi that see i have one more meeting, handle this business, she leaves. Nivi thinks this is fantastic, she gave me my office, my business, Ambika is stupid, i did good by pretending to be good friend, this is all mine, Nivedita Luthra is back.
Devika comes to her office and watches Nivi on CCTV, she says Nivi is reacting like i wanted, she thinks i am fool but she is fool, i have tied you here to keep you busy and i will prepare for my enemies in meantime, this happiness is for less days Nivi.

PRECAP- Devika says to family that we should celebrate Vikas and Shweta’s anniversary, my mom have hired personal assistant for me so i will give duties of party to him, Ankush comes there as assistant, Shweta is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Waha ek teer se do shikar…. navi ko bhi fasa diya or shewta ko bhi…
    But ravi ke liye bura lgta hai.. but dheere dheere i hve feeling that shyad ravi ko devika sach pta chl jayega.. or shyd murders ka bhi

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